Palomino Club *Las Vegas* Full Nude Male Strip Club Experience

I am starting this thread to share my first hand experience at this wild club (only full nude - non gay with alcohol) and hopefully many more people will visit this place and share their hot experiences.

I was basically looking to take my wife to see some nude bbc at the Palomino club, we had simply discussed strip clubs and dances but nothing more. As she had never been to one, I suggested that this week in Vegas is our chance to try one just to spice up our love life. I did a lot of research and found very generic reviews on yelp and nothing on what actually goes on !!

From what I read the real party nights are Friday and Saturday and Sunday is usually slow. However we only reached Vegas on Sunday night only and went ahead to the club. Palomino has been featured as female strip club on the playboy tv and this is a separate section on the club. The male revue was a separate entrance and the cover usually is $10 - $20.

Men have to be accompanied by a women to go see this. Once you enter it is typical club with one pole in the center stage and booths on either side of the stage. Most of booth were filled with women, some girls were there for bdays and few for bachelorette party and some as couples !

We took a seat at the end of the club and around 11PM all the guys came out clothed and did a nice number and went back inside. After this the individual performances started. The first guy came out did a wild dance and lost all his clothes but his underwear. Then he proceeded to the booths and started gyrating and pulling down his boxers and revealing his dick. This got the girls wild and the tipping started. It was hard to see but you could tell many of the girls took the time to tuck the $ bills and get a feel of his cock. The dancer finally became totally nude and his cock was hard but he had worn some kind of cock sock and he did not take it off.

Next dancer got the bday girl on the stage and started to give her a wild dance, at some point he pulled down his undies and rubbed his cock between her breast, and in some cases the girls were thrown on the floor and the guy would hike her skirt and rub his dick on her pussy, the dj would throw a towel to save the girl from being embarrassed in front of everyone. It was wild fun and the girls were going crazy.

The next guy jumped from booth to another and showed his cock to girls in the booth finally he took out his snake and me and wife were like wow must have been 8 to 9 inches !.

Except for one white guy everyone was black and super hung. Their packages were making the girls drool ! In one hot dance number the dancer bought a hot blonde on stage and blind folded her and made her sit on a chair. He then gave her a hot lap dance and then stood on the chair between her legs. Slowly revealed his 10" monster and patted her head with it, he let it carass her face too. She finally held it and slowly stroked it and the crowd just went wild.

So the dances went on and I was super turned on. Being a couple, the dancers did not approach us but a few did and asked my permission before doing some tame stuff for a few seconds on my wife. But if you are a couple the were very courteous and were respectful.

The dance got wilder and cocks got larger and I was aching for my wife to have at least a sexy lap dance. Luke was the white guy who had made my wife comfy so I asked him to take her to the private booth, I did not realize that one song was non nude and will be done with curtains open. Anyway Luke did a great dance to my excited giggly wife ! and told me that if you pay for two songs you get a full nude curtains closed dance.

I was getting even more turned on and at that time another dancer (Tyson) approached us and was chatting. Finally I knew my wife would never agree, so I told Tyson to take her for a full dance, it was easier to let he dancer do the convincing.... lol

Well he took her behind the curtains and came to me to take the $ and I said make it special, wink...he said he will take care and I said I want her to get a good feel.... if you know what I mean. The next 15-20 minutes was pain full trying to guess what was happening behind the curtains as Tyson went way beyond his two songs. Wifey came back flushed but she soon got very upset as I had pushed her in to the second dance, so we left the place. This is where we had not talked of the limits and I am sure Tyson crossed quite a few ! She had not yet shared the details but I am sure she will soon as we were on vacation and bringing up the topic would upset her !

My guess is that he was fully nude and made her touch his cock and rubbed it all over her as I saw this happening even on the stage. What more happened behind the curtains, I do not know...yet...

Cucky hubbies, hot ladies, hot wives and girls please do go. You will love the experience the guys are very nice to talk to at least most of them were. We all know what this forum is about, and I am sure you will appreciate the dancing skills, the erotic atmosphere and the monster cocks !

Typical club rules of no touching do not seem to exist here ! so go have a blast and share your real experiences here, I saw lot of photos being taken too, unfortunately I did not have my camera that day

cheers ....