Our view of cuckolding...what are your thoughts?

I am a white man who has been married for 22 years now. At first married sex was “great!” That is the first year…after that, my wife lost interest. So, like most white couples we went back and forth. “Dry” periods eventually turned into the “talk.” She professed her love…which was and is real. i talked about my need for sex! She would “try” and return this “sexual” affection. However…while it was true that she loved me…she was not sexually aroused by me! Sadly, I was truly sexually aroused by her! Like most white couples we played this game for almost 8 years. Back and forth, never able to “truly” connect. Fortunately, for us, we stayed with it and found out the truth most couples are unwilling to accept. My penis, all 3.8 inches of average white manhood, was never capable of awaking my wife’s sexual nature. It is true she was sexually aroused during our “newlywed” years. However, after we conceived a baby, (which we are both thankful for.) She lost all interest in sex. Why? It is really simple if we are willing to admit it! My small penis was not sufficiently masculine enough to “awaken” her sexuality beyond her need to procreate. Sadly, this reality divides countless white homes! His sexual drive remains while hers wanes after childbirth. Fortunately for us, our relationship was strong enough to talk through our needs. The simplest way to express this truth to white men who may still struggle with this reality is this…do you find a woman’s looks play a role in sexual attraction? Of course you do! Believe it or not…your wife feels the same way. However, she may not be aware of this! That’s right! Unlike you, she has not been taught to accept the fact that she too is driving by primal sexual urges. This means she has been taught to seek out a mate based on “nonsexual” terms. However, this does not mean she is capable of becoming “aroused” by these same features. This simple truth explains the reason so many white couples find themselves unfulfilled sexually in their marriage. Good news! You do not have to stay that way! The solution is simple, understand your evolutionary biology!!!! Nature has created the prefect happy marriage and all it takes to share in the benefits of this is education and mutual love and acceptance of each persons role! Your husband, like myself, was designed to be a great companion, father and provider! But he was not born nor is he capable of being a "bull" able to satisfy or awaken you as a sexual person. He, like myself, lacks the physical design. No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot make yourself become sexually aroused “horny” by either seeing him or thinking about him! For some wives this is very depressing, they wonder “what is wrong with me!” For many husbands they also struggle, asking “what is wrong with me!” or “What is wrong with her!” The truth is, there is nothing wrong with either of you! You are in a cuckold relationship, this is something extremely common in nature. In fact evolutionary biology indicates it is the best way to assure a species survival! You are both capable of providing lifelong love, support, friendship and care of not only to each other but to children as well! (Regardless of who the father is!) However, beyond procreation understanding each persons role within the cuckold dynamic is very important. For this cuckold male...This means several things, one you probably make a great husband, you are a loyal and faithful, father and husband. Your wife is drawn to you for these reason and she is capable of falling in love with you. However, nature does not distribute her gifts equally. While you are fully endowed with every feature necessary for fatherhood, you are not naturally endowed in such a way to awaken a females urges! This reality, common to most white men, means you will enjoy your wife’s sexual urges up until procreation. After this, you like every white man before you, will find your wife has lost interest in sex. Today, just as my marriage did, it is common for you to go back and forth attempting “sexual negotiation” as a means further your marriage. Let me tell you, this is a mistake! The real solution is NATURES SOLUTION! Cuckolding is a natural part of society, it fulfills and provides for healthy long term coupling and baby care. Back to our story…..After my wife and I had our first baby, she lost interest in sex, I however did not. To make a long story shorter…this was not because she lacked the basic biological need for sex as a means to pleasure. It was because I lacked the basic biological means to “awaken” this need within her. My small penis, a reality for most white couples, did not ‘stir” her. My little testicles may may have produced a baby, but they could not produce the pheromones necessary to awaken her female drive! As a beautiful woman everything about her drove me crazy with desire. As a faithful loving caring cuckold everything about me told her I would care for her…but my small manhood was incapable of awakening her feminine sexuality. For some couples this leads to division, disagreement, remorse and for some eventual divorce. A sad reality indeed because the truth of each persons nature only leads to the same inevitable results. Fortunately for us ,and thousands of more white couples everyday. We came to understand natural cuckolding. Today, my wife and I share a loving committed relationship that understands each persons natural biology. Sexually my wife is awake to all of her needs, meaning she knows it is the sight, smell and power of a big manly cock that stirs her. Once in the presence of a man with large hanging balls and thick full cock she becomes as needy and “horny” as any man! She loves the sight, the smell and feel a big cock and let's get real... nothing compares to a big black cock with large hanging balls. Because being a cuckold was a natural part of my design, this was not something difficult for me personally to embrace. In fact, my wife, as is the case for several white wives, found it more of a challenge to both admit and embrace. After all she loved me, how could she do this?! Thankfully, today she understands that she did not "do this" I was born this way just as she was born with a natural attraction for big cock. Today my wife and I accepts natures design for coupling and procreation. We share in a loving relationship that provides a stable healthy family relationship. My wife is sexually fulfilled by regular encounters with a strong bull. He is a strong man, possessing a powerful frame a big thick cock that throbs as it stands over his full manly balls. There is absolutely no jealousy or remorse on my part as I watch them enjoy the act of sex as it was meant to be! She is able to relax and enjoy sex, knowing that, having embraced my role, I am completely a peace. If you are a white husband drawn to accept cuckolding, you may wonder how I now express and find sexual fulfillment. This can be different for every couple, however, understand, once you embrace the truth your relationship will change! Most couples only think of sex in terms of sex between a female and her bull. This means sexual encounters between a female and her cuckold are left to experimentation. Thus, sadly often resulting in confusion, division because both are still trying to force something that is not natural. For us, I had to “retrain” myself, meaning that, I had to understand sex from a female first prospective. Today sex for me means pleasuring my wife first! Intercourse is a rare thing and becoming more and more infrequent. My tongue has become my primary sexual organ! We practice male chastity, providing us both a strong symbol of each persons sexual roles while reinforcing each persons design. Some men may object to this. But the truth is, regardless of chastity device or complete freedom a man with a small penis faces the same truth... A woman requires masculine inspiration before she can approach sex as something she “needs!” as a result a small white penis will never stir within her a primal urge every man hopes to see! As a cuckold I am free from ever expecting this to happen, instead I am privileged to both provide her with a comfortable environment to experience this as well as the honor of being present when it happens. It is for this reason that we believe there are truly two forms of heterosexual males. One being the alpha bull, a strong man possessing sexuality, sexual stamina a large penis combined with heavy testicles filled with sperm. While limited transportation as well as racial mingling may have contributed to the existence of “white alpha bulls” today both men and women recognize the power of big black cock. Having been exposed to the sexual superiority of black men, white couples are now cuckolding at unheard of rates. If we work to educate people the result should be very positive. White men do not have to feel bad about being cuckolds, they serve an important role for their wives and children. White wives should not look down on their husbands simply because they have small dicks and are naturally cuckolds. A cuckold is also a man capable of sharing love, protection, provision and life long friendship! Together they should both respect, honor and show respect to a true bull. Bulls should recognize their ability to awaken women in ways cuckolds are never capable. This means a woman may never truly understand her own sexuality without him. When they are together they are able to enjoy sex as nature truly intended it to be, and for this reason they should be thankful. It also means that they should understand the role of a cuckold. It is not uncommon for a cuckold to feel a strong desire to provide oral pleasure not just for his wife but for a bull as well. Does this mean he is “gay?” Not at all! He is simply not the same as a bull. Most cuckolds are heterosexual, who at their core understand their “shortcomings” sexually. The sight of a bulls cock pleasing their wife, something they are not able to do, drives them to show respect. As a cuckold who has watched his wife in the arms of a bull, I can tell you it is something diffuclt to explain. However, during one encounter my wife left to go to the bathroom. Her bull layed back across our bed, his big thick cock still standing tall. I simply could not help myself, without asking, I positioned myself between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. At first I could tell he was shocked! But, I think he understood just as I did that while I was not a woman, I was not a man in the same way he was. So, while she was gone I honored him by submitting before him sucking his cock. Once she returned I stepped aside as not to interfere. She witnessed this, and like us, I believe she also understood it to be natural. Today, their sex life is their own, however, I have at times been privileged to provide oral pleasure for both of them and I consider “cream pies” an honor. On the rare occasion I been presented with his cock to suck, this as also been understood to be a privilege. Our view of what it means to be a cuckold is not something we consider to be a “kink”…it is for us a natural part of human coupling. Now that we understand it this way our marriage is a blessing for all! I know this was long and at times I may have rambled. However, I hope it has been helpful. If you have questions regarding cuckolding please feel free to connect. Peace, Natural Born Cuckold!
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