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Patiently Waiting

My wife and I have discussed my fantasy of her fucking a black guy since right after we started dating. She NEVER thought it was weird, or strange, or made me feel bad about it. In fact, when we were discussing our fantasies and I told her my interracial fantasy she admitted that she had never thought about it. She said she has always been hit on by all types of guys, including black guys, but her dating or sleeping with a black guy never really entered her mind. She was very excited that I told her my fantasy because she knew it wasn't the typical guy fantasy of girl on girl or three way with her and another girl kind of fantasy. She knew it took a lot of guts and trust to tell her that.

The next evening I came to her house after the gym and she was laying on her couch naked watching an interracial porno on the TV while fucking herself with a big black dildo. I dropped everything I had in my hands and just stared at her. She asked if I liked what I saw and I just said "YES". She said I went to the adult store downtown during my lunch today and bought a few things. - I hope that's ok. I said "OH YEAH". She said do you see how that white girl is taking that fat black cock in mouth while the other black cock is fucking her pussy? Again, I said "Yes". She responded with "I know she is loving it because I only have a fake black cock fucking my pussy and it feels GREAT! It must feel amazing to have a REAL black cock pounding your pussy. Plus to have a second one fucking my mouth! MMMMM....OH OH OHHHHH" Then she came right there on the couch. Which she told me was about the 4th time she had came that evening. Needless to say the night went amazing from there.

That was a little over 4 years ago. We still enjoy our fantasy...and since then she has added 2 more black dildos to her collection (getting bigger in size of course). We talk and play all the time and have an AMAZING sex life. She has told me on numerous occasions that this is not just a fantasy for her. It will eventually happen because MY fantasy has become HER fantasy as well. Some of the texts and emails she has sent me over the years have been....well, just dirty and absolutely amazing. And she always tells me that it will happen once the situation is right. Hell, when we got married, which was a big formal wedding, she even wore her BBC anklet while we shared our vows and devoted ourselves to one another. I didn't even know that until right before we went into the reception. When she showed me I was floored - I had no idea she was going to do that.

So, I am patiently waiting for that time to come. I know some guys have already had that experience with their wives and I think that is great. And I know there are guys that want their wives to do it and, unfortunately, their wives have no interest in the fantasy, let alone making it a reality. So, I am very thankful to have a wife that not only didn't make me feel bad about my fantasy, but she embraced it and has made it her own and incorporated it as a regular part of our sex life (but not the only part - we both are very adventurous and sexual). Hopefully I can someday soon write a post about her first BBC experience...or better yet, have HER post on here about her first BBC experience.