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    I love my husband, he is a good provider and the father of my two children but (on a scale of one to ten) as a lover, he is about a four. He can make me cum sometime, especially after he starts with a lot of foreplay and oral sex, so it’s not like I have never had an orgasm with him but, maybe 75% of the times I don't. His sex drive is also low whereas, on the same scale, mine is an eleven or twelve

    Several years ago I had a brief affair with a black guy at work, James, that lasted seven months. It wasn’t a “love affair” as much as, he was a bit of a player and was always after white pussy and I was available sexually. Sex with him was amazing for me and I would try to get together with him at least once or twice a week at his place. Long story short my husband found out and it nearly ruined our marriage. We have two kids and because of them we were able to hold thing together with hard work and counseling.

    Ultimately we found that we still loved each other and committed to do whatever we needed to do to keep our marriage going. We evolved into a period where I was allowed once a month to go on a girls night out, often it was a wife’s night out, as I would go alone. On those nights, I was allowed the freedom to do whatever I pleased, without having to answer to my husband. For a while several of the girls from the office and I would just go out drinking and talking with guys.

    One night when I was out with Rebecca, one of my girls, two tall black guys approached us, Dwayne and Trevor, and bought us drinks. Rebecca is a big tease so she flirted with the guys while they bought us after several rounds of drinks. At about midnight she said she had to go. She left and Trevor went off the find someone new. I sat at the bar with Dwayne. As we chatted, I thought about the time I had with James. Dwayne was taller than James and much more muscular. I wondered how he would be as a partner. The drinks were really having an effect on me and I was very tipsy. The bar was very noisy and Dwayne asked if I would like to go outside for some fresh air.

    We walked out to the parking lot to Dwayne’s Cadillac Escalade. As I leaned against his car Dwayne took my left hand and said "I see you have a wedding ring on and yet you're out here at the club." I didn't say anything, there was an awkward silence between us. Dwayne went on to say, "Don't worry baby, I like that." With that he pulled me to him, and pressed his soft lips against mine. I felt goose bumps on my arms as we kissed and when his tongue began to probe my lips, I opened my mouth and let my tongue swirl around his, in a soulful kiss.

    As he kissed me his hand went to my breast. Caressing them softly we kissed for several minutes until we broke our kiss. I was panting from the excitement of it all. When I looked up at him with pleading eyes, he lowered his lips to mine once again and this time his hand drop down and gathered my dress up around my waist. His hand slipped into the waistband of my panties and as I felt his fingers go down my belly, I unconsciously spread my legs slightly to give him access to my now wet pussy. I felt his middle finger go through the small triangular patch of blonde hair and then brush across my clitoris. His finger stop there and massaged the hood until he felt the little bud become erect. His lips had left mine and he was kissing the side of my face. I felt his tongue slip into my ear which caused a shiver across my whole body. He nipped my earlobe with his teeth as he continued down and began kissing my neck. I felt his finger part my labia. He rubbed his finger up and down my slit several times to moisten it before I felt it pass my inner lips.

    I was panting with pleasure as his middle finger began to dip into my pussy. As my juices begin to flow I felt his ring finger join the other finger that was deep into my pussy. Dwayne was a very big man and his fingers probed deep into my womanhood. He was a skilled lover and I felt his fingers curl so the tips of the fingers were massaging my G spot. Again our mouths were locked in a passionate kiss our, tongues were exploring each other’s mouth when I felt my orgasm began. My Kegel muscles begin to spasm and my knees got weak, as a strong orgasm washed over me. If Dwayne had not had his arm around me and had me pressed against his car I would have collapsed right there in the parking lot.

    After I recovered Dwayne and I climbed into the back seat of his Escalade. Like two teenagers at a drive-in movie, we kissed passionately our hands exploring each other’s bodies. Is he fondled my breasts my hands went to his waist. My left hand held the top of his pants while my right hand pulled his zipper down. As soon as it was open, my right hand went inside in an effort to find and free his manhood. It was difficult finding it, the problem I had was getting it out because of it’s size. Once free I looked down. In the dim light of the parking lot, I could see his black uncircumcised cock. I began stroking it and marveled at the way his foreskin would gather a fold over the tip and then pull back exposing a tiny bit of the tip. As I continued to stroke him and his cock grew, more and more of the crown was visible on the down stroke. I leaned over in the seat in kissed the tip. As I continued stroking, I milked a small drop of pre-come out of his beautiful shaft. I lick the salty liquid off the tip and took a minute to savor the taste before, I open my lips and let the bulbous head this cock slide into my mouth.

    His long arms had reached around behind me and pulled up the back of my dress. His hands slipped in the back of my panties and his fingers were alternating between massaging my clit and plunging into my vagina. The feeling of his hand on my pussy was exciting but, my goal was to give him an orgasm before he could give me a second one. With as much cock in my mouth as I could handle, I still had plenty of room to slide the dark skin of his cock and up and down. I could hear his breathing becomes labored as my own orgasm began to build.

    Suddenly he stiffened and groaned. I felt the black phallus that was in my mouth growing again as the first spurt of warm thick salty liquid hit the back of my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could as rope after rope of his cum flooded into my mouth. At the same time my second orgasm began and the muscles of my pussy clamped down on his invading fingers.

    As we both recovered, gasping for breath, I felt his black cock softened in my mouth. A continued to lick and suck it clean. His hand slid out of my panties and he brought them to his nose and smelled the musky fragrance of my womanhood.

    An awkward silence fell over the car as I lay there with my head in his lap. After a minute or two Dwayne said, "Damn gurl you sho-nuf give some find head." Playfully I raised my head grabbed his hand, I licked and kissed his fingers, smelling the aroma of my pussy on them and said, "You got some fine fingers there too, my man."

    We exchanged numbers before he walked me to my car and kissed me good night.

    That began a series "dates" with black guys, so as to fulfill my sexual needs. My husband has become accustomed to the fact that I need way more sexual release then he can give me. And over the course of a year we discovered that first, he enjoyed hearing about my "dates" and once we even hid a video camera, so that he could see me with one of my black lovers. He has discovered that he's more of a voyeur than a lover. Now if my date agrees, I called my husband to make sure our girls are in bed and the coast is clear. I can bring my date back to our house and my husband sits in a chair in her bedroom and watches as my date and I pleasure each other.

    Like I said, I love my husband very much and I would never leave him but, I also love the fullness I feel when I have a BBC buried in my pussy. The contrast of his black skin against my pale complexion is intoxicating. I'll never forget James, my first black sex partner, Dwayne, swallowing my first black cum, DeShawn the black guy that made me realize, I could be multi-orgasmic, Markquis, the first black man whose cock was so big it would bump against my cervix, DeAndre and Terrell, my first black threesome, Marurice, the first black man to take my virgin ass, Reginald, the first black man to organize a gang bang for me and Dimitrious, Jamaal, Darius, Jalen, Xavier, Andre, Terrance, Marcus and my husband for attending.
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    Thanks for sharing! Very hot. You're an adept writer! Quickly becoming one of my favorites here.
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    That's nice of you to credit all the special men in your life :]
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    Thanx! I'm sure you have more hot stories
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    Thanks for sharing this, just shows that a marriage is more than just sex and that sex can be had outside the marriage, loving a spouse making love to a spouse etc. involves attachments, emotions etc. but having sex with other than hubby, with hubby's consent, presence and or participation can be done as just sex, fucking etc. some partners, the hubby or the might wife need more sexual attention than the other the freedom of having sex with other than hubby, allows the partner needing more sex to keep from getting sexually frustrated and wanting to cheat, having a open marriage or hotwife or cuckold relationship allows for a stronger marriage
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    bella storia
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    Love the way things developed! Thank you for sharing!
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    Wish I could of been your husband . .mine rarely let watch..thenasked me to so one her Black lovers move in, plus I knew he was sharing her tooo..followed her once to hotel watched3-4 of them into the rooms shent too.