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Our Story


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Our first experience with a black man wasn't as dramatic as many I have read, but it was quite an experience nonetheless. My wife and I definitely are not prudes and had played around a little before this particular time. It happened on a cruise where we befriended a charming young black man who worked on the boat. Over the course of a few days we became more and more friendly and one night we encountered him on one of the decks. He said he was off duty so we invited him to our cabin for a drink. He said it was against regulations but we promised we wouldn't tell. Long story short the three of us ended up back at our room. I knew my wife was interested and I had given her the nod. I sat in a chair and he and my wife sat on the sofa where she soon began touching him and suggesting they make love. He looked at me bewildered but I assured him that it was okay. He again stated how he could be fired for even being in our cabin, let alone fucking one of the patrons. I reassured him that it would be fine. Suddenly without further ado he began undressing and my wife had to hurry to keep up with him. There was virtually no foreplay of any kind. Suddenly they were on the bed naked and I watched as he guided his big tool into her waiting pussy. They fucked for about ten minutes as I watched and rubbed my hard cock through my pants. It was a tremendously exciting sight to watch your wife with her legs in the air and another man, a black man at that, fuck her with hard vigorous thrusts. She came first and then he buried himself deep inside her and released his load, kissing her passionately as he did so. I thought we would have another drink and they would go again, but he quickly stood up, his large cock swinging as he did and pulled on his clothes and left our cabin. For the rest of the cruise he was friendly but it was clear he did not want to see us again. I'm sure it was his job that he was worried about because he for sure loved banging my hot little wife.