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Our Trip to Europe


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(English is not our 1st language, sorry for that)

We went to Europe in March, UK wife got period..bummer but is ok we had a great time (wife got amazed with all the handsome black gentlemen there), Amsterdam (we went to get stoned as fuck) and France. We read about "mixed saunas" in France, is like the gay bath houses but in this ones couples, males, gays, trans, etc are accepted. Well we decide to go one day first got some glasses of wine in a bistro very close to the sauna. We get there very excited, place was EXTRA clean you need shoes "covers" to walk to the locker area. We all those guys, european, middle eastern and africans saw my white big ass young hotwife they got like crazy.. we put out stuff inthe locker and wen outside. First we got into a dark room and some of the guys like 4 went after us. When we went inside there were a crossdresser who started to suck my cock and the other guys 3 africans an a middle eastern attacked my wife. She told me that she felt like 6 fingers inside her cunt, they sucked her tits grabbed her ass and touched all her body.
Then we went to the upper floor and got to a small room of course all the guys plus other more went after us. There they started to grab my wife, she got very slutty and grabbed and sucked all their dicks and me watching all the show .. i given condoms to the guys and they made a line to fuck her. Some cum on her tits and face while she was fucked. I was fucking hard stroking my cock and a other tranny who were there come to me to suck my cock, fucking hot! having a good blowjob while i watch my slut getting fucked by a lot of african guys. Then things got wild cuz more guy came to the room and was packed of people. The tranny invited us to a private room she had there and the 3 of us fucked like animals.

We loved that experience and hope to return to europe and have more wild adventure .. cant wait to watch my slut dogging at the UK