Our story

So the day had finally arrived, Sarah had been teasing Stu for a week now and he was nearing breaking point.

They had been swinging off and on now for a few years but things had slowed down recently, the last few meets has been a lousy and so they had both lost interest, then out of the blue she decides it was time for some fun, Stu wasn’t sure why or what had happened to make her change her mind and she wasn’t giving anything away, all he was told was to wait by the phone and be ready follow instructions.

The call eventually came and he was to get to a hotel and wait in the bar for more instructions. The anticipation was agony so he felt good that things were finally starting to happen, he arrived at the hotel and ordered a drink at the bar and then sent her a txt to say he had arrived.

It was a long 15 minutes and his mind was racing with thoughts of what was going on but eventually his phone blinked a red light to say a txt had arrived, looking around to make sure he was alone he looked at it, he didn’t recognise the number and there was no message just a picture of Sarah in high heels and hold ups and a black hand inside her tiny knickers, it was obvious that two of the figures where inside her pussy. Stu sat nervously studying the picture, his heart pounding and his cock instantly hard. He was now desperate to join the fun but there was no way he could until he had a room number and even then he had no means of opening the door, so he waited for another message, hoping it wouldn’t be long.

The time dragged on for what seemed a eternity until his phone blinked again, this was agony but this is how she wanted it, the pictured showed her still standing there in her high heels and hold ups but her knickers were around her ankles and her legs where wet with her own juices, whoever that black hand belonged to knew how to make her cum, something Stu had always failed to do, a pang of jealousy hit him but it was soon overcome by the feeling of excitement and urgency to get in that room, he had been there half an hour and needed to release hit rock hard cock.

A few minutes passed and he gets another message. This time it was Sarah’s phone with a picture of the guy’s big thick hard cock, with the message “this cock is going to fuck me, would you like to watch?” he instantly replied yes please. The message came back “go to reception and there is a message for you”. Stu left his drink and went straight there, he introduced himself and the woman gave him an envelope, he went straight back to the table and opened it, inside was a key card.

With no other option he waited for the next message, with any look it would give him the room number. Another few minutes passed until the phone blinked again this time the pictured showed Sarah bent over still in her high heels and hold ups, her legs were wide apart and her swollen pussy was full of black cock, the text simply said “room 433”.

From the outside Stu appeared calm and relaxed as he walked to the lift but inside was raging with lust made worse by the fact that the huge cock buried in his wife’s pussy didn’t appear to have a condom on it, all he could think about was his wife being fucked bareback.

There were other guests in the lift and it stopped at all the floors before it got to the 4th, Stu almost ran to room 433, he stood outside for a moment but couldn’t hear anything, this was unusual because Sarah was always quite vocal when being fucked, he put the card in the door and opened it, the curtains were drawn and only one bedside light was on, but he could make out Sarah standing there naked except for her hold ups and high heels with her knickers on the floor, but no sign of the guy who had made her cum and had put his bare cock inside his wife’s pussy.

Sarah just stood there and told him to get undressed and lie on the floor and close his eyes, he did and he was told, a moment or two passed before he felt her breath on his cheek, she whispered in his ear “you are just a dirty bastard who enjoys watching me fucking other guys aren’t you?” Stu was a little confused, why was she alone, where was the guy with the huge cock? He didn’t have time to answer as Sarah straddled his face with her swollen pussy, instantly he could taste her cum the faint scent of sex filled his nostrils as he licked hungrily at her.

Sarah called out “you can come in now” the light from the bathroom filled the room but it didn’t help Stu because Sarah had covered his eyes with her wet knickers and her thighs clamped softly around his ears made it difficult to hear much, besides he was concentrating on her pussy so he only became aware of the other guy when she took her sodden knickers of his face and he could see again. Looking up all he could see was legs either side of his head and Sarah sucking that same massive cock that he had seen in the pictures, she gently moved her hips to and from to make sure her husband could taste all of her pussy while she concentrated on spitting on that huge cock and taking as much of it in her mouth as she could, occasionally she would choke a little and saliva would fall on his face.

Whoever the guy was his was taking control of her by gently holding her pony tail and pulling her mouth onto his cock, not in a brutal way but just enough for her to know what was expected of her, all her husband could see was his wife taking that big dark cock deeper and deeper while she massaged his balls.

What Stu didn’t know is that she had only had that cock inside her for a short while, long enough to take some pictures and a short video and now she was desperate to feel it stretching her pussy again and so suddenly she got up and told Stu to go to the bathroom and freshen up while she and her friend got warmed up.

By the time he had showered and dried he could hear the familiar sound his wife being fucked in the next room, the site that greeted him almost made him cum, she was on all fours her hair being pulled back and her pussy being pounded by that big cock again, Stu instantly recognised who the guy was and so had no concerns about seeing his wife being fucked bareback and enjoying every moment of it.

By now she was being totally controlled by Ray but she still maintained a desire to make sure Stu knew exactly what was expected of him, in between waves of pleasure she kept telling him how good it was, how full she felt and of course how much bigger Rays cock was, she was getting louder and louder and the only way to keep her quiet for a little was to fill her mouth with cock, without much resistance stu eased his cock into her mouth, the relief was almost too much and it took all of his self-control not to cum in her mouth.

Ray needed a breather, he had been fucking Sarah hard for a while now and needed a drink but Sarah was in her zone now and wanted more, so Stu filled in, well tried to at least, but he could feel she was not satisfied with his cock and she wanted Rays bigger and thicker cock inside her again, as he came back into the room she told him what she wanted and how she wanted it and promptly sent her husband away.

Stu went off to the bathroom to cool down, when he returned Sarah was astride Ray and riding his cock, she called Stu over and made him watch as she slid up and down on the still rock hard cock she loved so much, “look how it stretches me and fills me, it feels so good, so big inside me” this carried on for some time but Ray was getting close now and Sarah was too, but she had one last card up her sleeve.

She lifted herself off Rays cock and told Stu to lie down on the bed, this time she didn’t bother with the make shift blindfold of her knickers, she wanted him to see everything now. Straddling his face again, but this time in a 69 position she lowered her pussy again onto his face and started sucking his cock, Ray stood behind her and waited. By now Stu was almost at the point of no return but Sarah new the signs so she stopped sucking his cock and just gently rode his face knowing that all he could see was Rays cock inched away from her pussy, his balls almost over Stu’s face.

Turning to him she almost begs to Ray “make me cum again please” slowly and gently he eases his hard thick cock into her pussy again, just inches away from his face all Stu could see was Rays cock sliding in and out of his wife’s pussy, building up a rhythm, getting faster and faster and Sarah getting closer to Cumming with each thrust. She was back in the zone and getting louder, taking Stu’s cock on her mouth she tried to concentrate but Rays constant pounding was too much for her, in one instant she gushed her cum all over Stu, over his face in his mouth and soaking the bed, her orgasm was like a shock wave through her body, by now Stu could barely hold on, but he did just long enough to watch Ray pull out of Sarah and spray his hot cum all over her ass and pussy, Sarah lowered herself and rubbed her slippery cunt all over her husband’s face, making him taste Rays cum mixed with her own while vigorously wanking his cock until he squirted a fountain of his own spunk all over her face and tits.