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our session tonight (foreplay talk)..

Im blessed n cursed with the ability of having sex dreams consistently.. its frustrating to wake up with cum glazed cock most morning.. so I share my dreams with my wife while I suck her clit abd rub her g spot till she cums and on days I get the story spot on, she squirts.. this is how our conversation went tonight now she is sound asleep btw..so this is how it went and plz remember its true events of tonight..

This takes place while I was licking her clit bottom to top..

Wifey: so baby tell me something interesting one of ur sex dreams infact the one u had last night.. (I slept naked last night and it was also my first day here).

Wifey: I woke up wen I felt the bed wet. I turned around and I found ur cock throbbing and leaking cum.. I have seen u touch urslf in ur sleep before..but this time u were shooting loads on the bed and on my back.. lol ur such a horny man my love..

Me: ahrm ok... it was a really dirty dream.. u sure u wanna know..

Wifey: (now rubbing her clit while I would tongue her ) its k u filthy man.. tell me u filthy man wat did u dream off baby.. I wanna know wat makes u leak cum like that. .

Me: we were at home. U were dressed in ur sexy lingerie.. u told me that u were very nervous and excited. U told me that if I was sure abt (guy) fucking me tonight..

Me: I said I have been frustratingly horny.. thinking about u and him.. u looked like u had fun dancing with him last night.. u told me he pulled u closer as soon as u guys got to the dance floor.. u were drunk and it felt easy to relax.. he pulled ur ass right upto his crotch.. u felt a warm bulge pressuring against ur ass.. he whispered that he is not gonna touch himself tonight and savor this moment for when we meet tomorrow.. u told him u wanna see how his cock looks like, u started rubbing him over his bulge.. u told him u gonna make him cum tonight.. u took ur hands and to grab a feel of his skin.. (my wifes clit was swollen in my mouth by now)..

Me: I asked u how did his cock feel n did u make him cum last night? You smilled and answered OMG baby his bbc was huge u didnt wanna let go at firat and ur pussy was wet wet wet for him. and yes I made him cum.. ( this was the moment wifey squirted in my mouth she had thick white cum around her clit mmmm I love it wen she squirts creamy cum from her pussy it tastes so good)..

Me: so how did u do it baby.. how did u make him cum.. u said: wen we got home and u (me) passed out drunk.. i put just my bath robe, took a pic sent it to him, then u called him and told him to come over for pre game.. just fingering and sucking (cock n clit).. ( this is when my wife held my head till she made suck as she squirt all her juices in my mouth)

Wifey: (now screaming and moaning) omg baby ur sex dream sounds like what I would do to u, I can imagine it all baby a bbc all for me.. I would definitely tease u like this baby...

Me: ( after sucking down the last drip of her juices, I got up and told her to suck my cock while I will tell u the rest of the story) I asked wat did u do and u said: u entertained him while I was passed out and u said u love his cock.. u thanked me and told me how hot he made u feel.. his cock looked fantastic.. and u couldnt control urself anymore, u wanted to try his cock... he positioned himself on top of u and slowly penetrated u.. u showed me pics he took of u and a short vid as well..

(I remember the pictures vividly one involved you trying to wrap your mouth around his fat cock, one with his huge cock stretching the entrance of ur pussy, last pic was the best with most of his cock deep in ur pussy and your creamy cum all over his awesome huge cock and I couldn't hold it anymore I shot my thick load all over her face while imagining a bbc taking her pussy to town..

Hmmm she made me cum a lot tonight and she came a lot tonight aswell so it was a great night..

That was it... I have attached pics of my wifes toys and her cum wet pussy from tonight.. enjoy guys I hope u like the pics as much as I do... the last one is of her passing out after sex on the couch.. View attachment 372275

If any suggestion on things I can tell my dirty wife while fuck please feel free to pm me... again true story
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