Our Story Part 1

My name is John and I will refrain from giving my last name as this story unfolds because those that may know me, or know my wife, could construe these facts to be degrading and/or disturbing. If you had asked me a year ago, I might have even agreed with them, but now that I'm hooked, now that she's satisfied, and now that my daugh-, well, I don't want to give it all away just yet. It started about 9 months ago...

I work a lot and my precious 36 year old wife is very understanding, especially since that working lifestyle provides her with a substantial spending budget that she enjoys frivolously. I come home late, usually 8PM or so and typically leave in the mornings around 7AM, so when I say I work 60 hours a week, I'm really serious unlike some of my wanker friends that pretend to work long hours to make time for their mistresses and golf games. I very thankful that my wife, Kim, has her closest friend living just 2 houses down to confide in, shop with, and so on. Brenda is a 38 y.o. divorcee with short red hair that pretty much hates my guts because I wouldn't fuck her one night when we all were drunk back in college, before Kim and I married. She's never forgotten it and let's me know in private all the time that I missed the best piece of ass in 3 states too. Kim is totally oblivious and I want to keep it that way. So, like I said, I work a lot...but our story begins the evening of our 15 anniversary, a Thursday, on a night that I had planned on leaving work early to take Kim away for a long weekend...well it was a long, wonderful, awakening weekend for sure, but not how I had planned...here goes.

I gave my secretary the last of the memos to distribute to our office staff, put my phone on DND and hit the door. It was 3PM and I could just make it home by 3:45 if I hit all the lights. Kim would be surprised and hopefully horny too...15 years was a long time, and I planned on rekindling a bit of the old flame with a little wine and dine followed by a long pussy licking that she was sure to enjoy. I hit our driveway on a rail right at 3:45 and the gravel crunched under my Michelins as I made my way down the twisty mile of wooded privacy. I always appreciated the ability to piss in my own front yard without anyone knowing it though the gravel sometimes washed out in the rain and became costly. Nevertheless we had our privacy and I was thinking about Kim's nice trim body, my dick wearing a hole in my slacks as I came to a halt just behind that bitch Brenda's Cadillac parked in my fucking spot. So much for my romantic evening. My cock went limp almost immediately. My surprise being ruined I shut my car door regularly and walked into the front door as normal. My wife and the bitch were nowhere to be seen so I went through the kitchen and onto the back patio to see if they were at the pool. There were a few half empty glasses and a red bikini bottom laying on a deck chair, but no half drunk women as I expected. I toed at the red cloth with my wingtip and realized that it was made for a man and not for a woman. My blood started to boil.
I stormed back through the house and listened quietly, back on the prowl, hoping to catch her in the act. My mind had already forgotten Brenda the bitch and I imagined my wife on her back with some young pool boy probing her insides. Just as I rounded the bottom of the stairs I heard a giggle and then a deep voice, definitely coming from upstairs. I slipped out of my hard-soled shoes and tiptoed in sock feet to the second floor. Our master bath had a door leading into it from the hallway as well as our bedroom, so I ducked into the darkness there to listen. The sounds coming from our bedroom were prominent and strange
"Get your ass over here bitch. You know you want this black dick. I ain't got all day"

I was beside myself. My wife was fucking another man and he was black. My upbringing was laced with bigotry and I immediately wanted to kick the door in and stomp some ass until Brenda spoke up.

"Baby, I'm comin, I'm comin, I just want Kimmie to get settled first...honey are you okay?"

"Yeah, I think so, I just wanna watch you know," Kim said.

"Uh, huh," the man responded.

What the fuck did he mean by that, I wondered, but my mood had changed a little. As much as I hated the bitch, I always wanted to see Brenda in the buff and here was my chance. Fortunately the bathroom door was open enough for me to see the bed directly now that I dared to take a peak. There he was, stretched out on my fucking bed, naked and glistening with the biggest, hardest fucktool I'd ever seen. It was massive, standing straight up at attention with slick, shaved balls that were the size of small oranges. I was in awe. Brenda snaked onto the bed beside him and gave his cock perspective by wrapping her painted fingers around it and slowly jacking it up and down. His cock was easily longer than her forearm and the head the size of her clenched fist. I was jealous but my cock was starting to wake up again and now made a horizontal tent in my gray slacks. Brenda went about devouring the black monster before her, licking up and down, twisting and turning the knob to her man's delight. A moan escaped his mouth and then another from the opposite side of the room. Brenda turned to Kim, who apparently was sitting in the corner chair, and said, "that's right baby, rub that pussy, you're going to want to cum when the fucking starts." I nearly exploded in my pants at the thought of my normally reserved wife stroking her love button while her best friend fucked the freak of nature before us. I guess my thoughts of the fucking transferred to the bull on the bed and he gave a swift slap of Brenda's face with his tool and told her to get on her back. She scrambled into position and spread her legs to reveal a slickened, hairless cunt that made me salivate just as the purple headed monster pointed into her hole and sank in. Brenda let out a sharp squeal and her face contorted into a large "O" as inch by inch disappeared into her body. My wife whispered a very audible, but low, "Oh God" and my cock grew to it's largest proportions ever, just over a measly 6 inches...
"You gonna take it bitch, you ready to take it, here it comes, bitch," he said as he dug his hips into her and withdrew them only to slam all 12 inches right back in. Brenda began to cry out with each plunge and just after he slammed into her a third time she yelled out, "Oh my god Luther, I'm cumming baby, oh my god!!!" He fucked her even harder until her toes pointed so hard I thought she'd break her ankles. Her screams were so loud the light fixtures seemed to rattle and my precum stained the front of my pants as I throbbed and jerked. Kim was overshadowed by her friend's ecstasy and the bull kept pummeling her like a machine until her legs went limp and still...the bitch had passed out. He withdrew his big, wet stick from her twat and stood up, shaking it toward my wife. "You see what a real man can do your white bitch. You want this cock?"
My heart stopped still waiting for her answer and when the nervous little "uh-huh" escaped her lips I felt a hook for hot fire ensnare my balls and keep my anger at bay. I wanted this now, I needed it, my cock would have nothing else. Kim slinked over to Luther and he put her right hand around his cock to feel her friend's cum. She stood 5'7" but only came to his shoulder and bent over to tongue kiss her mouth, his cock still like iron.
"B-b-be gentle with me, I've never had one like this..." her voice trailed off as Brenda began to stir on the bed.
"Yeah girl, I'll be gentle, " he said. I could hear the sarcasm in his voice as he picked her off the floor and laid her next to her friend on the bed. Kim was completely nude already and I noticed as he lifted her ass of the bed to expose her pussy that it too had been shaven smooth. It glistened from her excitement and her beautiful feet parted to give him access. I knew she was on the pill, but the thought of him cumming in her scared me even so. He hadn't even begun to cum with Brenda and I wondered how long he could go just as positioned the massive head of his cock at her seemingly small hole. He bent over, whispered something in her ear and began to push with his hips. Kim began to squirm and cry out and then as her hole stretched she started to howl. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," she cried into the ceiling and Luther snapped at Brenda to console her. Brenda turned Kim's eyes to hers and kissed her deeply. Luther took his cue and sunk more of his meat into my wife's body and Brenda suppressed the screams with more kissing and massages to Kim's nipples. Soon Luther's balls rested on my dear wife's ass and Brenda released her embrace to watch Kim's face.
"Oh, oh, oh, oh," Kim spurted between quick breaths, "I'm so full, oh god, I'm so full," she said in a panic. Luther backed out suddenly and her once full cavity became empty and then the longing and yearning began. Kim let out a low, animal-like murmur and Luther pushed back into her body. This process repeated 4 or 5 times until Kim's lets were wrapped high around Luther's back and the monster cock began to drill her with steady, deep strokes. Soon my wife's moans of pain turned into "Oh God's" or pleasure until her toes curled, her back arched and she screamed out, "JESUS, I'M CUMMING." Luther never relented but began to pound her harder, hooking his arms under her knees to life her legs higher. Her screams turned into high pitched squeals as he kept pounding her. Another "Jesus" and a "Fucking God" later Luther withdrew his cock from her and told her to get on all fours. Now Kim had never been a doggy lover with me, saying it hurt her, but she sprung into action, fortunately facing my way. She bent over like a good girl and Luther quickly replaced her empty hole with his throbbing meat and her eyes rolled back into her head. Before he could start the onslaught, Brenda whispered into Kim's ear and my wife quickly nodded. Brenda slid under my wife in a 69 position and began a munch down on her clit. Kim was in pure heaven now and just after a strong orgasm dipped her before reluctant head into Brenda's gash and started to return the favor. 12-inch black cock and two sixty-nining women was all I could take and just as Brenda screamed out into their crotches with her own orgasm, Kim screamed out into the air as Luther rammed her home. I came into my pants what seemed like a gallon and had to grab the vanity to keep from falling over. I came to after a minute or so of afterglow and looked into the bed. Luther was now back between Kim's legs pounding her with a fervor.
"You gonna take this cum bitch? Huh"
"Yeah, O God, yeah baby, O fuck I'm gonna cum again"
"Not til I cum bitch, hold it back, hold it back," he urged.
"I can't, O FUCK I'M CUMMING!!!!" my wife screamed out again and this time Luther clenched his ass muscles and pushed his cock deep into her pussy and held it there, grunting loudly. "Take it bitch, fuck!" he screamed as his balls emptied into her womb. Kim kept cumming on his cock and held her mouth in a silent "O" while her eyes strained against their sockets. She was in pure fucking heaven and my cock was again standing a full mast watching her squirm underneath him. Every inch was buried in her now along with no less than a cup full of scalding, white cum. After several minutes Luther backed out of her and his cock rested heavy on her inner thigh. He wiped the wet, mangled hair from her face and kissed her lips.
"Was that the fuck of your life baby?" he asked. She pulled his face to hers and tongued his mouth before answering with a resounding and sultry, "God yes."
There I stood at a crossroads. I loved my wife dearly, but I knew I could never make her feel like that. Every question of masculinity slammed my mind at one time and the only answer I could come up with were the sounds Kim had made over the last 30 minutes and the overwhelming burning in my balls...I had just had the fuck of my life too, alone, stroking my engorged cock in our bathroom.
"So what're you gonna do when John gets home? Tell him?" Brenda interrupted.
"I, I , don't know. I mean, I can't, it will kill him, but I just can't go back to the way it was, not after this." She eyed the black god before her and licked her lips.
"I'll think of something, but for now ya'll need to leave...Brenda I'll call you later, and you, I'll definitely call you too."
I eased back down the stairs and slipped on my shoes again so I could back the car out of the driveway. The cum on my pants dried well enough by the time I arrived back at my house an hour or so later. Kim greeted me at the door.
"Happy Anniversary Baby, Surprise," I said as she half-hugged me and helped me with my things. "How's your day been?" I goaded.
"Oh, it's been fine...Brenda was here earlier."
"Really? I'm sorry I missed her," I lied.
"Yeah, she wants to take me out tonight, but I told her you'd be home and want to do something, so maybe tomorrow night?"
I knew she wanted a rendezvous with big Luther asap, and so did I, but I didn't know how to let the cat out of the bag without giving away my leverage. "Yeah, that'd be great, you'll have a good time...so wanna go upstairs and fool around?"
"Oh honey, let's eat first, maybe later...I'm still coming off my period." Bullshit I thought, yeah a period of serious fucking by a 12-inch cock. "Okay sweetie, what's for dinner?"
Dinner was quieter than normal and around 6PM our daughter Sarah burst through the front door with her friend Megan. The were both in shorty shorts and tank tops, gleaming reddish brown from being at the beach all day. My uncontrollable lust took over and my cock swelled as I could see my wife of 20 years ago jiggling in those scantily clad clothes. Sarah kissed my red-hot cheek and my balls stirred against my conscience at the very thought of Luther taking a crack at her. What was I thinking? I quickly let the thoughts fall away and nodded at Megan as they scampered up the stairs and into their room.
The night was awkward as we did the normal routine, TV, reading, then bedtime. I noticed that Kim would rub her crotch every now and then when she thought I wasn't looking. I don't know if Luther's cum was leaking out, or if her pussy was still on fire from his massive meat. Either way, it made me want to fuck her more than ever.
Once in the bed, we fumbled around at each other's privates and I spent more time than ever eating her out, hoping for a taste of the cream inside, and she came a little harder and louder than ever before (with me) because of the taboo of it all I'm sure. After that I nearly came in her mouth after a few licks of her tongue and rolled her over for a quick ground and pound that lasted about 5 strokes. I nearly passed out myself when cumming and she acted like she enjoyed it, but I knew better. After I rolled off of her and she gave me the quick "I love you," I reached into the nightstand and lit up a cigarette. Kim watched in disbelief as I took a long, deep puff and blew it out into the night air.
"What the hell are you doing?" she asked.
"I'm getting ready to let you off the hook," I said.
"What do you mean."
"I mean... I came home early today and watched you and Brenda and Luther from the bathroom door just over there."
Kim went silent and slumped back onto the pillow with her mouth wide open. Tears began to fill her eyes until I turned to her and said, "Honey, it's okay, I loved every second of it."

To be continued...
Part 2

I spent the next couple of hours convincing my Kim that as reluctant as I had been at first, the fact that she had fucked a black man was okay. It was really more than okay with my cock, but I didn't want to seem overzealous at first. I even made call Brenda while I listened and tell her best friend that I'd seen everything and was even excited about it. Of course Brenda the bitch came right over to hear me tell her face to face, but after she saw my cock growing hard in my pants she too finally believed me.
"Well Kimmie, I guess you're whole sexual world just got a lot better...I call Luther and tell him to come over tomorrow. You won't mind, will you John." I responded with a quick shake of my head and then retired to bed with my properly fucked wife to coax her into a little more fuzzy banging. She was a wildcat this time and threw me onto the bed and tore down my pants. She spread her pussy over my mouth and slurped away at my all to little cock in the sixty-nine position, kneading my balls for my cum. The thought of that black monster pounding that beautiful pussy in front of me had me cumming in a shout in no time and Kim ground her clit into my tongue and lips as she swallowed. I later thought about it and even though she seemed horny, my cock never touched her cunt that night.

The next day was a rainy one and I found Kim in our master bathroom shaving her pussy with my razor. She had already painted her toenails a slick black color that always gets me hard and her right ankle had a new bracelet on it with a worded charm that I couldn't make out until she lifted her leg to put on lotion. It said, "BBC WHORE." I touched it with my finger, giving it a jingle, and she said, "from Brenda, it's hers." My cock pulsed in my boxers and I could feel the cum starting to boil in my balls.
"What time will they be here?" I asked.
"Around 11, I think." She bent over to pull up her panties and I could see her rosebud asshole, the one I had eye-to-eye contact with last night, and it was slick like her cunt. "Did you wax your ass too?"
"Yeah, apparently Luther likes that."
I pictured my Kimmie taking that 12-inch cock in her ass and pre-cum leapt from my cock and pearled up on the head.
"Likes what?"
My interrogation on her anal intentions were interrupted by the doorbell and Kim pulled on some shorts and a shirt and yelled down the stairs as you ran to the door. I heard familiar voices as she greeted the visitors and quickly jumped in the shower to clean up.
I washed as fast as possible but still didn't beat them to the bedroom. I found Kim on her knees, completely nude, Luther's sitting on the bed with legs draped over the end, and her tongue buried in his balls.
"That's right bitch, tongue my nuts. I hope you're ready to get broke open today. And here's wimpy hubby. Have a seat cuck, unless you want a taste?"
"No, I'll just watch," was all I could muster, but the thought of being where she was never occurred to me until right then.
"Yeah, you just watch while your wife tongues my ass. Tongue it bitch."
Kim lowered her mouth to Luther's hole and jacked his lengthening monster cock as she rimmed him. A little moan escaped his mouth as she ran her tongue from his ass all the way to the tip and then devoured his head, swirling her tongue all around it tasting the pre-cum as it escaped his balls. Apparently he'd had enough and he pulled his dick from her lips and told her to get on all fours. "Face your husband," he told her, "so he can see your face."
Kim got on her hands and knees and looked at my face. I was as lustful as she was and our eyes met just as Luther parted her pussy with his cock. The transition from half-closed eyes of passion to the wide open eyes of alarm almost made me cum. Kim let out a quick yelp as Luther buried himself in what must have been a soaking wet hole. He reached out and pulled on her hair to pull her face up that had fallen to the bed and she was in pure ecstasy as he began to withdraw, then slam back into her. The guttural moans of her first orgasm started deep in her body like a bear growling from a cave and suddenly spurt from her mouth with quick, sharp screams of "OH GOD, OH GOD," and in the midst of it all Luther pulled out his tool and Kim's juices spurted onto the bed. The force on her g-spot made her squirt like a man and just as she spurted twice he slammed back into her and grabbed her hips. She came again and Luther slapped her ass hard making a wave of skin ripple along her back. I saw him insert his thumb in her ass as she bent forward with a yelp and he kept pounding her deep and long until she fell forward shivering.
"You ever fuck her like that pussy?" I knew he was talking to me, but my eyes watched Kim quiver on the bed, her feet and hands knotting up with pure pleasure, her sweaty hair matted on the bedspread...and just when I thought she was down for the count, she murmured a soft, sexy, "No."
"Brenda!" Luther yelled down the hallway. "Get your fat ass in here!"
I had forgotten about the bitch, but in she walked with a wiggle. "Yeah baby."
"Don't yeah baby me, you take it?"
"Yes, I'm ready."
"Good, get up here and face the pussy."
Brenda climbed around Kim and got on all fours, again, facing me.
"Go slow hon, it's been a while." Luther slapped her ass hard and she let out a semi-fake scream. "Fuck you, I do as I please."
"You put lube in?"
"Yeah, of course."
With that Luther must've put his cock in her ass because Brenda's cheeks went red and she gasped.
"Take a shit on my dick bitch!" he said, and Brenda pushed back on him and their hips touched.
"Oh fuck, you're hard. Easy,"
"Fuck easy, this ass is mine."
Luther pushed Brenda's back into the bed and began to grind into her. Her eyes were closed but her mouth stretched open and I could tell she was going to cum. Sure enough Brenda let out the loudest shriek and started screaming out "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK," and Luther obliged. It was as if a horse had mounted her and was going to get his, regardless of whether or not it destroyed the body beneath. She was screaming into the bedspread and Kim was now watching and twisting Brenda's tits. Luther pulled out and told Kim to get underneath and lick Brenda's pussy and flipped them around so I could see his balls drape over my wife's nose. Brenda's ass looked like she'd just shit a baseball and she frigged her clit as they changed positions. Soon Luther was pummeling her chute again and with Kim sucking her pussy Brenda went into a convulsion that rocked the bed and made my cock leak. Brenda ground back into his pubes and he smacked her hard.
"Bitch, don't you make me cum. I cum in the new bitch, not you." With that he pulled out with a slop and slapped him in the face with ass juice from Brenda's hole.
"Time to make you howl again girl, get on your back." Kim slid to the top of the bed and spread wide, her toes pointing to the ceiling. Brenda sucked her juice from the killer cock and guided it into Kim's hole. My wife let out a high pitched sigh and Luther buried himself in her.
"You want this cock whore? You want it?"
"Tell your husband what you want." He kept fucking her."
"Yeah bitch, cum on my cock, you fucking white slut."
"HERE IT COMES, YOU WANT MY SHIT GIRL?" He was ready to cum and my wife's pussy would be the dump.
Luther grunted loudly and pinned Kim's ass to the bed. His hands and toes were all that touched our bedspread and he cried out "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK" while he blew his load in her womb. Brenda watched and fingered her pussy furiously and my cock squirted high into the air, six, seven times before my balls emptied. Kim was out, and Luther kissed her forehead.
"When you wake you little cunt...I'm gonna crack that ass!"
My spent cock stirred at the words as Brenda came on her hand saying "yes, yes, yes."
Part 3

Kimmie woke as Luther pulled his heavy, spent cock from her pussy. I could see her hold and it looked like she’d just given birth to our daughter. I remembered her screams of labor that day, eighteen years ago, and tried to convince myself that her screams of just moments ago were different. They were, but somehow amidst the crashing orgasms, a little agony bellowed from her lungs with that last plunge. She sat wide eyed on her elbows and looked at me.

“God that felt good honey,” she said. Sweat dripped from her hair onto her tits. “I’m so glad I never tried a big cock like this before we met. I’d never have had Sarah.” What she meant was, she’d never have married my little dicked-ass. Using our daughter was a way to lessen the blow of it all. Luther was wiping his dick on a towel with one hand and holding a picture from our dresser with another.

“This yo girl?” he asked.

“Y-y-yes,” I stammered.

“Nice. Real nice. Where she at?”

“She’s at school during the week,” Kim replied. “She’ll be home tomorrow.” I stared in awe at the tone of Kim’s voice. She looked back. “Honey, she’s fucking her boyfriend anyway.” My cock began to stir at the thought of it. Both of my women ravaged by Luther’s cock was instantly a new fantasy and I meant to live it out.

“Bitch, you ready for round 2?” Luther asked, gently putting the picture back. “I want that ass.”

“I don’t think I can-“

“Bitch, you’re gonna take it. And then so is your daughter.” Luther barked. “Get over here cucky and lick her ass.”

I jumped to attention and scurried to the bed. Kim’s pussy was oozing juice and every lick of her asshole ended with a salty sperm dollop on my tongue. I pushed into her and she moaned. Her asshole was pink and beautiful, and to my knowledge, virgin. Sure I had pushed a finger in while fucking her in the past, but Luther’s cock was no finger.

“Bren, lube her up,” Luther pointed, and Brenda squirted a gob of goo onto her fingers and pushed me aside. Without warning, she pushed her middle digit into Kim to her second knuckle and my wife squirmed. “Oh honey, go slow.” Brenda ignored her and instead lowered her own tongue to Kim’s clit and gave a flick while twisting her finger in her asshole. Kim fell back onto her back and cooed. Her beautiful legs massaged Brenda’s waist on either side, her toes kneading her friend’s thigh flesh.

After a few minutes Brenda had three fingers in my wife and Kim was gasping, ready to cum. Luther slapped Brenda’s ass and moved her away and immediately centered his cock on Kim’s hole. Her pinkness sucked at his cock and he pushed. “Shit on it girl, take a dump.” Kim’s face changed from scared to pain and the giant head popped past her ring and into her body. “FUCK!” she screamed out. I watched between his legs as her tiny hole stretched around his cock and he nestled into her crotch slowly, that big black dick sinking into her. “OH BABY, OH BABY, OH GOD IT’S TOO BIG!” she cried, and I started to pull him off but the lust in my balls was too great. I was glad I waited. Within a minute of the initial piercing, he was half in her and she was beginning to come down from the pain. Her face contorted into pure ecstasy and I knew I’d never have her again.

“You like that in you bitch,” Luther asked.

“OHHHHHHH, “ was all she could muster as he pushed deeper into her.

“Alright, when I push more, it’s gonna hurt for a second. Your second ring is stretching.” He no sooner told her than flexed his ass and plunged the rest of his meat into her. Kim screamed, then blacked out. She was only out for a second, but Luther was already pulling out. His cock stopped as the head reached her opening and in it went again…faster this time. Kim cried out and flinched but Luther dug into her, his cock rock hard, scraping her inner wall. Each time he plunged she would let out a low, guttural moan of “UHHHGH,” until after fifty or so (I counted) the pitches got higher until she was screaming out again.

“I’M CUMMING! OH GODDAMN I’M CUMMING, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!” Kim’s heels were locked into Luther’s back and her pointed toes were touching each other. She looked absolutely beautiful, the sweaty hair, her swollen breasts, and the look of amazement on her face. Luther let her up from the pinned position and pulled his cock from her ass. Cum coated his cock. In all the commotion, he had blasted a load in her ass that now pooled on the bed. Kim rubbed her eyes, wiping the tears of straining into her cheeks.

“Jesus, that was so fucking hot and nasty,” she whispered. “I never knew, I mean, I never thought it would fit. God that was good.” She rolled off of the bed and went to the bathroom. Luther looked at the pool on the bed.

“You gonna take care of that?” he asked. I reached for a nearby towel and he said, “NO! lick it up.” My balls were still blue from not cumming again and lust pushed me onto all fours. His load was sticky and thick, but I dipped my tongue into it and began to slurp. My cock was rock hard. After it was all gone Luther told me not to jack off, that I didn’t deserve to cum again. He said I could cum when he fucked my daughter. I turned to protest and the big hulking man smacked me across the face.

“Don’t you understand motherfucker? I own your ass, and your women. You do what I say, here?” He growled and raised his hand again, and I nodded in fear. “Yes sir, “ I whimpered, my cock at full mast.