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Our story so far


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I'm going to describe our actions thus far -

Last year an old boyfriend (not an actual boyfriend, they only made out) from high school (I'll call him Rico) contacted her ostensibly about an upcoming reunion, my wife never goes to reunions.

So they talk about life etc.

She's going to be in town visiting later in the summer and tells him they can meet up for drinks.

This guy is black, peu rto rican has to be 6'2 or 6'3 and maybe 250 or so, not a small guy. My wife is just over 5' and just over 100 lbs, just saying.

Summer comes and goes, I'm on a train going home from DC and we get into an argument, nothing major just the usual stuff. She them teases me that she on a train to visit her college roommate but that she is having drinks with Rico. My wife and I have done some stuff but she has never ever had sex with someone other than me since we were married. She was pretty wild back in high school and we married after her freshman year of college. She had admitted that her best lover, other than me of course, was this black guy and she was his girl on the side, she later slept with his roommate.

Anyway, so we banter back and forth and she's teasing me and then says goodbye.

She calls me later (I'm still on the train) to say that shes about to enter the bar where they are meeting.

She says goodbye and she’ll call me later.

Don't hear from her until the next day - she never responds to my texts or calls.

She tells me that they met up, nothing happened, at all, not even a vibe, but they talked all night, the end.

But, now they are text pals and for the next month or so they are texting all the time.

The texts evolve and become flirty and she asks why he never tried anything that night, he says cause she has a husband and he's getting married.

But, then he confesses that he's had a major crush on her since high school and can't handle not seeing her again.

She checks with me, to see if am I cool with this. I used to be a male model, I'm really handsome, fit and well hung, I've got it all and I've never been threatened by the attention she gets. For her part shes doubted whether or not shes still attractive and does not believe me that other guys find her attractive - I think shes crazy, but then again all women are crazy that way. Now Rico has her feeling good about herself and shes kinda peppy, so I'm fine with this going a little further.

It's fun to have a secret life; our friend’s lives are so boring.

So, things get a little more flirty and some weeks later he confesses that he's in love with her (I don't blame him and I feel a little sorry for him).

She’s confused, hasn't seen the guy or thought about him in many years and now all this.

She tells him that she’s happy to meet up with him whenever she’s in town and they can go out to eat and hangout and see where it goes but that she’s not "available" to be in love with. She teases him that he didn’t even try to kiss her, he keeps saying it because she has a husband and he’s getting married. She teases him a lot about this failure.

Soon thereafter they see each other, we are both in town and I drop her off at a bar he designates. She’s waiting for him and texting me when all of a sudden – she stops responding for a moment – then she texts me that she is in the bathroom, she says he walked up to her in line a for the bathroom and just bent down and kissed her open mouthed in front of everyone there. Then she’s gotta go.

I’m in bed kinda going crazy waiting up forever. She is ignoring my texts and calls. Finally hours later after I threaten to show up she says no, no don’t. Give her a little more time, I say fine but that I’m heading over all the same. Now she’s texting me off and on mostly trying to get me to back off and I’m kinda threating but not actually going in. I’m just outside in the car, waiting while inside she is finishing up.

Finally after waiting forever I decide to go in – he does not know what I look like and the place is pretty busy. So I walk in, my heart thumping, adrenaline coursing through me and for a moment I don’t know if I am going to hit this guy. I walk straight through the main bar area and in to the back full stride – just there I see him from the back standing up, he’s a big dude and my wife’s arms around his neck, she’s up on tiptoes leaning up to him and he’s bending down to her, he is feasting on her open mouth – I go hard instantly and can’t breath for a second. They are full on making out, standing there in the doorway, his hands are all over her, and just then they break their kiss and she releases his neck. I can make out the side of her pretty face and see the delicious smile. I turn quickly and walk back out the bar before she can spot me. I jump in to the car and she emerges moments later and hops into the passenger seat. She smiles and sighs and is about to speak when I kisser fully on the mouth. I put her hand on my cock and we drive back to her parents’ house where we are staying. We fuck forever, she whispering in my ear all the things they did at that bar and pass out in each other arms.

They kinda break up for a moment.

Then the text messages start up again, they get all hot and bothered etc.

She goes to see him.

They go out, get drunk go back to his place and make out and then she freaks out and has to get out there but her phones dead and she has no cash and she’s trapped at his place and can’t figure out what to do. She sleeps in bed with him but with most of her clothes on.

At daybreak she’s out of there makes her way to her parents’ house. She’s a bit of a mess but she handles it.

Things get really heated between them on text and phone call and she no longer wants to share whats going on, cause its “unfair to him” and “exposes him”, yeah whatever.

They break up and get back together (all on text, email and phone) over the next couple of weeks.

Finally, were going to visit together (it’s her old roommate’s birthday) I book us an awesome (expensive) hotel room and were going to get crazy after the birthday party.

But something comes up and one of us has to stay behind, it’s her friend so obviously I’m staying.

Shes on the train and texts me that he wants to see her, can she?

I say yes, I say yes to everything, always.

She goes to the party has fun, meets up with other friends at the hotel bar, he texts her he’s almost there. She leaves a key for him at the front desk and tells him to go up and rest and she’ll be up soon.

He texts that hes upstairs, she ditches her friends and goes up.

She had been texting me what was going on and I can see her texts on the Ipad, so I know everything.

Our communication goes dark. Finally I reach her after ringing over and over, she answers, clearly drunk, that nothing has happened. I’m incredulous and think this guy must be an idiot but I’m also kinda relieved.

Then nothing all night, I can’t sleep, I’m checking and texting all night going crazy.

She texts me at 8 am, am I awake. Shes gone out to get them coffees and can talk. The guy is totally paranoid of me, she we can’t talk when he’s around.

I ask so what happened. She drops the bomb, they fucked all night.

She says he would have never tried anything until she dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth; he scooped her up, tossed her on the bed, pulled off her clothes and was fucking her seconds later.

He came in her, no condoms, three times and she’s going back from more. She did not cum once though, she’s not sure why.

I’m furious and anxious and can’t believe it actually happened.

We agree that she’ll ask if I can watch or have a threesome.

Later she reports that there is no way he’ll ever do that, he never want to see me and is confused and thinks he needs to save her from me. I’m not worried but really dude, I just let you fuck my wife all night long in a fancy hotel that I paid for?! So I’m not too happy.

She comes back, life is awesome and I decide I still need my hotel time, so I book a different awesome hotel for the next week and we go back. We arrive, fuck forever, get dressed, eat out everywhere, go shopping, sightseeing like tourists and have a great time.

I convince her to call him up (they had been texting and flirting all week) and ask him to come over. No way will he meet up with me around.

So, it’s getting late and I have to make myself scarce, what neither of them know is that I have a spy camera rigged up, infra-red, audio, motion activated with four hour record time.

He goes up and she texts me that she’ll call me when she’s done in one hour.

I go up and listen outside the hotel room door, but there is a fucking air condoning vent just above the door and though I can hear a lot it’s mostly undiscerable due to the constant hum of the air condoning. A couple of times I think I hear them heading to the door and I bolt but nothing.

A couple of hours later, she calls me that he just left. I’m sitting in the lobby at the elevator bank, just watching people coming and going. I see he, guy walks right by me and we make eye contact.

I say I’m coming up but she say “no”, that she needs a drink and is coming down. I’m dying to see her but I know I kinda forced this to happen and im concerned that shes pissed and things didn’t go well and shes really concerned about hurting him, using him etc.

So I wait in the lobby for her and she appears moments later, I grab her arm and she is drunk but headed to the bar. On the way she tells me that yes he fucked her, just moments ago. I’m dying now and trying to rush her and the bartender so I can get back upstairs.

She gets us both a drink and we head he, she tells me that he fucked her from behind, and she rode him on top, straddled him and that he pushed her around a bit – we walk in the room and I toss her on the bed, pull her pants off and toss them aside. I laydown on my back and pick her up and she straddles my chest. Tell me everything I say, as he scoots up to my face, she bends down to kiss me and I tell her I need to kiss her pussy now, right now.

She smiles her bitchy smile and sits right on my mouth. I go crazy, licking, tonguing, lapping, she goes to loosen my belt but I pull her hand away – I want to focus, the pain and torture are intense. She grinds against me and tells me everything – not 20 minutes ago he was fucking her, here in this bed. And cumming in her. And now I’m here under her going crazy. I eat her out forever, but she does not cum, she didn’t cum for him either. I toss her onto her back and fucks her, pull out and feed her my cock and fuck her some more. She starts to pass out but wakes up and we keep fucking. She gets kinda crazy, grabs my cock and slaps her face with it, and talks crazy shit, things I’ve nerve heard her say. I get a little nuts, slapping her, pushing her down, taking her ass and pussy and mouth and treating her like I wish he had. I fuck her for a least an hour and half. And we pass out. I wake up and fuck her some more.

We go out, hung over and have a great day. Later that day we head back to the hotel, I grab the sim card from the spy camara and put it in the tablet I just bought for the sole pourpose of watching this.

There is a lot of footage of us earlier in the day, getting dressed and making out, fucking, I wanted her to be fresh for him and I wanted the torture of waiting but couldn't wait. We normally fuck 5 times a week and when we go way it can be 5 times a day so waiting is really hard on me.

Finally I get the clips with him. The angle is not great, half the screen is the ceiling and it’s angled toward the bed so I can see about half the room, but there is a mirror above the headboard so I can sort of make out stuff in the reflection but its not great. I see them walking in the room. She pushes him on to the bed, the audio is not great but I can make it out. She kissing him, standing between his legs and telling him he can have anything he wants. She did not know anything about the camera. So I’m watching pure interaction and it’s so fucking hot. I’m savoring every moment.

They make out and then hes asking her about me. She keeps telling him to relax and not worry about me, that she sent me away. Hes saying he can’t relax, I could appear any moment, so finally she tells him to use the other lock, then there is no way I could fully open the door. Clips end and I start go the next clip.

They make out some more, she puts on a fashion show for him, he gets to see her in new outfits even have never seen. There laughing but it’s taking forever. Finally around clip 10 he takes of his shirt, he's a big guy and empties his pockets on the bedside table. Lays down and waits. My wife appears a moment later, kneeling on the bed and resting her upper body on his. I can hear her saying that she was so mad at him. Hes talking softly back to her, and they go back and forth for a moment, he reaches up is stroking the back of her head and she is rubbing his chest. Then while she is mid-sentence he pulls her face to his and she opens her mouth and takes relaxes fully on to him. The kiss deeply and his hands move to her ass and then the screen goes dark. Right fucking then it runs out of either battery or memory. I’m fucking pissed, furious at her and him and technology. Why the fuck does it take the guy an hour to get going?

She said have whatever you want. My wife walks into the hotel room to see me lying on the bed with a mask of anger. I have literally be waiting years to se this and it ends just like that!

I start yelling at her, giving her a hard time and she is all wide-eyed and has no idea what I’m talking about. Video, what video? Things go downhill from there. She can see that I really upset but can’t really understand why it matters so much to me. She forgives me for the surreptitious videoing, we make up and she makes me feel all better. The rest of the weekend is great but ultimately I was really let down.
hudson hotel.jpg this is her getting ready to meet him
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Elliot my good man you have now officially become obsessed all be it in a very healthy way. This keeps life interesting, fresh and if done right makes the bonds ridiculously strong. God on you mate.


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I did not edit this and wrote it for my wife - she liked it and wants me to finish. i will write the next part in a bit and maybe even edit it for grammar and spelling.
This ended late October - lots has happened since then.
I know it's not the same level of intensity as the other stories but it is completely true.

Just as an aside my wife causally mentioned that she would be willingly and even enjoy being at the center of attention of a group of guys.
Wow, we've been married a long time and I have never ever heard even the slightest mention of this until yesterday.


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There are many more photos of my wife in both the verify section and in couples seeking section - regardless I will post the next segment of the story and fill in some details and post a couple more photos


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Some details -

From the first Hotel meeting a week prior:

I had asked for everything in detail and at first she was very nervous about saying anything and kept insisting that she didn't quite remember and she was drunk and everything was a blur and blah blah blah - I pushed and reassured repeatedly that I'll be fine and she didn't need to protect me she spilled it;

She said, he's much thicker than you, his thighs are really thick and strong and he tossed her onto her back and pinned her legs up over his shoulders and bore down on her. She said this thick cock hit her spot as he came up from underneath, thrusting upwards as he pushed his upper body downward, crushing her between his massive chest and arms from above and his cock from below. She does not like it when I do this, says I'm poking her and so I was really surprised that she let this happen and that she enjoyed it so much. I could see the dreamy and concerned look in her eyes, admitting she enjoyed something more than me was killing her but also setting her free.

She said that he took her from behind and held onto her hips with his huge hands his thumbs biting into her soft ass. She pulled her panties down to show me a thumb mark, she was beaming so proud and laughed when I couldn’t quite figure out what the placement of his hands would have to be in order to make that mark, I was turning my hand this way and that and the inside joke between them, the shared and exclusive experience she was reminiscing was painful.

Later when watching the video clips when she is resting on his chest before they start and the video ends there is a moment when she tells him how funny it was that I discovered the thumb print, he becomes rigid, and she assures him in her sexy cooing voice that I was putting my hands in every way trying to understand how it got exactly there, and then them both laughing at my ignorance and her sharing my ineptitude with him, remember she had no idea I was recording this, so I knew in that moment that she was able to let go of me, that was one of the hardest moments.

She told me that she climbed on top of him, straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock, that she reached down and held his balls and massaged him encouraging him to cum inside her. She lowered her head to his neck, whispered over and over again that she was his that he could have whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted and that she was happy to give it to him. That this guy is big and heavy and kinda hairy, and not the best looking guy. That my wife is so small and cute and pretty and just so loving and caring. That I look like a fucking underwear model, chiseled and handsome and the object of desire, to hear her explain that she gave herself so completely to this guy, I can’t explain how that feels.

She told me that she does not want to hurt him in any way, does not want to hurt his relationship with his fiancée. But that she does want to be the best white pussy he has ever had and loves that no matter how much he protests and how often they break up, she knows, and I know and he knows that he’ll be fucking her again, soon, often, repeatedly and hard.

Just wanted to clarify some details.
That's very interesting, but how do you feel about it, does it excite you, does it make you angry, or are you just anxious?


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I feel all the above - her not wanting to hurt me but unable to resist is pretty harsh - she told me this morning that when she wakes up with him she misses me - go figure


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She's not exclusively interested in Black men - she thinks that it's actually demeaning and racist to objectify people based on race - I assured her that most guys are ok with being objectified. She is really attracted to swagger and confidence but not arrogance, good luck with that, I think for the purposes of our relationship to this site we've elected to participate as a cuckold couple. I'm turned on by her being turned on and I think this is an easy way to find partners and keep the energy going. Our biggest issues are secuirty and discretion and chemistry. She is easily the best lover I've ever had, she loves the affection and give and take and her breath is sweet, her body is tight but soft, her touch is magical and being inside her heaven. I'm sure even a casual encounter will turn to so much more because of her openness.
That makes sense. From what I've seen there are some cool people on this site. I've yet to meet anyone because people are either flakey or fake accounts but I hope you find what you're looking for on here


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My wife grew up in NYC and dated Black, Latino, Asian and Middle Eastern and everything else when she was a teenager. We met when she was 19 and married at 20. Until her sleeping with "Rico" she had not been with another man since we married.
When we were on our honeymoon, sitting at a beach just watching the waves, she causally mentions that "all white girls want to sleep with black guys at some point", I remember it being unrelated to whatever else we were talking about.
I know I said that I doubted "all white girls", my wife, like most New Yorkers, is very city-centric culturally, there is NYC then the rest of the world all mixed together. She assured me, "nope, all girls are curious and want to try" "maybe the never go through with it, but they wanna". And so, having just married the girl of my fantasizes, I developed this fascination with interracial sex, specifically white girls and black men and more specifically married white girls. So I want to thank her and also say "fuck you" to her as I never had heard of "cuckolding" etc until her.
All these years of being married she does not mention race and really finds all kinds of guys attractive, she even had a thing for Vince Vaughn, that I'll never understand. But either I'm paranoid or there is something different in her "appreciation" for black guys - I think she's is just afraid to single them out as she grew up in a very progressive, well off, highly educated house hold, where it would be viewed as prejudiced to favor or disfavor a "race" of people.
She says the dick size thing is not exactly true in her experience, although she is no longer interested in Asian guys, she was zero for three with them. Then again, she thinks some of the dick pictures she has seen here can not possibly be real. And she is adamant that she finds the abject graphic-ness a turnoff, she never like porn. She loves innuendo.

Anyway, just thought I would mention that.


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Part II

After that weekend things returned to normal, sort of. I made her break up with him and she called him crying and they broke up. I think partly I was so disappointed and knew Rico was never going to participate with me there and partly I wanted to make sure I could ply the brakes if I wanted to, wanted to see if I was still the one in control. I was.

During all this time I was developing a relationship with another woman, I’ll call her “Jenn” whom I had a crush on for a long time. My wife was okay with it so long as she was included.

So as my relationship with Jenn progressed I felt I had to give in and let her resume her relationship with Rico.

Now he was totally pissed at being dumped and really made her pay. He was pretty rough on her for a while and they went in and out for a couple of weeks.

Several weeks later, the weekend of my wife’s birthday she was back in NYC and asked if she could see Rico. I said what I always say, fine.

I was spending the weekend with Jenn and my wife was with her lover in NYC. Perfect.

But things did not go great for them and things did go great for me and so my wife was both angry and upset and when she was back she confronted Jenn. Later that night Jenn texted me a picture of her kissing my wife open mouthed, a birthday kiss.

My wife was placated but still not happy that I had fucked Jenn.

More time passed and all four of us were in various states of relating to one another. At one point we joked about introducing Jenn to Rico. Rico was very protective of my wife and was unkind about Jenn, my wife had complained to him about my infidelity.

The holidays came and went and she saw Rico once and I saw Jenn lots, including a drunken threesome with my wife.

After the new year my wife, Jenn and I were all hanging out. My wife went to bed and I slept with Jenn. My wife freaked out a bit as she had told me that maybe it wasn’t the best idea for me to fuck her in our living room. She confronted Jenn, and shortly thereafter, Jenn dropped both of us. I have not spoken to her since, even though she lives 2 blocks away from us.

My wife met up with Rico once more, they fucked but it wasn’t great and she was feeling down about Jenn.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. My wife has to be back in NYC for a family thing. I have a different thing so I stay behind. She meets up with California cousins and other family. She is very, very family oriented. She calls me around 10pm . Shes in a cab with her cousin, they are going uptown but shes thinking of ditching and meeting up with Rico at his place. She hates his place. I say fine, do it.

So she ditches, her cousin knows something is up, as does everyone else because she disappears and they all know I’m not in town. She texts me that she’s there, I can see her moving on findmyIphone app. I can read her messages also. The banter between Rico and her is fairy tame so I’m guessing it can go either way.

She stops communicating and I hear nothing until 4am.

I am awake.

She went to his place and she plays coy for a long while, too long. Finally she admits, he fucked her 3 times, no condoms. She says that she had called a cab and it was outside, she was dressed and came in for a kiss. He spun her around and bent her over the bed, pulled her pants and panties down to her ankles and just fucker the shit out of her one more time. He came hard and loud and she says it was the best ever for them.

She told me she got back to her parent s, climbed into bed with her cousin and was so worried because she reeked of sex.

After my thing ended I drove into get her and see the family. We stayed overnight and had great sex over and over again. The next day he wanted to see her again. She asked if she could, she really wanted, needed to see him again. I said what I always say. But I did have to be back for a that day.

She convinced me to drive back by myself, she would take the train. And so I did, I drove back by myself and my wife stayed behind, he whole family convinced that she was gone and then she was free to see him again. She did say that he was going to pay for her train ticket back, I was not happy about driving there and back by myself.

She called me late that night and told he that she was getting on a train but that I was paying for it, that seems to be the theme, I am paying for it…all.

Well that brings us current, to this site.

She is really into him right now. Sex was better than ever and last night she told me “thanks for letting me go” she was grateful, I am awesome and “thanks for making me admit I need black cock”

Then end.


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Well we are talking to a black bull now - he's dominate and obviously not intimidated by me so we shall see where this goes - if anything happens I'll be sure to write it down. He will be talking to her directly so that's new and makes me a bit nervous.
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