pandora box....

I was excited, I had always wanted to watch jessi fuck another man! After years of asking(more like begging) she agreed but only if she got to pick the guy, I agreed without hesitation. She told me earlier this week she found a guy, and that she had set up a meeting place. On ride over I started to get a bad feeling, what if this guys a creep? How did she find someone so fast? I asked he where did find this guy she tells me she met him online a couple months ago they had been trading pic?!? We enter the hotel that she picked it was nice but looked kinda pricey, there he is, she said. To my surpise and anger he was black 6'2 he looked like a fullback I didn't think he was attracitive at all he introduced himself as brandin and was looking at my wife like lunchmeat she reached over a grabbed his dick like I wasn't standing right there then I get the shock of my life my wife of 7yrs tells me that brandin has been her lover for 4 years and that this is where they meet she stayed with me cause he told her to she says she didn't wanna hurt me but had to come clean she couldn't live with the lie anymore and was wanting to see her lover more she told me if I wanted a divorce she would understand but she couldn't or wouldn't stop fucking him I stood there eyes tearing up ashe walked away to the elevator with my wife to do god know what in the bedroom... but this gets worse

Part 2 coming soon