Started young here as well, won't get into ages but first experience was actually with a male, I didn't mind... Was taught a lot. Then more experiences with girls. A teen girl once showed me everything after her boyfriend fucked her then left. She thought I heard it all and wanted to show me what he did in exchange for not telling anyone. Later in life I realized he must of cum quick and she was still very horny. I never felt abused or hurt. Loved all of it. 😏
Greetings from Portugal...Went out dancing with my first cousin and a friend of hers...She was going through a divorce...I´m the oldest of the grandchildren...She is next in the time we where in our early Twenties...After a night of drinking and dancing we went out to the beach and did some good ole Skinny Dipping...I ended up having sex with her friend while she watched and eventually she gave me a blow job during the sex festivities...Nothing was planned...Simply happened...She went onto Marry again and have a children...No one was damaged from the occurrence...Everyone is living happy and healthy lives...;)👌
When I was 14 I was fucked by my uncle. The day earlier he accidentally opened my bedroom door and caught me Masterbating. The following day he and I were alone he was in the kitchen making something to eat. I walked in and asked him to show me his dick. He laughed and said no way. I replied hey you saw me yesterday it’s only fair. He hesitated so I removed my bikini top. Finally he pulled his sweat pants down allowing his cock to fall out. To that point in my young life it was the biggest dick I had seen. I needed to touch it. I moved closer to him. He was pulling his sweats back up. I grabbed hold of his cock. It was so thick. I started instinctively stroking it. He was now getting stone hard. He let his sweats fall to the floor. I unbuttoned my cut offs and let them fall to the floor. I took the head of his dick and started rubbing it up and down against my pussy. He picked me up placing me up on the counter as he went down on me. I was cumming uncontrollably when I told his to fuck me. He took his time getting fully inside of me. Then he picked up his pace. It was so damned good. I had fucked my boyfriend before but it didn’t feel like this. Was the beginning of a sex relationship we had until I went to college.
So so hot,n extra enticing when it´s taboo..My BBC gets so hard just reading and imagining it all 🔥 🔥
This is what goes on in the world,
From Christine -
Amen! It certainly does.
What is the big deal, especially if a teen male is the one
coming on to an older woman?

Younger guys fuck harder and typically cum inside.
An older milf or gilf's body is made to accommodate that
as opposed to some young thing, his age with a very tight pussy
and much more drama & likelihood of getting pregnant!