Our First Time


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Jill and I thought we would share some of our experiences with the group. Our first experiences were not with black men; that was something we got into a little later in our marriage. At first it was men we knew or had met. Those experiences were very hot and we enjoyed them.

Early on in our marriage Jill and I had discussed having a threesome. We both loved sex and had lots of it before we were married. Jill was an experienced lover when I met her and I knew I was not marrying a virginal woman by any means. She had told me about some of her lovers when we would be in bed and I found it exciting. I think this is what led to including other men in our own sex life.

The first man we brought into our bed was Ben, a very good-looking man we knew through her work. We had a small party at our place one evening and he was the last one left. When we went to use the wash room I asked Jill if she was interested and she said she was. I said I would busy myself for awhile and she would come on to him and see if he would be game.

I left and went upstairs. He came back into the living room and I could hear he and Jill talking and laughing. After a few moments things were silent. I snuck out and peered into the room. He and Jill were kissing passionately on the couch. I thought to myself that this was the moment my wife sharing fantasy would come true. I walked into the room and sat down in a chair across from them. Ben straightened up abruptly when he heard me come into the room and it was obvious that he was very uncomfortable being caught kissing my wife. I reassured him that it was cool and that we wanted to have some fun together. Jill began kissing him again and rubbing his crotch through his pants while I watched. My own cock quickly swelled into a rock-hard state.

The three of us went to the bedroom and clothes came off quickly. He had a very nice cock, not huge but very respectable and it was as hard as a piece of steel. Jill knelt and began sucking him while I undid her bra. I let them take the lead as the three of us got onto the bed. Jill continuing sucking his cock while he fondled her beautiful breasts . I lay back and watched and slowly stroked my cock not want to become to excited and come too soon. I couldn't wait to see him put his cock inside Jill. I had fantasized about this moment for so long it now seemed surreal.

Jill was very horny by now and wanted to get fucked badly. I knew what she was like when she was in some serious heat and I knew she more than ready for him. There was no turning back now. She looked at me and asked if it was okay. I reassured it that it was and she mounted him, reaching down between her legs to guide his cock into her pussy. It slid in easily and they started fucking like a pair of wild animals, her breasts bouncing, her head back and lips parted. Her ass slapped against his loins as she rode him and the scent of sex filled the room. I had to stop touching myself as I was about to cum and didn't want to until they were done. They fucked for about fifteen or twenty minutes first with her on top and then he took her from behind which was incredible. Watching her tits swing back and forth as they fucked in that position was wonderful to watch. Finally she lay on her back and he moved between her legs in the missionary position and began pounding her with hard, deep thrusts. Jill came easily two or three times before he thrust deep inside her and filled her with his cum. I shot my load seconds later.

We all lay there for a while and talked a bit and laughed. It was a new experience for all of us and Ben said he loved fucking a women while her husband watched. He kissed Jill on the lips and then got cleaned up and left. Naturally Jill and I fucked several more times that night. She told me Ben was a great lover and that his cock felt very good inside her. I told her that if she liked, we would invite him back sometime, which we did. After a few months we stopped seeing Ben because he became involved with another woman, but as we would find out, there were lots of willing men out there to take his place.