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Is Emma going to fuck Mr. DIRTY MOUTH from the bar?

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    The phone rang at about 11:00...it was Emma, my girlfriend. All she said was, "I'm leaving now. Meet me at the gas station on the corner and bring "Dusty."

    Emma worked as a cocktail waitress at a seedy hotel-bar in Ehrenburg. Her clientele included bikers, drunks, gamblers, bookies, rodeo cowboys and horse people, and a few hardcore outlaws. She generally came home from work pissed off about someone or something. Occasionally I got a call like this. That meant she was horny and wanted to go park somewhere and fuck. Dusty was a 1970 Coupe DeVille I had bought recently. I was restoring it. Emma hated that car because it took up too much room in the garage. It ran well, and had a beautiful leather interior. With a few cosmetic fixes, it was going to be a beauty.

    She was a wild one. Originally from Hawaii, she left the Islands and came to San Diego. She supported herself doing waitress work and worked at a massage parlor on the side. In time, she graduated to stripping along with everything that goes with that, and married a cop who brought her to the desert. We met one day when I intervened after I saw him treating her poorly in a parking lot. I had pulled him off her, and the bastard pulled a gun on me. That got him an asswhipping, and I ended up getting arrested for assaulting a police officer. The truth came out eventually, and the cops dropped the charges. He got fired, and I got a $50,000 settlement for false arrest. She was the person who told the truth about what had happened during a court hearing.

    I remember that first time I saw Jack. I was about to get my ass kicked, again, by my boyfriend. Jack was loaded down with groceries and on his way to his car when he saw what was happening. He dropped everything and came over. That stupid Brian took a swing at him, and Jack just pushed him down. Next thing I know, he's got his gun out, but Jack hits him so fast, he drops his gun and is on his hands and knees, drooling and half out of it. Jack picks up his gun, takes it apart, and throws the pieces all over the place. About this time, the police show up, and Brian has them arrest Jack for hitting a police officer. The cops didn't want to listen to what I had to say, and took Jack to jail. I found out who his lawyer was though, and told him what happened. I ended up testifying, and the judge was really pissed off at the police. I think Brian might have gotten fired over this, because he just kinda disappeared.

    I took her to lunch the day she testified on my behalf, and we've been together ever since. One of the conditions of our relationship is that she does her thing when she wants, and I stay out of her personal business. She is a little fox, and gets hit on a lot, especially at work, and that place is strictly off limits to me...drives me fucking nuts.

    One of the conditions I tried to impose on her was that if she ever got in over her head with one of these assholes from work, she was on her own...as in, "Don't come crying to me." Emma readily agreed to that, knowing full well that the reality was that if anyone ever fucked with her, I would have her back. It didn't happen often, only once in her current job, and I sent a strong message to that bartender and the others. There have been no problems that I have been made aware of since.

    I make my living as an IT specialist, and I do a lot of contract work for the federal government. I take care of the information retrieval systems for several agencies including the IRS and Social Security Administration, so I was pretty anonymous in the community, but I had to watch my temper... one arrest, and I'd be looking for work.

    I pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, slipped on some sandals and took off. I was not sure what Emma had in mind for the night, but it was always strange fun. I often thought if a shrink could ever get inside her kinky head, he'd have a hard-on for a week.

    I was waiting in the gas station mini-mart with my friend when Jack drove up. I was so horny, I could barely stand it. A really hot black guy had been hitting on me all night at the bar. I let him talk dirty to me every time I brought him a drink, he was a very good tipper, and one filthy dude...told me how he could beat up on my pussy with just his tongue until I begged for his cock...said after he got through fucking me, I'd have to call in sick, a lot of other stuff too. Just before closing, I stopped by his table for last call, and he had his cock out. He was huge, at least 10 inches of thick and uncut "slaughterhouse cock." I stared at that thing, and he said, "You won't forget me or this. I'll be back soon to fuck you." I was speechless...made some lame comment about driving safely, and I headed for the locker room. I called Jack and asked him to meet me. I needed a good fucking...real bad.

    Emma was inside chatting with the clerk and walked out of the station as I drove up. She had parked her car in the service bay, so her friend could watch it. As soon as she got in the car, she started taking off her clothes. She was wearing a little blue aloha dress with a tropical flower pattern. In slow, deliberate fashion, she unzipped her dress and let the straps fall off her shoulders. She teased me exposing one breast and then the other. Her nipples were the best, like small dark reddish-brown strawberries centered on a fleshy arreola. When she was aroused, those babies tightened up and became extraordinarily sensitive; it was like every nerve in her body had an ending at the tips of her nipples. Once her breasts were free, she let the dress fall to her hips and sat there for a moment with her hands in back of her head with a "Fuck Me!" look on her face. She squeezed her breasts and fingered her nipples before moving her hands down her rib cage,and across her toned belly and hips. She made one last tug and push, raising her hips and kicking the dress to the floor at her feet. She opened her legs, revealing her smoothly shaved pubis. Had I touched my cock at that moment, I probably would have shot a load all over the steering wheel. I caught a glimpse of her station attendant friend rolling her eyes as we pulled out onto the road.

    She instructed me to drive to the railroad tracks. I knew the place well. She had a thing about entertaining the eastbound passenger train as it rolled slowly through Ehrenburg...only one of her weird sexual needs. We had to hurry though, because it was due soon.

    I headed that way, hurrying as best I could as there were a lot of highway patrolmen out looking for drunks. In our present state, that is her with no clothes on, I didn't want to deal with the police. I slowed as I neared the railroad access, checking to make sure no one saw me turning off to go in there. It was private property, and if any railroad people or cops saw us driving to the tracks, they were sure to follow to see what we were up to.

    It was all clear, so I turned onto the dirt road, stopped to pull open the yellow steel gate that never got locked, and then drove to our spot, right smack underneath a traffic light that always shined red or green as a signal to the engineers. I parked carefully, angling the car so the train crew and any passengers who were looking out the window would get a good look at us.

    Emma waited while I got undressed and pulled my sleeping bag out of the trunk. I was ready to put it on the hood of the car, but She had a change in plans.

    "Let's do it on that stage," she said, pointing to an old wooden loading platform on the other side of the tracks. I was getting pissed.

    "What's wrong with my car? Didn't you tell me to bring Dusty?"

    She responded like a petulant teenager, "I've been fantasizing about performing for the train people from a stage...like a real porn star. If you want to do this, carry me over to the loading platform. These rocks are sharp and hurt my feet."

    "Jesus Fucking Christ!"

    But she had to get the last word in..."Don't take the Lord's name in vain. I'm a good Catholic girl."

    There was no arguing with Emma...especially for the pussy whipped. After laying out the bag, I picked her up, carried her across the tracks and lay her down. Looking at her lying there with her legs open, illuminated by the moonlight and waiting for me, was extraordinarily erotic. By the way she was moving her hands over that beautiful body I could tell she was ready to put on a show.

    As I laid there on that old sleeping bag, looking up at Jack, I could barely keep myself from jumping all over him. He's not a real big guy, maybe 5'9" and perhaps 190, but he's strong and athletic. His shoulder length brown hair with those muscles gives him a Tarzan look. He has a reputation in town...no one messes with him. He doesn't start fights, but he's intimidating. Ironically, he hates others who are intimidating. He was fully erect when he laid down beside me, and I couldn't keep my hands off of that beautiful 8 inch cock. He let me stroke. it briefly before he pinned my hands down and began playing with me. I've been with a lot of guys, and few could fuck me like this one, but tonight he was going to be the stud from the bar.

    Emma is petite, barely 5 feet tall and 100 pounds soaking wet, with a very athletic body. Every morning she was in the gym, and after lifting weights she would do two to three miles on the treadmill. She had long jet black hair, and looked more Chinese than Hawaiian Asian, a combination of Polynesian, Chinese, Filipino and Japanese. Her small firm titties suited her, given her petite stature, and I was going to torture those nipples tonight. She went nuts when I sucked on them. Her whole body went rigid, and she tended to rub the soles of her feet together hard while she twisted and moaned in my grasp...tremendous turn on, and her being a haughty little wise ass made it all the more fun.

    We had our routine down. We'd do our foreplay, and I would tongue fuck her until the light from the train appeared. She'd be watching, and let me know when she saw it. I would move to my back while she straddled me cowgirl style. She would give the train a good "Ass on Dick Show," and it was my job to tell her if anyone was watching. By the way, I rarely got a good enough look at the train to see if people were looking at us, but I never told her that. I always made up stories about shocked old ladies, priests and nuns, black guys, and army guys. She got off on that, and I was the beneficiary. But there were a couple of times where I know we were seen.

    On one occasion, the light was red, indicating a traffic problem ahead on the tracks, and the engine slowed to a crawl. As it passed, the engine crew shined a spotlight on us. Emily knew it was showtime, and started screaming and popping her ass. At first I thought it was an act for her audience, but it was real. She had an intense orgasm just from knowing she was being watched. An other time was when the train slowed, again in response to the traffic signal, I saw someone taking a video of us from one of the passenger cars. We've been trying to find that on the Internet ever since.

    After watching her play with herself for a moment, I laid down next to her and after some French kissing, I went right for her nipples, loving those little chocolate candy kisses, but I could only get away with that for a few moments. This scene called for me to be eating her pussy, and she had me by the ears with her nails digging in...pretty much used pain compliance to get me where she wanted.

    I spread her legs wide and teased her, kissing and nibbling on her inner thighs while intentionally avoiding direct contact with her vulva. Emma's vagina is much darker than the rest of her body. Her labia are relatively large with nice thick inner lips that somehow cannot quite conceal an oversized clitoris. I opened her pussy slightly with my thumbs and started brushing my lips and nose lightly over her genitals, taking in her feminine scent. She responded by squirming and repeatedly tensing and relaxing her pelvic muscles. She was moaning now, begging me to put my tongue in her. Now I had her ready, and I began licking her from asshole, cunt, to clitoris and back several times before beginning the side to side clit flicking and tongue probes of her tight little anus which I knew she loved. She responded by rapidly flexing her anal sphincter...like it was some kind of "Fuck my ass" code. She was extremely flexible and was able to bring her small feet into play...I could feel her rubbing them on my upper back and head. After a few minutes, even with the sound of her sex cries partially muffled by her thighs, I thought I heard a distant train whistle.

    Without warning, Emma closed her strong legs around my head, clamping it in a "figure 4" headlock, and turned me on my back. She took my cock in her mouth, coating it with a thick layer of spit with a couple of "deep throat" orals, and then straddled me, taking my entire length into her wet cunt with one pelvic thrust.

    She was upright, back arched, tits out, grinding on my cock with that snake like flexibility she had in her lower back and hips, as the light from the train illuminated us. It had slowed to about ten miles per hour, and as it passed I could see two faces peering at us from the engine. There were only eight passenger cars, and they passed by in a minute or two. We continued fucking when Emma stopped suddenly.

    "Oh fuck, cops!" she shouted as she jumped off me.

    I turned and saw the patrol car's red and blue lights flashing as it approached. The officer's attention was focused on my car which he illuminated with the spotlight. I grabbed the sleeping bag, took Emma by the hand, and we quickly made our way to the tamarisk trees that grew along the tracks. We hid in there and watched as the policeman got out with flashlight in hand and started going through the car.

    Emma was mad as hell..."Couldn't this guy find something better to do with his time? Probably robberies and burglaries happening all over town, and this asshole is out here looking for people fucking."

    Assessing the situation, I thought that for now, he was just looking at the car as either abandoned or stolen. I had not registered it in my name yet, and there wasn't anything in the car connecting it to me or Emma except for our clothes. Fortunately I had forgotten to bring my wallet. There was a possibility that the train crew could be phoning in a report on us from their stop in Indio, and then the police might start searching. Naked or not, we had to move out of there.

    I took Emma's hand and we moved through the trees for about 100 yards and dashed across the two tracks to trees on the other side. We were about two miles away from the gas station, and Emma's car. To get there, we'd have to cross through the Calico Dunes which was about a mile. Then we'd have to figure out a way to sneak through the sprawling Tampico public housing tract. That dump was infested with gangbangers, drug dealers, dope addicts, and parolees. Since it was late and a week night there might not be too many people up and about, but it would still be risky.

    If we made it through the ghetto, I planned to go over the wall surrounding the Blue Lakes Country Club. That was an exclusive golf course community of million dollar homes...safer than public housing, but they had private security. Some of those "rent a cops" took their jobs seriously, so we'd have to watch out for them. If we made it to the south wall, we'd be home free. The gas station was right on the other side.

    I laid out my escape and evasion plan to Emma, and we made our way to the dunes. We could see the road from where we were, and a tow truck was approaching the railroad access...cop was towing my car. We began making our way over the sand, moving slowly from one creosote bush to another. The whole time Emma was muttering about snakes.

    As we neared the first highway we had to cross, a sheriff's patrol car appeared and slowed. The deputy was scanning the desert area we were crossing with his spot light. Emma was on her stomach, and I was covering her by pulling down a thick branch when the light passed over us. We remained motionless while he moved the light back and forth over the dunes. We continued to lie still after he drove away until we were sure he was gone.

    When I got off of her I had an erection and left a splash of pre-cum on the small of her back. I wanted to fuck her right there, but she killed the mood with her mumbling about getting sand up her crack. As we crept toward the road on our hands and knees I made sure she led the way. I followed her, watching that beautiful ass tilt from side to side and catching glimpses of her pussy and that puckered asshole, as she made her way across the sand. The whole time her angry black panther glared at me...I was close enough to smell her.

    As for that panther, Emma has a tattoo on her ass, a panther with claws that appeared to be digging into her flesh. He is climbing up her ass and looking back with a ferocious snarl. She has two more smaller tattoos of the same panther, one on her neck just in back of her ear, and the other on the outside of her left ankle. I've asked her about her ink a couple times, but apparently that is a sore subject.

    It didn't take Emma long to realize what I was up to, and just before we left the cover of the creosote bushes to make our dash across the road, she stopped and presented herself, head down, ass up.

    "Lick it,"

    I didn't need to be coaxed and went right for Emma's ass, seeking to finish what we had started back at the tracks. I pushed my tongue into that tight little cunt I had been fucking before we got so rudely interrupted. Her smell was incredibly seductive...all woman, a woman in heat and not fresh from a bath tub. After wetting her pussy and probing her anus with my tongue, I mounted her from behind, driving my cock into her with a vengeance. I felt her beneath me, clawing the sand with her fingers and bringing her feet up against the cheeks of my ass. I found her clit and worked it with my left hand while rolling her nipples with the fingers of my right. We fucked for several minutes, with me pausing periodically to keep from cumming too soon. Finally, I couldn't hold back any longer and pumped a built up load of hot sperm deep inside of her with an intense ejaculation that seemed to go on and on.

    So there I was, bare naked, hiding from the cops, and crawling on my hands and knees across a snake infested desert, and that Jack is behind me sniffing at my ass like a dog...that's fucked up. Okay, you want to play? I started creeping with my legs spread further apart, teasing that dog. I glanced back at him from time to time and saw him with a hard cock and that "Gotta fuck her now," look on his face. Well okay boyfriend, finish what you started.

    I stopped and looked back at him, dropping my head to my crossed arms on the ground, and showed him my fuck holes. He was all over that, licking my pussy and trying to push his tongue up my ass. He stopped with the tongue work, and I felt the tip of his cock pressing against my cunt. He spat on my ass, wet his dick, and entered me with one smooth thrust. He must have been really horny because normally we do doggy style a lot slower, but this time his cock seemed angry. That initial aggression passed, and he slowed his pace, taking the time to play with my nipples. I reciprocated and massaged his balls. At one point, he gave my ass a hard slap and followed that up with clit play. That led to my first orgasm. God, that guy knew how to fuck me. He had me gasping and sobbing at the point he grabbed my hips and spermed me...feeling his hot cum spurting from that throbbing penis deep inside me led to my second climax. We both just laid there, sweating and exhausted...desert sex. We need to do this more often.

    We both collapsed on the sand, and just lay there for what seemed like an hour or so. Finally, I tapped her on the hip and told her it was time to get moving again. It was probably about three-thirty in the morning now, and traffic was light. We checked for headlights and then dashed across the road and into an alley in the Tampico tract.

    Though it was very late, there was activity in the neighborhood. Most of these people were on welfare or jobless, and those folks were up most of the night. We made our way past a back yard get together by crouching low and using a parked car and hedge to to screen our movement. The smell of marijuana was thick as we approached another party. We paused and saw that these guys appeared to be gang members...heavily tattooed, with shaved heads. Their talk was loud and rough, punctuated with exaggerated laughter. We decided not to risk it, and took a detour through a yard, across another street, and into another alley. We were almost through the ghetto, but an elementary school stood between us and the road we had to cross before entering the country club.

    We climbed over the fence around the school yard, and scampered across the grassy playground. At the road, I told Emma to wait in some bushes and give me time to cross the street and get to the top of the perimeter wall. That way I could check to make sure everything was clear inside the club, and I could get a look to make sure no one was coming on both roads that converged at the corner. Then when she got to me, I could quickly pull her up and over.

    We crouched in the bushes together, allowing a single car to pass, and I darted across, powering myself to the top off the wall which I straddled. All was clear in the country club, so I motioned for Emma to cross.

    She cautiously left her position of cover and began to cross when a speeding car pulled around the corner, catching her in the headlights. She jumped back into the bushes, and I could see her running into the public housing property. Three gangbangers bailed out of the car and went after her.

    I jumped down from the wall and followed them. Emma was on the run, and I had lost sight of her and her pursuers by the time I was able to make it back across the street. After sizing things up, I returned to some of the alleys we had used to make our way through the neighborhood the first time. In the first alley I checked, I heard a commotion coming from one of the yards. They had her. One of the dudes was holding her down on a picnic table by her wrists while the other two were trying to get her legs spread. She was about to be raped, but there was no screaming. She was "Mother Fucking" them, but not a scream to be heard...tough girl.

    I instantly went into attack mode. The biggest of the three, a tattooed, obese slob had just dropped his trousers and was trying to control her kicking feet when I hit him with an overhand right that dislocated his jaw and put him out cold. The other two released Emma and came at me. That was a mistake.

    My girl jumped on the guy who had been holding her down and dug her nails into his face. While he struggled with her, I made short work of his buddy with a front kick to the solar plexus that stopped him in his tracks. He staggered for a second before I drove his head into the wall of the apartment building, putting him out of the fight. I then finished off Emma's gangster with several punches that turned his face into a bloody mess.

    Satisfied these clowns were no longer a threat, and seeing lights in the apartments start to come on, I turned to get Emma, only to see her beating the unconscious fat guy in the head with an iron hibachi grill. I had to put quite a bit of effort into getting her to stop trying to kill the guy, but we were soon on our way again.

    This time, we crossed the road together and I helped her up and over the wall. We were now clear of the ghetto and less than a mile from her car.

    We hunkered down in an oleander thicket to catch our breath. Emma clung to me without saying a word. After a time, we heard a siren approaching. I stood up and peered through the bushes...it was an ambulance that turned into the Tampico Tract. I grabbed Emma, so we could get moving again. If anyone from the apartments saw us, tall long haired white guy and little Asian girl, both naked, beating up the neighborhood boys, the cops were very likely going to be searching for us.

    The Blue Lakes grounds were very quiet. I knew from having driven through on occasion they had a guard shack at the main gate that was manned 24 hours a day, and there would be at least one patrol car on the grounds. The people living here were going to be in bed, but we still had to be careful. It only takes one busy body to see us and dial 911.

    We moved across the golf course, hand in hand, darting from tree to tree, hiding in sand traps, and navigating around the water hazards. When we got to the tennis courts, we saw the security patrol car. The officer was cruising slowly with his lights out...just our luck, a guy who takes his job seriously. We waited for him to pass by and then moved past the clubhouse. We were about to cross into another residential area, when the patrol car made a sudden U-turn.

    Emma and I ran into a section of villas and private homes, coming upon a common area swimming pool and jumped in. I was freaking out, worrying about getting arrested and fired, but Emma maintained her cool.

    "Relax Jack. He didn't see us, and he doesn't know we're here."

    No sooner were the words out of her mouth when the security guard drove up to the small clubhouse by the pool and parked. He got out of the car and looked around for a moment, and then seated himself at one of the outdoor tables in the patio area. He was a tall lean black dude, not your semi-elderly retiree that typically takes these country club security jobs. He had been sitting there for several minutes when Emma and I saw someone approaching from the golf course. It was a middle aged woman with long blond hair. She was clad in white shorts and a red halter top. The two of them made eye contact, and she removed her top as she walked up to the table, releasing her large natural breasts from their constraints.

    The two of them undressed and engaged with one another on one of the lounge chairs. She took his penis in her hands and began licking and sucking it. When she had her lover erect, she moved around, giving him her ass. They writhed in each other's arms, doing "69," for several minutes, before he put her on her back and entered her.

    We stayed in the water watching them fuck, and it wasn't long before Emma found my cock with her ass and started rubbing herself against me. I had her wrap her legs around me and moved to the deep end. I held onto a ladder while Emma guided my cock into her pussy. She worked her ass, answering my every thrust with one of her own, but the whole time, we were fixated on them.

    He was huge, and thoroughly dominated the white girl. They were only about 15 feet away from us, and we could hear her trying to stifle her sex cries. She was kicking her feet like she was on a bicycle, getting quite a pounding from the dude, and their sexual energy was contagious. Emma was having a difficult time keeping her passion under control. At the moment they climaxed together, Emma and I came, and both girls let out a scream.

    Upon hearing Emma, the couple turned their attention to the pool, and they saw us. Fortunately the security guard and his girl were not upset, and, in fact, joined us in the pool. We told them about our late night adventures, and we learned that in a lot of ways, they were a lot like us. Tim was single, attending college by day, and Patty was married to an attorney. They had a house in the club. Her cover story with her old man was that she went out jogging early in the morning in order to avoid the stares from men. We shared a laugh at that. They were very interested in trying out some of our "sex in public" on their own.

    While we chatted, Patty moved close beside me, close enough to where I could feel her tits brushing against my side. She indicated a willingness to fuck by stroking my legs with her feet. At the same time, Emma had moved close to Tim.

    I was incredibly turned on by what I saw Tim doing to Patty with that "Fat Boy" cock of his. I had not taken a black lover in a long time, and I wanted him inside of me. I wanted to feel that big black dick pounding on my cervix, while his balls bounced on my ass, and I wanted that black man's sperm squirting in me, filling me. After they joined us in the pool, I got next to Patty while the guys talked, and we agreed to swap partners.

    Patty was a very sexy woman, and while she was doing her little seduction act with me, I used my hands to familiarize myself with what she had to offer. I was a little concerned about Emma, but she made eye contact with me, assuring me she was okay with me fucking Patty.

    Patty was a tall girl, about 5'11" and athletic. Like Emma, she had good muscle tone. She did not shave her genitals, and had a thick bush of pubic hair covering her cunt and encircling her asshole. I fingered both of her holes while I sucked on those big pink nipples, and I soon had her begging me to fuck her.

    Patty was holding onto the pool ladder when I moved between her legs and positioned my glans at her vaginal orifice. She clamped her legs around me as I entered her, and we began to fuck. I curled my toes around the bottom rung of the ladder to maintain my leverage, freeing both hands, one to finger fuck her anus, and the other to play with those magnificent tits.

    While we fucked, I looked over at Tim and Emma. They were at the shallow end of the pool. He had strapped her on and was supporting her in the water while she floated on her back, with her hands extended over her head. I could see her small feet locked together around Tim's waist as he fucked her.

    Tim and me didn't waste much time with foreplay. At this point in this crazy late night jaunt, I was all foreplayed out. Tim held me with those big hands, one on my ass and the other around my waste. He pushed his big black cock into my well fucked pussy with little effort despite his size. As he fucked me I lay back in the water, and he started turning, circling slowly, round and round. I was looking up at the full moon and stars, and catching glimpses of Jack fucking Patty. Normally I'm the jealous type, but since this was my idea because I wanted Tim tonight, I'd have to suck it up.

    Tim took his time with me, and though I was beginning to ache a bit, I was in Heaven...feeling his manhood...feeling his power. As my orgasm approached, I clamped my legs hard around his thin, muscular waste and sat up, grabbing him around the shoulders. He pressed a finger in my rectum, causing me to really shriek as I came in his arms. I was still convulsing in my orgasm when he squeezed my ass hard As he climaxed.

    He was still holding me as we watched Jack and Patty finish. We moved over to some pool steps, and Tim was petting me, softly massaging my sex. He asked me about anal sex, and how he would really like to fuck me like that. Now,if there's one thing I know about, it's anal sex. I'm into that as long as the guy isn't too big. I told Tim I'd talk to Jack about us maybe getting together as couples again, but I didn't let on that I was experienced in anal. I like guys to think that they are teaching me that shit...part of my act.

    We got out of the pool, said our goodbyes to Patti, who actually did start to jog away, and Tim gave us a ride to my car. All in all, a fun night. Maybe the cops will want to keep Tim's car...no loss as far as I'm concerned. I hate that car. Me, I gotta get some sleep...working from 6 to 2:00 am tonight. Wondering if Mr. DIRTY MOUTH with the big dick will show up.
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    Very well written, got me hard
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    Appreciate the feedback Dpad...pure fiction, but we did used to go parking on the railroad access road after she got off work. They keep it locked up now.jake
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