(P.A.W.G) Any Phat Ass White Girls Toronto Canada?

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  1. Chocoboy

    Chocoboy New Member

    Hey Ladies and Gents.
    Chocoboy here. Ive always visited this site, but I finally got the courage to attempt.

    I'm located in Toronto CANADA and looking to try my hand at this.
    I am open to any type of woman/couple, race isnt an issue to me. However I wanna try my hand at a PAWG or any woman/couple who has very wide hips. (See photo below.)

    Again, woman/couple dont need to be white/caucasian. I just love me some wide hips.
    So if anyone is in my area and sotta fits this description. Contact me asap and lets have some fun!

    Im open to videos and pictures as well!
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  2. Lindsay26

    Lindsay26 Member

    Are my hips wide enough for u bad boy? 1-433.jpg
  3. Chocoboy

    Chocoboy New Member

    Now where have u been all this time.?
    S end me a Private M essage if you wanna chat?
  4. nelsonohi

    nelsonohi New Member

    You so beautiful and inbox me