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We submitted 4 stories about Amie's black experiences on Literotica.com and would like to know what you think. The response has been mixed, some positive some very negative (outright racists who hate the idea of interracial relationships) so Amie and I would like you check them out and leave feedback and vote. They are listed in the order you should read them below:

I had the same kind of thing when I used to post on Literotica. It became clear to me that posting IR cuckold stories was a lightning rod for racists on that site. The only way to prevent hate mail from the site is if they switched to make people log in to an account before sending messages to authors, or being able to rate stories. That way it would become too much work for people that want nothing more than to be haters. The site seems uninterested in doing anything about people that harass writers, and so I no longer post there. My old ID was nocluescooby. You might like my stories.


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Tempesto, thanks for the good words. If some don't appreciate this kind of story on Literotica then maybe I should post some of them here. This is the first part of the first story which related the beginnings of our adventures with black men:
My pretty blond wife Amie I have been married for 9 years and I am writing this story to tell you about an adventure we had a few years ago. Let me start by describing my wife, she is 30 years old, 5' 2", 112 lbs, and her measurements are 34-24-34, Her blond hair has natural curls that cascade over her smooth shoulders. She has stunningly pretty blue eyes and she turns many a man's head.

Our adventure started with her telling me about how she had some black lovers before she met me. For some reason this turned me on and I asked her to tell me more details. She told me that none of them were long term and she was only 18 and 19 years old at the time. She said she really enjoyed making love to them and was so turned on by them that she would do more adventurous things than she would otherwise even consider.

"What do you mean? I asked her. One part of me didn't want to know but another was really excited to find out.

"Well, one of them, Clay, really had some kind of spell on me and after I had only been with him for a week or so he talked me into fucking him and two of his friends one night." she told me.

I pressured her for more details and she also told me they all took her bareback and all of them came inside her. The mental picture of my petite blond wife willingly taking all that bare black cock and letting them dump their cum into her pretty little pussy instantly got me hard. She noticed this and even though we both were a little bothered that this turned me on so much we still had passionate sex several times that night.

This led me to asking her what she liked about her black lovers and she told me that she just found their black skin to be beautiful and loved the texture and smell of their skin. She also was really turned on by the contrast of their dark skin against her pale skin. Another thing was the taboo aspect of it all with her being brought up in the deep South.

I asked her about cock size and she told me that nearly every one she experienced was larger than normal but the big thing was she thought their black cocks were just gorgeous and they seemed to be used in such a way that satisfied her very well. I made the lame joke about "once you go black, you can never go back" and asked her why she settled for a pale red headed white man like me. What I left unsaid was me wondering how my cock measured up to theirs.

"Honey, you know that the attitudes about mixed race couples has not always been as tolerant as they are now especially with me being from the South, my family would have been mortified if they had known I had even made love to a black man. I cannot imagine what they would have done if I had married one. You might not understand coming from New England. I just thought it would make my life way too complicated to stay with them in a lasting relationship. I really enjoyed the sex but decided to move on with my life in a different manner. Besides, I love you soooo much!"

"Do you ever feel like you would like to have another black man as a lover" I asked her.

She looked at me funny and said, "What are you saying? You want me to fuck another black man?"

I only kind of mumbled "I dunno, it is kind of a turn on."

"For you or me?" She looked at me incredulously. "I wouldn't do anything to threaten our marriage, what are you trying to say to me?"

"Uh, I would be willing to let you have a black lover if I could watch" I blurted out and instantly wished I hadn't.

With that she just glared at me and got up and left the room. I sat on the couch wondering how I could undo this mess when she came back in and sat next to me. She had some tears in her eyes and she took my hand and between sobs said "Since we have been married I have always been faithful to you. I have had plenty of opportunities and have always turned these men down. It hasn't been easy and I will admit that there was this one handsome black man that was very persistent and I would have loved to be with but I even turned him down. Are you saying this would have been OK if you could have watched?"

I just sat there kind of frozen for what seemed like an eternity. I finally couldn't help myself and blurted out, "Yeah, I guess I would like to see that...but only if you are willing."

After she pondered the idea for a bit she thought it would be best to sleep on it and discuss it in the morning. Needless to say the sex was hotter than ever that night.

The next day at breakfast nothing was said for a while when she reached over and placed her hand on mine and softly said, "I am willing to do this for you but I want you to know that I will be planning on enjoying this as much as possible. I don't want you to turn into a jealous bastard to me if we go through with this. Sometimes reality is not the same as the fantasy and this could hurt our marriage. Remember that when I am making love to this man I am planning on doing everything I can to satisfy him and as far as I am concerned nothing is off limits, I consider myself a good lover and I will be giving myself to this black man completely, like I do to you, to fulfill his every desire. Would you have a problem with that?"
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Thanks Toshbixx! The story continues:
My mouth and throat was very dry at this point and all I could do was croak, "No, no problem I'll let you do anything."

This set everything in motion and we started planning how to make this happen. It took several weeks but we wanted to make sure everything was perfect.

We decided against the internet and opted to drive well over 100 miles to this night club that we knew was frequented by many black men. My 28 year old wife got ready for her night by having a manicure with her nails finished with a shiny clear polish (her nails are very long and hard and some have thought she has fake nails) and a waxing of her pubic hair, Usually she leaves a little blond landing strip but for this occasion she decided to have all her hair removed and she now was as bare and smooth as a baby's bottom all away around to her ass. She wore a tight white silk skirt with spaghetti straps and the hem was just 6 inches below her shapely bottom. No bra no panties no stockings, just red opened toed shoes with 4" heels that showed off her pretty feet and polished toenails. She wore a gold braided necklace and 3" gold hoop earrings a gold bracelet and nothing else except her wedding and engagement ring. She put on just the right amount of makeup and she looked gorgeous. We left our hotel room and headed out to the nightclub, it was only a few blocks and it was a mild night so we decided to walk. Many men did double takes as she sashayed down the sidewalk on her 4" heels, she was really enjoying the attention! When we got to the club we walked right in and while it was not super crowded, it still had plenty of people and sure enough well over 50% of the crowd was black and it seemed like a lot of them were males out on the prowl.

We worked ourselves to the bar ordered our drinks, me a beer and her a gin and tonic. As we made our way to a table I couldn't help but notice the stares she was getting from the men, I could tell she was getting excited as her pretty nipples were very hard and were sticking out hard against the sheer white fabric of her top. We hadn't even made it to our table when she locked eyes with this large muscular black man who looked to be maybe in his late 20s or early 30s. He was one of these black men with VERY black skin, he was dressed in tan slacks and wore a tight red t shirt that showed off his muscular back, chest and arms. As she sat down she made no attempt to keep her skirt from riding up on her shapely thighs. She continued glancing over at the hulking black man and he kept staring at her.

"How tall do you think he is?" she asked.

"I'm 6' tall and he towered over me when we walked by so he must be at least 6' 5" I told her.

"I think he is very handsome, what do you think of him?" She asked.

"Me? Your the one that would fuck him, what do you think?" I responded.

She continued to stare at him and finally asked me: "Do you think he is well hung? I think he is!"

"Could be, is that important to you?" I asked.

"It would certainly be a better show for you if he was...what if he was a lot larger than you? Would you be jealous?"

"Maybe a little but I think I would get over it! Do you want him to have a really big cock?

Amie hesitated but then said, "Yes, I would like to be made love to by a huge black cock. I want him to penetrate me much deeper than you."

I think she was trying to test me but I didn't want to let on it bothered me even a little, even though it was starting to! It was then I noticed the man making his was across the club towards our table. "This is it honey!" Amie exclaimed, "This is your last chance to back out of this, the rest of the evening belongs to me and my lover...unless you chicken out!" she taunted.

"No, no backing out on my part" I responded, my head was spinning.

As he strode towards us, he and Amie kept staring into each others eyes. When he got to us he just stops and stares at Amie, totally ignoring me. Amie was breathing shallowly, sipping her drink and just staring deep into his eyes. Finally after a long few moments, he turns to me and says, "Do you mind if I dance with your fine lady?" I just nodded OK and he takes her by the hand and leads her to the dance floor. I overheard him him tell her his name was Dwayne and as he led her to the dance floor he place his huge hands around her waist. I couldn't believe this was happening and how sure of himself he was. I suddenly felt quite small but also felt an erotic surge go through me and felt somehow empowered. Boy, was I mixed up!


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Some more of the story:
They started dancing and as they did he drew her closer and she ground her beautiful tits into his belly, he totally dwarfed her and her face only came up to his pectoral muscles. He was reaching around and running his fingers up and down her ass. All the while her eye lids were fluttering and she gazed over at me to see my reaction. I just sat there and stared and was keenly aware of the raging hard on I had in my pants.

As they clung together she reached her tiny hands up under his shirt and run her fingers up and down his muscular abs. I looked around the room and many were staring in their direction and I couldn't help but notice that several of the black women were glaring at them and talking among themselves, they seemed very angry.

She reached up and drew his head down and she whispered something in his ear. He instantly grinned broadly and leaned down and whispered something to her. They continued this for what seemed like hours, talking, laughing and gazing into each others eyes. He was leaning down and nuzzling her neck and ears and placing soft kisses onto her soft full lips with his. She finally stood on her tip toes whispers something in his ear, kissed him and broke away and headed back to our table. He went over to the bar and talked to three black men, gesturing and looking in our direction.

Amie got to our table and said we were going back to the hotel room. I gulped the beer I was working on and then Dwayne walks over with his three friends and places his arm around Amie. She snuggled up to him and looks me in the eye and says, "Dwayne's friends are coming with us, I didn't think you would mind." I kind of stammered, "I, I, I thought there would be just Dwayne." She just spoke to me sweetly with her soft Southern accent, "I told you I was going to do anything my lover wants me to do and he wants his friends to come along. Besides, they will probably just watch."

They all just grinned, turned and headed to the door. I followed along as Dwayne and Amie clung tightly to each other as they walked out the door and down the sidewalk. I was walking along with his friends and they were making crazy comments to me like "Dwayne is going to fuck the shit out of your wife!" and "I can't believe your are giving your beautiful wife to a stranger, if she was mine I would keep her for myself."

When we got to the room, Amie pulled beers out of the cooler and handed them out to our guests. There was a moment of awkward silence but only for a moment. "Come on lover," Amie cooed to Dwayne "Let's get you out your clothes. I want to see what you look like naked" Dwayne peeled off his shirt revealing a large powerful chest with rippling muscles everywhere. "Ooooh! You are gorgeous." Amie exclaimed. She then slowly sashayed over to him and run her fingers up and down his chest, she softly kisses and sucks on his nipples. She then started unfastening his trousers, unzipping them and drawing them down his muscular thighs. When she did this a huge bulge was prominent in his boxers. She knelt to her knees and pulled his boxers down, his cock springing into action. She leaned back and stared wide eyed and run her tiny fingers over its girth. She started stroking it with her right hand and reached down and softly fingers his balls. She started licking the head of his massive member softly with the tip of her tongue. Massive might be an understatement with his huge black cock seeming to be twice the size of mine. It was a least 10 inches long and so big around Amie could could not reach her fingers around it.

She engulfed the head in her mouth and reached around and grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and pulled him towards her. "Oh, you taste so good lover!" She exclaimed with her sweet Southern drawl as she runs her tongue down the bottom the shaft and starts nibbling on his balls. As Amie does this she softly runs her little hands up and down his legs and around his muscular ass cheeks, lightly running her nails over them. After a few minutes of this she gets up off her knees. She steps back and pulls her slinky skirt off over her head, her shapely breasts bouncing as she does. There she stood, totally nude except for red 4" pumps and sparkling gold jewelry including her wedding and engagement ring. She was lightly tanned with creamy white tan lines where her bikini was. Her breasts firm with pink areolas and erect nipples pointing upwards. She slowly turned around so they could see her shapely ass and legs. Her wasp like waist and flat belly accentuating her beautiful tits and ass. The 4 black men whistled and made lewd comments about her and exclaimed she was too beautiful to be getting down and dirty like she was going to do. Dwayne was the first to speak, "Go to my friends and let them have a feel before I fuck you like you have never been fucked before."

She obediently went over to them and they surrounded her. I started to protest but she tells me "You stop being so jealous, you said I could do anything I wanted and I said I would do anything my lover wants me to do. I belong to him tonight, not you!"

The three black men felt her breasts, pinching her nipples and run their hands all over her body including her pretty little pussy and one even reached around and fingered her butt hole. One knelt down and started licking her pussy while the other two suckled her nipples. She threw her head back and her blue eyes rolled back in her head as she gasped for air. After they gave her a good workout Dwayne told them to stand aside and for her to join him on the bed. She slowly walks over to him, her breasts bobbing lightly and kneels down in front of him as he sits on the edge of the bed. She kisses him deeply and works her way down his chest with her tongue pausing at his nipples to lick and suck them gently. She makes her way down his chest and laps his rippled abs.

She looks as me through half closed eyes and tells me, "I have never seen a more gorgeous body on any man, he is a god and I will do anything he wants!" This statement was for my benefit, even though I'm not in bad shape I do have somewhat of a beer belly and I'll tell you I vowed to myself to start working out more to get rid of my gut!

She then engulfed the head of his big black cock in her mouth. She pulls away for a few seconds and exclaims "I love the contrast between the black shaft and purple head! You are a beautiful man" She says looking up at him with her clear blue eyes. " She then continues to gobble his cock and as she does one of the others kneels behind her and fingers her pussy.

Dwayne then stands up and picks up Amie and places her on the bed. He climbs on top of her and starts licking and kissing down her smooth skin (she has no tattoos or piercings other than her ears) to her breasts, her tummy and finally to her pussy. He laps away at her like a dog in heat and she squirms around uncontrollably as her does. She reaches down and runs her fingers across his smoothly shaved head and When I repositioned myself for a better look I could see his goatee is soaked with her juices. He then reaches down and removes her shoes and she is now totally nude. He kisses and licks up the inside of her thighs and when he reaches her smooth pussy again he plunges his tongue deep into her.

"Please!" she pleaded, "put that monster cock in me now!" He then positioned himself between her legs and starts pushing the head of his bare coal black cock into her cunt and as he does I rush over to give him a condom. "I don't need that shit!" he growled and when I look to her she says "Whatever my lover wants! I just ask that he comes in me and not on me." I couldn't believe this, I had just assumed that protection would be used and this just floored me. Sometimes she can be very forgetful when it comes to taking her birth control pills so I was also a bit worried about that in addition to the other risks! How would we ever explain that if she ever got pregnant! I backed away and as I did it hit me that the fantasy becoming a reality was not what I expected it to be. Here I was in a hotel room with 4 strange black men with one of them getting ready to plunge his bare black cock into my naked wife's beautiful unprotected pussy. My mind was spinning and thoughts came to mind that Amie might be taking him bareback to live out a black breeding fantasy. I was both extremely turned on and also very disturbed and quite jealous that my wife was enjoying this so much.

He was up on his hands when he entered Amie and my wife reached down and guided his shaft into her love hole. Once he was partially in she reached around and clutched his ass cheeks, drawing him into her. The contrast between their skin colors was incredibly erotic. He started slow and quite gentle gradually working his cock in plunging a little deeper with each stroke, Amie anxiously arched her back and thrust her pelvis up towards him trying to take him deeper. After a minute or so of this he still only had about half of his member worked into her. He now picked up the pace and was now really plowing into her going deeper with every stroke. He was thrusting so violently into he was lifting her ass off the bed with every thrust. Finally I saw the last of his cock get entirely buried into her cunt balls deep and as he did she shuddered hard with her first orgasm.

Aaahhh! Ooooh! She exclaims "That feels so good!"

"Are you coming home with me? If you stay with me you could have this cock every night." He says

"Oh, that would be so nice to fuck you every day." She responds breathlessly.

"We'd let your husband come over and watch. He seems to enjoy seeing you fuck me." Grunts Dwayne.

"Yes, that would turn me on so much." She whispers. "I would give up everything for your cock."

"What would your Daddy think if he could see you now?" Grunted Dwayne.

"Oh, he would be so pissed! He would want to kill me!" Amie says.

They then started stroking smooth and hard with him drawing his cock almost all the way out and then thrusting deep and hard into her up to the hilt. Every few minutes she would quiver with another orgasm and then have to gather herself to resume a good stroking. She was gasping and grunting each time he plunged into her and both of them were soaked and dripping with sweat. He kept up a steady barrage of dirty talk like "I'm going to fill your juicy cunt with my cum you filthy white whore!" and "Take it all you dirty slut wife!" His friends were also hooting at her and telling her what a slut she was. At times he would lower down onto his elbows, and she would arch her back pressing her firm breasts into his muscular torso, I could barely see her beneath his massive body! He would raise back up onto his hands and she would arch her back pushing her beautiful tits up towards him. He would response by licking and biting her nipple roughly. Finally after what seemed an eternity Dwayne looks over at me as says: "Watch this, I'm going to fill her cunt with my juices. She is gonna be a mess!"


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The end of first story:
She looked towards me and gasps, "Honey, he is deeper in my cunt than you will ever be and I want his semen shot deep into my womb. I have never fucked such a man!"

He was now pounding her harder and faster than I have ever seen and finally his ass cheeks tighten and the shaft of his bare black cock is now streaked with his white gooey love juice as he blasts it deep within her. It was then I noticed the unmistakable smell of sex filling the room. With a few last thrusts he collapses onto her and they kissed deeply in a quivering mass of black and white sweaty flesh. She is laying underneath him wimpering and shaking saying over and over again, "That was so nice, that was so nice!" By this time his friends were now naked and as Dwayne rolls off her they crawl onto the bed with Amie and start feeling her up.

"I thought they were only going to watch and she was only going to fuck Dwayne. I don't think I like this gang bang thing." I protested.

Catching her breath Amie tells me in her soft Southern drawl, "I told you I was going to do anything my lover wants me to do so get over it and enjoy the show."

She now stretches out with her arms above her head and spreads her legs she opens her cum soaked pussy for all the see. . She looks as Dwayne and says, "I am ready for just about anything, you can even tie me up. I have some restraints in my bag. I am also ready for a refill, my cunt is starting to empty and need some more sweet black man cum."

"Oh we'll take you up on that bondage in a bit" Dwayne says "While I figure it out you can play with my crew." The three of them, one who appeared be around fifty and while not fat was a bit chubby (It turned out he was one of their uncles) the second slender man with his hair in cornrows and several tattoos, and the third with muscular build but quite short. They all had large cocks (though none like Dwayne's!) all considerably bigger than my 6 inch cock. I was wondering how Amie would feel about my cock after this evening.

The older pudgy man got between her legs and placed his cock into her drenched pussy and as he did the other two got on each side of her and sucked on her titties. In no time his bare black cock was sliding in and out of her sweet cunt already lubricated by her juices as well as Dwayne's cum. As he picked up the pace she sucked on the slender man's cock as she stroked the other with her right hand.

I noticed that I now had a raging boner that was straining against my pants and something in my brain had switched off the jealous feelings I had earlier and I now wanted to see Amie take all that bare cock and to really enjoy herself. "Fuck them you little slut! You are now a cum dump for black cock! You are nothing but a whore for black cock aren't you?" I asked.

"Yes! Give me all that black dick, it feels so good, I need it so bad!" Amie murmurs softly. "My family should see me now, fucking these handsome black men."

Dwayne emerges from the bathroom with leather cuffs and rope in his hands. I noticed his cock was hard as a rock, it crossed my mind that maybe he was taking Viagra or something because he had recovered so fast.

He sat in a chair and watched Amie do his friends, lightly stroking his cock. The guy who was fucking her face finally shoots his load into her mouth, holding his cock in her face until she had licked him clean and swallowed every drop. When he was done she let go of the cock she had in her hand and turns her attention to the man fucking her pussy. "Come on sweetie." She cooed to him reaching up and gently fluttering her soft fingers over his nipples. "You can do it, I want your cum in me!"

That was more than he could stand and moaned loudly as he emptied his cock into her, Amie was also cumming at the same time. "That was incredible, you are such a sexy and gorgeous woman." He tells her and kisses her deeply. He must have been real appreciative of the chance to fuck such a beautiful younger woman, young enough to be his daughter.

As he pulls out of her and staggers away Dwayne goes to the bed and pulls her limp body towards the edge of the bed. When she sees his hard cock she instantly perks up and reaches out and cups his balls in her hand, pulling him towards her and she starts licking the head of his cock saying, 'You are ready for some more Lover? I want you again too." She sucks, licks and murmurs things about his beautiful cock. She does this for a few minutes and when he pulls her head away, she looks disappointed.

He crawls up onto the bed on his hands and knees and points his ass at her and says, "Stick your soft tongue in my black ass Amie!" She hesitates for just a few seconds but then crawls up behind him and reached between his legs with her right hand and grabs his cock. As she does this she spreads his muscular cheeks with her left hand a dives her mouth into his rectum. Stopping for a bit to exclaim, "Every inch of you is delicious!" She then continues to run her tongue from his scrotum to his anus and back again, he is moaning loudly as she does this. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I had never even considered asking her to rim me and she had never offered. Once again I was floored!

Finally he pulled away and gets off the bed and picking up the restraints he tells her to lay on her belly and place 2 pillows under her tummy. His friends help him tie the ends of the ropes to each corner of the bed frame, he then grabs her wrists and fastens the leather cuffs to each leaving just a little slack. He then cuffs her ankles and spreads her legs out wide, there she was with totally exposed with her ass up in the air, her cunt dripping cum onto the bed.

"What are you going to do to me?" She says weakly

"You said we could tie you up." Dwayne says to her. "Now we are going to do anything we want to you and you can do nothing about it. As a matter of fact, I going to start by fucking your ass! No woman has ever let me do her ass, they think I am too big, what do you think?"

Amie is now breathing hard and she gasps "I'm sure it is too big but I told you I will do anything. But please be gentle, don't tear me up badly." She looks over at me and says, "What do you think now Honey? This black bull is going to tear me up with big black cock and you're just going to let it happen aren't you?" Your going to get off seeing him ravish my unprotected ass aren't you?" He is going to do this and I have never let you fuck my ass have I?"

"Yeah, I'm going to let him do it. You never let me fuck your ass but he will, you will let black men do anything to you won't you?" I responded.

Yes, anything. Anything at all!" she says.

"Then fuck the shit out of that tramp's ass!" I exclaimed.

He positioned himself behind her and places some lube on his fingers, he works one finger into her ass and then another. The whole time she is squirming around uncontrollably straining against her restraints as her greases up her ass. He puts a bit on his cock and grabs her by her hips and places the head of his member against her anus. "Here it comes! Relax and enjoy this." He says as he works his cock into her. She involuntarily tries to pull away but he just pulls her back towards him with his strong hands.

"Too, too fast! Please go slow!" She pleads

He now had maybe half of his cock worked into her and was starting to set up a rhythm, stroking slowly and with each stroke reaming her out a little more. I couldn't believe how much he was stretching her out. She was gasping and moaning trying to push back towards him but her instinct was to pull away. He would have none of that, pulling her back and pushing real hard and now had half of his massive cock into her.

"Your tearing me apart!" she screams "Easy, please easy. Ooohh!" Gradually though she seemed to be relaxing a bit and starting to buck her hips in unison with his strokes. "Ahh, that feels better Lover, do it! I love that monster in my ass! Please fill my ass with your cum, please!" She was now begging. I also couldn't believe how turned on I was!

No matter how hard he tried he still couldn't get all of his cock into her but he was stroking her pretty damn hard and finally with a grunt and a moan he releases his cum deep into her pretty ass. He was dripping sweat all over her backside and he relaxes and just keep his cock in her for quite a while. Finally pulling out with a funny suction sound.

"Oh, that was so intense!" Amie exclaimed " I feel like I have been filled by cum from the gods!" She made no attempt to get away from her bonds and just laid there very relaxed and totally exposed to everyone with cum dripping from her cunt and ass.

A joint was lit and handed around as she dozed. They talked about what they would do to her next, one of them still hadn't cum. He would get his chance soon enough! After a fifteen minute or so break Dwayne released her bonds and the guy who had just gotten a partial handjob lays on his back and says "Ride my cock with your sweet cunt."

She didn't hesitate and immediately mounted him pressing her tits on his chest. She leans forward and says, "Does anyone want my ass" I have never done a double penetration." The slender man who had cum in her mouth now positioned himself behind her and sticks his big cock into her now loosened ass. I could see now that nothing was off limits for my wife that evening, each man took her repeatedly that night with each one cumming in Amie's sweet cunt, her ass, and her mouth numerous times. She indeed gave herself entirely to Dwayne and was incredibly submissive to this black stud. Dwayne filled her little pussy three times himself and the last time was after the rest had had left. He was getting ready to leave and Amie was lay one the bed and she says, "Aww, are you leaving so soon? I'm going to miss you."

"Gotta go, you know where to find me." He answers.

"One more time...please?" She pleads.

"Your twisting my arm!" He says as he takes off his pants. "I hope you don't mind if I don't eat you out, you are a mess down there!"

"No not all, just fuck me with your beautiful cock!" She says.

He crawls between her legs and kisses her deeply nibbling her titties and nuzzling her neck. She spreads her legs wide and her slowly enters her pussy for the third time. "Oooooooh, She exclaims. "That feels so good."

He is now stroking her long and slow, his cock sliding easily in and out of her. He says, "Are you sure you don't want to go home with me Sweetness? You can have this every night."

"I know how to find you!" She exclaims.

With that they set up a rhythm and got down to good stroking, they switch positions once with her on top riding him like a cowgirl. He finishes on top both their faces contorting as they cum together. When finished they lay together intertwined for a long time. He finally pulls out and goes to the bathroom to clean up, he dresses and soon it was just Amie and me. I stood over the bed looking down at her, she was passed out face down cum dripping out of her ass and pussy. Dried cum was also caked inside her thighs and all over the sheets. When I rolled her over I saw now she was also had a few bite marks here and there and her titties and neck had several hickies.

Her eyes flickered open and smiles at me, "I really enjoyed that, thanks for letting me fuck those wonderful black men this evening. Do you want to fuck me now?"

I really needed to do this, to reclaim what was once exclusively mine. I stripped and joined her on the bed, "You were amazing! I never thought of you this way and you are an incredible lover." It was like the best porn I have ever seen." I got between her legs as so many had done before that night and she let out a loud moan as I entered her. I kissed her and I could smell the scent of the 4 black men on her, it was incredibly erotic and I just knew I wouldn't be lasting very long! She was clutching my ass and bucking me hard and in no time at all I let loose with a stream of cum I had been building up all night. My semen intermingled with the 4 black men's cum. It was now competing with theirs in a race to her womb. It was a nice end to the evening!


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Toshbixxx, Have you read the other 3 stories on Literotica.com that tell of our continuing adventures after this evening? What did you think of them? Feel free to post comments there as well as here.
I'll post them here later when I get a chance.


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Here is the second story (first installment, I'll post rest of it later) which is a continuation of Amie's black adventures:

Amie and I lay together in the afterglow of our lovemaking after her black lovers had left, not much was said and we fell asleep. I was awakened when she left our bed in the morning and headed to the bathroom. I watched her sexy walk as she went in and closed the door. I heard the shower start and I lay there and pondered what had happened last night. My beautiful little Amie had, at my urging, made love to 4 black men as I stood by and watched with a mixture of feelings.

She had seemed to enjoyed herself immensely and I was now wondering if it was a mistake to bring these men into our sex life. How would this effect our marriage? Would it hurt our relationship? As I lay there I couldn’t see how it could have helped and now that she had experienced their big black cocks, especially when she fucked Dwayne, would she look at me differently? She certainly seemed to worship him and his talented massive black penis and had done things with him and for him she hadn’t even done for her husband in 7 years of marriage.

As I thought of what had transpired I found myself extremely horny again and started masturbating. I was just cumming when she walks out of the bathroom in a hotel robe and drying her hair. “Am I interrupting you?” She says with a smirk.

“No, I...I was just finishing.” I said sheepishly.

“Were you thinking about last night?” Amie asks me.

“Yeah, it was very hot.” I responded. There was an awkward silence for a long few moments as she sat on the edge of the bed and toweled her hair. We both seemed deep in our own thoughts.

I finally broke the silence with, “I’m so sorry I called you all those filthy names in the heat of the moment. I don’t think of you as a tramp and a slut or any of that. Your still my sweet little Southern Belle.”

Amie smiles a little and said, “Oh, don’t worry about it. It seemed to fit the situation, I WAS a filthy slut last night!” I also said some things that might have been hurtful to you too. I was really swept up in the moment myself, I couldn’t help myself and really didn’t mean what I said. Fuck, I would have signed divorce papers last night if Dwayne had insisted on it before he would fuck me. I really felt like I had lost my mind!”

“Yeah, referring to him as a god was a little over the top!” I said with a smile.

“I think I believed he was a black god last night but I’m OK now. I know I have a good marriage and I love you sooooo much Bobby!” she says as she leans over and kisses me. “I also think it is positive if we talk about this...what are your feelings after what we did last night?”

There were so many things going though my mind that I really had to think about where to start. I decided to begin when we were in the nightclub, “What attracted you to Dwayne in the first place?”

She smiles and says, “Christ, just look at him he is in incredibly good shape and he has these big dark almond shaped eyes that make me melt, and his high cheekbones make him very handsome.” She pauses and then continues, “His skin is so incredibly dark, almost totally black and it is so smooth with no blemishes. I couldn’t believe it when I saw him naked, every inch of him was so smooth and even colored, he must also shave everything off because of the body building and it is so sexy on him. I just wanted to kiss him everywhere and just couldn’t get close enough to him.”

This was making me feel pretty jealous but I continued my questioning, “When you were dancing with Dwayne I would like to know what was said.” How did the subject of him fucking you come up?”

Amie thought for a moment and says, “Well he led me to the dance floor and when we started dancing and he started running his hands over me I felt weak in the knees. He really started the conversation by telling me about himself, that he works as a software engineer and played football in college and now is a competitive body builder as a hobby. He is 26 years old, single and he and was there at the bar with 2 of his friends who were also co-workers and the uncle of one of his friends who was newly widowed”

Amie continues, “He kept complimenting me, telling how gorgeous I was and how any man would love to be with me. He asked me who you were and I told him you were my husband. When he looked very disappointed I whispered to him that you would be OK with me making love to him and that I would really love to do it. The only thing was that you wanted to watch and I asked him if he would have any problem with that. He was hesitant at first but after a bit he seemed to get into the idea, talking about giving you a good show.”

I asked her, “How come it went from you making love to one black man to an all black gang bang? That kind of bothered me at first.”

“Well as I told you he was there with his friends so he asked me if they could come along. He assured me that he really wanted to make love to me himself and that they would probably be fine just enjoying the show. For some reason I started warming up to the idea of them all gang banging me so I told him I was open minded and ready for an adventurous evening. So I guess it was me that allowed it to happen”

“What about you taking them all bareback? Who’s idea was that? You know that is pretty risky especially with four strangers.” I inquired.

“Dwayne brought up that subject, he asked me if he could do me without condoms as he hates them and quite frankly he told me it is hard getting condoms to fit him well. When I hesitated he told me he gives blood on a regular basis through a program at work so his blood is tested on a regular basis and should be safe. He pulled out his wallet and showed me his donor card when we were walking to the hotel so I believed him to be clean. I asked him about his friends (just in case they had sex with me) seeing as they work with him did they also give blood regularly? He told me they did and that his friend’s uncle was newly widowed after a 25 year marriage where he was monogamous so theoretically he should also be safe. This seemed like this would probably be the safest situation I could think of to participate in a gang fuck with delicious bare black cock, I hate condoms also it just enhanced my excitement. I also think a man’s semen belongs inside a woman not in a nasty condom or splattered all over her face. I was so turned on by the idea of having a piece of those wonderful black men shot inside me that it just made me cum on their cock so much harder. Besides I also thought it would add to your enjoyment seeing nothing between me and my lovers. Didn’t you think it was quite a show?” Her face was now flushed with excitement after she told me this.

“Yeah, that really did add to the excitement, it also crossed my mind you were also living out a black breeding fantasy. You know how you are about taking your birth control pills, you forget frequently!” I told her.

She thought for bit and says, “Yeah I think I did miss a pill this week...I think! Hey, there is still little chance I would ever get pregnant.”

“But think about how many loads you took last night You must have had a cup of semen in you!” I exclaimed. “And that was just in your pussy, not to mention your ass. In all our time together you never let me have anal sex with you and last night you let multiple black strangers have your ass. Can you imagine how that makes me feel? I have suggested anal sex numerous times and you have refused me.”

Angie thought for a moment and finally says, “Well first of all I was tied up when Dwayne first took my ass so I had no choice...”

“You’re the one that encouraged them to tie up you up and then you told them you were ready for anything, you must have known that that might happen and then after he released you you voluntarily opened your ass up for the others” I interrupted.

She kind of smiles and says, “Yes I did, but you must understand that anal sex is not my favorite and I feel very degraded when men fuck my ass. It has happened before only only twice and by the same man, it was that was Clay and was years ago. It is probably because of my conservative upbringing why I have never let you screw my ass. Last night was different for some reason. I was feeling very submissive and for some reason I wanted them to do my rear. I felt like giving everything up to Dwayne and his friends. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.”

“You know what you can do to make me feel better!” I told her.

“Oh no! At least not for a while, they tore my backside up pretty good and I’m very sore. Besides I think I’ll be pooping black man sperm for two days!”

“And on the subject of being degraded, you gave Dwayne a rim job and seemed to enjoy it. I couldn’t believe you licked his asshole so willingly.” I told her.

“God, I was crazed with passion at that point, totally out of my mind and barely remember doing that! I don’t know what came over me.” She answered.

I felt talked out at that point so I got up and kissed her and headed to take a shower. “Let’s go get breakfast and talk later, I’m hungry.”

I finished my shower and dressed as she goes in the bathroom and puts on her makeup. We head down to the hotel restaurant, when we walked through the lobby area the desk clerks were whispering and looking at us. I recognized one of them as being there as a night clerk the evening before. Maybe we were paranoid, but did they know what we did last night? I know the night clerks saw us walk though the lobby with Dwayne and his friends and Amie was so scantily clad with Dwayne’s arm around her and all of us piling onto the elevator. They had to know something happened! As we ate Amie seemed to be quieter than normal and when I asked her is anything was wrong she told me she was just tired.

We finished breakfast, went to our room and packed up and checked out. Were walked through the parking garage to our car and put our suitcases in the trunk and got in the car. I put the key in the ignition but before I could start the vehicle Amie says, “Hold it I have got something to show you. This was in my makeup bag”

She hands me a piece of folded paper and when I unfold it it was a letter on the hotel’s stationery and it was written by Dwayne and it said:

Sweetest Amie,

I have seen an angel tonight, a very sexy angel! I just want to thank you for making love to me and I hope you will consider doing it again real soon, the sooner the better. I do regret involving the other three men. As this evening has gone on I wish you belonged just to me tonight. It was a turn on seeing you with others but also filled me with jealousy, wanting your sweet little body for me only. Your husband is very lucky and if I was him I would never let another man touch you.

If you will be with me again I want it to be just you and me, one on one. I will show you a night you will never forget! I don’t mind if your husband needs to watch but it also would be nice to be alone with you. I felt a special connection and would like to see you again. Please think about it and call, it would be fun!

Your Lover, Dwayne

He included his phone number.

I just sat there in stunned silence, I couldn’t believe what I had just read. Finally I mustered up something to say, “Looks like you have a fan!” I said lamely.

Amie just sat there shaking her head. “I didn’t see that coming.” She said.

“You never told him where we live did you?” I asked her.

“No! No phone number either.” she answered.

“Good!” I said as I started the vehicle and headed out of the parking garage and on our way home. Not much was said on the long drive home, Amie dozed and I pondered life in general. I was wondering what Amie really thought of me, wanting her to take a black man’s penis while I watched. If she was anything like me she was probably pretty confused. I figured I would be able to continue on like normal, I hoped my Southern Belle would be able to also. From the minute I met her I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and was excited when she first agreed to go out with me, so you can imagine my joy first time we made love. Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am to have her as my wife, she really is the trophy wife that every man must dream of. I hope this adventure didn’t jeopardize out marriage.


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Some more:
When we got home we were exhausted and went to bed early seeing as we both had to work the next day. I was very distracted at work and couldn’t wait to get home and once there, I felt a bit edgy, but Amie seemed to be very happy. She was singing to herself as she made dinner and was very affectionate to me, kissing me many times and everything seemed right with the world. Some friends came by that evening and stayed late so we didn’t make love even though I wanted her bad. The following evening would be different though.

When I walked through the door Amie was already home and greets me at the door, she was wearing the same white silk dress she wore the night she made love to those black bulls. Everything was the same, same shoes, same jewelry and same makeup, She takes me by the hand and leads me over to my chair in the living room. She sits me down and hands me a beer. “I’m wearing my new dress for you because I want you to experience getting me out of it like Dwayne did. I want you so much tonight, I love you so! I’ll put dinner on the table and after that we will have all evening to make love!”

I couldn’t wait to get thorough dinner, Amie was an incredible vision sitting across the table from me nibbling her dinner and drinking wine. Once done I go back and sit in my easy chair and finally she walks over and stands in front of me. “Do you like what you see?” Amy says, “Y’all seemed to love how I looked the other night.”

“You, you are fantastic!” I said as I stood up and peeled off my shirt and drew her to me and kissed her deeply. “I think everyone in that nightclub wanted you that night, you barely had anything on and you were so beautiful.”

She was running her fingers up and down my back and around to my chest, pinching my nipples and lightly making little circles with her fingernails as she works her soft hand down to unbuckle my belt and pull my jeans down. Amy kisses my nipples softly and works her expert mouth down my chest and kneels in front of my and gently lifts my cock up and places my balls in her mouth. She has always been an fantastic cocksucker and I just love it when she goes down on me. “You taste so nice! She says, “So sweet!” She engulfs my cock in her mouth and I struggle to keep from blowing my load too soon as visions of her sucking black cock spin around in my head.

She is reaching up and lightly stroking my belly and chest as she licks and sucks on my rock hard dick. I can stand it no more so I pull her up and kissed her and nuzzled her neck. She takes my hand and leads me to our bedroom, as we did I admired her perfect backside with her hips softly swinging from side to side. When we get to the bed I spin her around and kiss her and run my hands up under her skirt and cup a breast with one hand and finger her pussy with the other. She is sighing and running her fingers though my hair and grinding her sweet pussy into my hand. I turn her around lay her on the edge of the bed, lift and spread her shapely legs and start licking and nibbling her pussy. It was probably my imagination but I thought I could still smell the scent of those 4 black men on her.

“Please fuck me!” She exclaimed as she squirmed around uncontrollably on my tongue. I stood up and took her hand, I had her stand and I spun her around and bent her over and lifted her skirt up over her hips. Without anymore ceremony I plunged my cock into her incredibly wet cunt, I just loved this view of her heart shaped ass as she bucked her hips. I was fucking her with an incredible amount of passion, more than ever before, I felt the need to reclaim what I think of as my property. “That feels so good Bobby! I needed this so bad.!” She exclaimed.

I finally wanted her naked and wanted to see her pretty face as we made love. I withdrew my aching cock from her pussy and pulled the dress off over her head, I picked her up and put her on the bed and positioned myself between her legs. I could help but notice the hickies on her breasts and neck that Dwayne and his black friends had branded her with. They were already starting to fade but I couldn’t help but wonder what her co-workers thought when they saw them on her neck. I found myself staring more than usual as I worked my pinkish cock into her. I also keenly aware of my bright orange/red pubic hair (Amie calls me her Orange Crush man) and as I plunged it in and out of her wet pussy I suddenly pictured in vivid detail the difference between how Dwayne’s huge black member looked fucking her. His smooth cock glistened with her juices like mine but the contrast of his black skin against her pale skin gave it an entirely different effect He had these bulging veins that were very prominent and his strokes were much longer and deeper than mine. When I looked at Amie’s face she was also intently staring at my cock going in and out of her. I think she was thinking some of the same thoughts as I was.

Finally, in the heat of the moment I said, “You liked that monster black cock in you the other night didn’t you? It is so different from mine isn’t it?”

“Oh yeah! She exclaimed, “I love your cock but I never has such a cock inside me like Dwayne’s, it was incredible!” She bucked he even harder as she says this. I fucked her even more desperately, wanted my seed in her more than any other time. My mind kept thinking how Dwayne was more than a black bull endowed with a huge cock and impressive physique, he was also an intelligent man, had a great job that paid well. I felt I was competing with a superhuman in some ways and felt the need to assert myself.

I still kept up the sexy talk, “You enjoyed taking all that black sperm didn’t you Amie?” They filled you to overflowing and you loved it didn’t you?”

“It felt so nice when they exploded inside me, I couldn’t get enough creamy sticky cum. I came so hard on their dicks just at the thought of it!” She gasps and shudders with her first orgasm and I fucked her all the harder

“What would your family think of you if they knew what you did to those black bulls? Wouldn’t they be ashamed of you?” I asked excitedly.

Ohhhhh! Yes! Yes! My Daddy would call me a dirty black man loving whore and would probably slap me! My whole family would disown me. I don’t care, I love black cock and the sweet juices that they pump into me. I think they are handsome men” She says as she trembled uncontrollably with another orgasm.

This was the last straw for me and my whole being convulsed as I shot my seed deep inside her. My cock had never felt harder nor larger and I just released everything I had into her. We snuggled intertwined together and fell asleep. I awoke with my cock in Amie’s mouth, she was sucking me hard again and she mounted me and we screwed again.

Amie continued to be very horny and she wanted sex every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times. Something had come over her, I have never seen her so passionate, almost desperate to fuck me every day. It had to do with her experience that night with Dwayne and his friends, it must have triggered something in her libido and now she wanted sex every day. Was she fantasizing constantly about black cock, specifically Dwayne’s? Our usual routine is to make love 4-5 times a week so this was indeed out of the ordinary, not that I had a problem with it!

This went on for several weeks, many times I had suggested anal sex but she always avoided it. It was no real big deal to me because the rest of the sex was outstanding. Then it happened. One night when we were making love missionary style. She was particularly excited and she got very vocal. “Fuck me harder! Please do me harder. “Ooooh, I want your cock deep in me Dwayne! Ooooh, Fill me up Lover!” She didn’t seem to realize she had called out Dwayne’s name and when we finished I said to her, “That was weird, what was that all about?”


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“What do you mean?” she asks.

You called out Dwayne’s name when we were making love.” I answered.

“Really? Hmmmm, maybe I did. I’m sorry!” she says as she snuggles up to me.

We laid there together, languid and nearly asleep for quite some time when Amie broke lifted her head and gave me a deep kiss, she stares at me for a long moment and says, “Bobby?”


“I have to ask you something, promise not to be mad?” she asks me.

“What do you want? I won’t be mad.” I retorted, staring into her beautiful blue eyes.

She hesitates but finally says, “I...I don’t know how to put this.” She bites her lower lip. “I was just wondering...wondering if you would ever consider letting me make love to Dwayne again. I had promised myself that what I did would never happen again but for some reason I just cannot get the letter he wrote me out of my mind. I just feel like I would like to experience his lovemaking one on one.”

She just lays there staring into my eyes, waiting for my reaction. I looked at her for a long time, her pretty blue eyes were starting to well up with tears. I wasn’t entirely surprised that this was happening but I was still caught off guard. I finally broke the silence by asking, “You haven’t been talking to him have you?” I asked feeling somewhat angry thinking she had.

“No! Not at all, I wouldn’t do that!” she says.

“I don’t know Amie, it’s probably not a good idea. Besides I tossed that letter in the trash when we got home and we don’t have the phone number.” I said.

The corners of her mouth kind of twitched and she says, “Yes we do, I fished the letter out of the trash and kept it. I don’t know what I was thinking, I’m sorry!”

“Amie! Incredible, just incredible! I should have seen this coming.” I said and just laid there thinking about her with that big black man and what this could mean to us. What did I start by allowing this to happen in the first place. I made the snap decision to nip this in the bud and told her, “No Amie, we shouldn’t really go there again so forget about it.”

She averts her eyes for the first time, “That’s fine.” She whispers. “I’m so sorry I brought it up, you are right of course.” Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

I thought this was the end of all this and the next morning I kissed her goodbye and headed off to work that day and then the next. Our life was going on, or so I thought!

A few days after our conversation I got home and was putting my key into the lock when the door opens and standing in front of me was Amie and she was totally nude. She attacks me, kissing me and tearing my clothes off. When I was naked like her she falls to her knees and starts sucking my cock, I thought I was about to explode! After a few minutes, she gets up off her knees and leads me to the couch where she gets on all fours and picks up some lube off the cushion, hands it back to me and says breathlessly, “I want you to fuck my ass, please...please fuck my ass!

I needed no more encouragement and I grabbed the tube and squirted the lube all over my cock and put some on my finger and worked it into her lovely little rosebud. I grabbed her hips and place my cock at her backdoor and said, “You don’t know how much I have wanted to do this!”

“Fuck my ass Bobby, fuck it hard! She hisses.

She reaches back and guides the head of my cock into her anus, it felt INCREDIBLE! In a few seconds I was buried into her up to the hilt, she was so tight smooth and warm and I had to really force myself to hold back and not immediately shoot my load into her. She was receiving her first white cock in her ass and it was very exciting. “Ah! Oh! Do my ass honey!” She exclaimed as I drove my cock in and out of her. I only lasted a few more minutes and I grunted, “Take my cum in your sweet ass Amie!” I let loose into her, I felt like I was being electrocuted!

I weakly fell on top of her with my dick still buried in her rectum. We both were breathing hard and drenched in sweat. “That was amazing!” I told her, kissing her back.

“Yeah, I’m glad you liked it.” She says.

Later that evening we were sitting on the couch, her head was on my shoulder and she was softly rubbing my nipples with her fingers. “Bobby?” she asked.

“What Amie?”

“Have you reconsidered what I asked you the other night?” She asks me.

“I have thought of it but I haven’t really changed my mind.” I said. Then it hit me. It finally sunk into my thick skull why she let me fuck her ass. She was bribing me! “Is that why you let me have your ass this afternoon?”

Sheepishly, she says, “Yes, I thought it might help my cause.”

I sat there thinking real hard about everything, I was starting to get aroused thinking of her wanting Dwayne so bad. I considered the ramifications for our marriage, maybe it wouldn’t hurt if she made love to him one more time. Besides, it was a lot of fun fucking her ass and it never would have happened if I hadn’t allowed her to fuck him and his friends in the first place I was probably going to regret this but needed to see how this would play out.

“OK Amie, get his fucking phone number and call him. Just make sure he knows I want to be there when he fucks you.” I told her.

“Oh, thank you!” Amie exclaims and kisses me and goes to get the phone and his number. She comes back and sits next to me, unfolds the crumpled letter and dials the number. Even though it was probably just a few seconds, I don’t think I ever waited so long for someone to pick up a phone. Finally Amie says, “Dwayne? This is Amie! Remember me?” I could hear him from where I was sitting, he must have been pretty excited.

“Yeah, I missed you too!” She says almost singing. I could only hear one side of the conversation but I got the idea what was being said. She continues the conversation with:

“Yeah, I got your letter and Bob and I have discussed it and I would love to hook up with you again.”

“I want to make love to just you also.”

“Uh huh, sounds nice!”

“Yeah, he wants to watch again.”

“He’s insisting on it.”

Amie listens to him talk for quite a while, every once in a saying “Yes!” and “Uh huh.”

Finally, she says, “I think that will work, I’ll talk to my husband and call you later!”

“See you later Lover!”

She hangs up and puts the phone down. “How does this coming weekend sound? He can’t wait and neither can I!” She says looking at me as if to see my reaction.

“OK with me, what’s the plan?” I asked.

“We will check into the same hotel we stayed at last time. We are to go down to the lounge but sit separately and he will come in and it will be like he is meeting me for the first time. Dwayne wants this to be like a first date and he wants to take me to his place and even though he really wanted to take me there alone he has agreed to let you come along and watch.”

We reserved the room for Saturday night and got ready for her date with Dwayne. Amy opted for a new dress and chose a tight black semi sheer off the shoulder mini dress with bell sleeves, she would wear the same shoes and jewelry and no underwear. She had her pretty pussy waxed clean again and she was ready to go.

That evening we got ready in the room and just before the seven o’clock meeting time we started for the lobby. Amie looked so beautiful I started kissing and fondling her, she giggled and pushed me away saying, “Stop! you’ll mess up my makeup!” We got on the elevator with this older couple and the man couldn’t keep his eyes off Amie until his wife shot some daggers in his direction.

We got off the elevator and headed past the front desk towards the lounge. The same girl was behind the desk that had been the two months before and smiled at us and shook her head. I hung back 25 feet or so as we went down the hall to the lounge, Amie walked in and by the time I entered she was climbing up on a bar stool in the center of the bar. I went to the right and sat at the end so I could survey the whole place, including the entrance. Amie ordered a wine and I ordered a Rolling Rock and we both waited. I surveyed the lounge, it was pretty slow, I counted several couples and four single men. A few minutes after we sat down I saw this chubby middle aged guy in a business suit make his way over to Amie. Without asking he sat next to her and ordered a refill of Wild Turkey. He looks at her out of the corner of his eye and says, “Can I buy you a drink?”

‘No, I wont be staying long.” Amie says in a cool even voice.

An awkward few minutes passes when he say, “Mind if I sit here?”

“Suit yourself.” Amie responds.

Dwayne was now a few minutes late and Amie seems agitated, glancing around the lounge to see if he has come in. I’m starting to wonder if he is going to show when he walk into the room..He pauses for a moment and then goes to the opposite end of the bar, sits down and orders a rum and coke. He sips his drink and seems to not notice Amie. She glances at me and back at him and fixes her gaze on him. She keeps squirming nervously in her seat and is starting to look like a little kid whose dog has just gone missing.

The man sitting next to her looks at her and at Dwayne and says, “Like the looks of that African-American don’t ya? You young girls just amaze me.” Amy says nothing so he gulps his bourbon, sighs and hops off the stool and exits the place. Amy sits there and seems extremely agitated, Dwayne just sits and drinks and makes small talk with the bartender. Was he expecting Amy to go over to him? I was starting to think this was getting weird when finally her looks in her direction and smiles. Amy smiles brightly and gives him a little wave. He gets up and walks over to her and says, “Hi, I’m Dwayne, mind if I sit down?”

“No, not at all.” Amy say, giggling.

“What are you drinking?” He asks.

“Just boring ol’ Merlot.” She answers.

“Get this lady a Merlot if you please.” Dwayne tells the bartender. He turns to her and says, “What’s your name?”

Amie giggles and says, “Amie!” She places her hand on his thigh.

They sit there for some time talking and laughing and making believe like they had just met. “Would you ever consider dating an a man of color?” He asks her with a smirk. She just laughs and says, “Well, maybe!” They keep talking and as they do he is lightly rubbing her bare shoulders and kissing her neck and ears. She run her fingers back and forth on his inner thigh. I heard her say in a low voice I could barely hear, “Oh Dwayne, I missed you so much! I thought of you every day!”

He looks into her eyes and kisses her deeply and says, “Me too baby.”

They then get up, she grabs her bag and he takes her coat. As they head to the door he nods at me and I get up and follow. We head to the lobby and the outside exit, passing the hotel clerk again who just grins at us as we pass. Once outside he places Amie’s coat over her bare shoulders and asks me, “Parked in the garage?” I nod and says, “Good, meet us here in front, I have a red Mustang convertible.”

When I retrieved my car and drove from the parking garage to the entrance they were already there. She was sitting in the passenger seat and he was standing outside leaning on the Mustang. He comes over and says, “We’ll be taking a right out of the entrance and you follow me, it’s only about a mile.” He gets in and I see him lean over and kiss Amie and guns it out of the hotel entrance, as I follow I have a weird thought: Hey! He buys American! We go a few blocks, take a left and then go straight for quite a bit and then turn down some side street before finally pulling into this parking lot next to this big apartment building. He gets out and tells me that the parking is for residents only but I should have no problem this evening. We park and get out of our vehicles, Amy is carrying her coat and bag and she shivers a bit in the cool night air. No wonder, she is nearly naked! We go to the front and Dwayne unlocks the door and lets us in. “There’s an elevator, but I live on the second floor so we’ll walk up.” He says.

It seemed like a pretty nice building, I wondered what his apartment would be like. We got there and he let us in. We walked into a pretty expansive living room, he throws his keys on a table and turns to Amie and takes her in his arms and kisses her, reaching up under her short dress and cupping her bare ass cheeks. She responds by running her hands along the sides of his shaven head, kneading his ears with her fingers. They break their embrace and Dwayne looks at me and says, “Sorry man, I should have offered you a beer. The kitchen is down that hall, help yourself and then join us in my bedroom.” They go into a room off the hallway as I retrieve myself a beer and when I get to the bedroom they are again in a passionate embrace. I sit in a chair against the wall and watch as he starts to peel Amie’s dress off her shoulders and when her pretty tits pop out of the top he falls to his knees and suckles them with his full lips and hungry tongue. Amie’s head is lolling back and forth and she is moaning softly. “You just don’t know how much I have been needing this!” She gasps.

“I have dreamed of your sweet body every day.” Dwayne whispers, pulling gently on her nipples with his teeth. Amie groans loudly.

“Oh let’s get out these rough clothes and press your beautiful black flesh against mine” Amie says, her face flushed.

He stands up and removed his tan suit coat, loosens and removes his tie and practically rips his shirt off. He unfastens his belt and trousers, kicks his shoes off and steps out of his trousers and boxers. When he does this his black cock springs up ready for action. Amie stares at him as she shimmies out of her dress and reaches down and removes her shoes. She steps into his arms and coos, “You are so good looking, such a beautiful man.” She stands on her tip toes and kisses him and them starts placing little butterfly kisses down his chest, she pauses at his nipples and bites them roughly causing his knees to buckle slightly as he moans. She licks down his muscular belly and falls to her knees before her black lover and runs her tongue along the underside of his cock. “How long is this beautiful dick?” She says as she looks up at him adoringly with her pretty blues eyes.

“Just shy of 12 inches, no matter what I do I can’t seem the get it to grow any larger than 11-3/4 inches.” He says and laughs. Amie places one of his balls in her mouth and sucks on it making a loud slurping sound, she does the same with the other one and then starts sucking on his massive cock. She is stroking it with both hands and eagerly licking the head and sucking. He then pulls her up to her feet, kisses her and leads her to the bed. He crawls onto it and lays on his back and says “Bring your little pussy up here, we’ll do sixty nine.” Amy straddles his face with with herself eye to eye with his rock hard cock. She looked so tiny on top of his black muscular body, the contrast between their skin was incredible. He was so much taller than her that she could just barely reach his cock with her mouth. She pulls his cock to her lips and the tip disappears between her pink lips, she then sucks it eagerly.

She is rocking her hips thrusting up and down gently like she is fucking his tongue. After a bit of this she stops and looks between her legs at Dwayne lapping her moist mound and says with a sexy lilting Southern accent, “I want you to cum in my mouth so bad, I have not tasted your creamy cum yet.”

He says, “Later baby, I have held out for four days and want to have the first time tonight to be deep in your delicious pussy.” He continues eating her and she keeps licking and sucking his black cock. She kind of shivers and says, “Oooooo, please make love to me with this beautiful cock. I need a real man inside me!”

She rolls off him and lays on her back and spreads her legs wide, her glistening pussy ready for the onslaught. I just love how her little pussy looks, she doesn’t have meaty lips but has a beautiful little slit that is now gaping slightly open awaiting he big black cock. He climbs between her legs and positions his cock at the entrance of her love hole and slides into her with a smooth stroke, planting half of his black shaft into her. He is up on his hands and she is looking down at his penis as it enters her. Her lips make a little “O” and her chest is heaving up and down as she is breathing heavily, almost out of control. She lightly places her tiny white hands on his toned black love handles and gasps, “Uh! Uh! It feels soooo good! I love it Lover, fuck me hard I want all of you!”

Dwayne’s hips are thrusting hard, driving his cock into her deeper and deeper. Amie holds out no longer and she shudders, her mouth is wide open and eyes closed as the she seems to let out a silent scream. She reaches up and puts her arms around his torso as far she can reach and pulls herself up towards him, crushing her breasts against his front. He lowers himself down onto her and while just barely keeping his weight off her by resting on his elbows. Her white body is barely visible below him and her legs are wrapped around him and he is plunging into her hard and deep.

After several minutes of this he withdraws from her and flips her over and pulls her to her knees and enters her pussy from the rear. Amie pushes back at him hard as his massive cock strokes in and out of her, it’s black shaft glistening from her juices. Amy tenses up and writhes around as she climaxes hard once again. He then pulls out and stands up and pulls her to her feet, he picks her up and impales her on his cock. Her hands are clutching his neck as they seem to be trying to buck each other off. As he fucks her her juices are dripping out on onto his scrotum.

He then slows for a few seconds and then slams her against the wall, her back is flat on the wall and as he pushes his cock in and out of her she raises her arms and crosses them above her head and each time he pounds into her she is grunting, “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!, Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” over and over again. She then starts cumming again as her face contorts with her eyes closed, she clenches her teeth and lowers her arms and puts them out, pressing the palms of her hands against the wall. She digs her heels into his ass cheeks and suddenly she seems to freeze lets out a gurgling sound like I have never heard before. He slows his pace and her eyes flutter open and she pleads, “Don’t stop! Keep it in me, cum in me!”

Without withdrawing his penis from her he turns around, carries her to the bed and falls onto the sheets. Dwayne continues humping her and she is bucking her hips with each stroke. “Fuck me Lover! More! More! Fill me!” she calls out.

His body tenses and his strokes get irregular, he gasps, “Here it comes! Ahh, ahh” and he squirts his semen deep inside her, collapsing on top of her. He pauses for a short moment and then starts slowly and gently thrusting his hips again, they kiss and she murmurs something I couldn’t quite make out. He keeps slowly screwing her and I couldn’t help notice his white cum dripping out of Amie and into the crack of her ass, soiling the bedding. Gradually, he picks up the speed of his lovemaking and soon she is responding with heavy irregular breathing and she exclaims, “I, I , I can’t believe this!” She then lets out a long groan as she shudders with another orgasm.

He doesn’t remove himself from her but rolls onto his back and she is now on top riding him like a cowgirl. His cock still seems rock hard and he is reaching up and fondling her breasts. “You are so beautiful!” He exclaims.

“You are an incredible lover!” she tells him as she plants kisses all over his face.

She is now riding him hard, humping his black cock desperately for what seemed like several long minutes. Finally he unleashes another load into her and his white semen is dripping out of her and onto him and she just lays there sighing and gently rocking back and forth. Amy rolls off him and his cocks pops out of her. She lays there all languid and he gets up and goes to the bathroom. Nothing is said when he comes out and goes to the fridge and gets a beer, I could hear him talking on his cell phone when he was in there. He walks back into the bedroom sits on the edge of the bed and lightly strokes Amie’s hair and we make small talk for a while. Finally, he tells me, “I’ve got a little surprise for you.”


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“What’s that?” I inquire, thinking what the fuck now?

“It’s a surprise.” He responds and goes into the living room.

I sat there awhile, watching Amie doze and then got up and went into the kitchen an got myself a beer. When I came out of the kitchen, Amie andDwayne were in the living room so I went to see what was going on. Amie was wrapped in a sheet and Dwayne was standing there stark naked with his big dick just dangling. It occurred to me it was the first time I had seen him tonight without a hard on. He kept peeking out the window as I sat down and drank my beer. After some small talk the door bell rang and he walks over and buzzed whoever it was in. It occurred to me that he might have invited some more men over and could feel myself getting a little pissed off. He had to be pretty arrogant to not even clear it with me.

There was a soft knock on the door and Dwayne opens the door. In strides a young woman who was of Asian descent. Her dark eyes open wide when she sees Dwayne’s bare dick and reaches out and latches onto it and gives it a little shake. “What have we here?” She laughs.

“Oh, Amie and I were just having a little fun. I told you about Amie.” he responds leaning over and kissing her on the cheek.

“Oh yeah! We have all heard about Amie. Dwayne is pretty smitten with you!” She says as she reaches out and shakes Amie’s hand. She turns to me, looks me up and down and exclaims, “Howya doin’ Red? You must be Amie’s hubby. Nice to see you.” She walks over to me and gives me a little peck on the cheek. I was confused as to what was happening so all I could do was reach out, shake her hand and say, “I’m Bob, what’s your name?”

“I’m Ezzy.” She says smiling sweetly.

Dwayne looks at me a says, “I was thinking you might need some company and Ezzy is a friend of mine and a great girl. It might be nice if the two of you went out for something to eat or a drink or something. Maybe if you hit it off, you could leave Amie and myself alone for the night. I would love her to spend the night and wake up in the morning with her. I could bring her over to the hotel or you could pick her up, your choice. This sound like something that you would be OK with?”

I hesitated, looked over at Amie and she says, “I would like that” I look over at Ezzy and find her to be quite attractive. She had dark olive skin, straight black hair that barely touched her shoulders. She had large dark eyes and a cute roundish face. She was clad in a tight pink cropped t-shirt showing off a small waist, black jeans and high top sneakers. She was about 5’ 7” and slender with small breasts but prominent nipples pushing against her shirt.

“What do you think?” I said to Ezzy.

“I’m free for the evening and I think you look pretty good so why not?” She responds.

With that I agree but with some trepidation. I go over and kiss Amie and Ezzy takes my arm and leads me to the door. Just before we depart the apartment I look one last time at Amie standing next to Dwayne. She is still partially wrapped up in the sheet and she is standing next to Dwayne with her arm around his waist and he is reaching around over her shoulder, cupping one of her breasts. I couldn’t help but notice Amie stroking his now fully erect cock with her free hand.

As Ezzy and I reach my car she looks at me and says, “I’m ready for some fun tonight! Let’s go get a drink and see what happens after that.” I thought to myself that this has been an interesting evening so far to say the least and it looks like it is just getting better!