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Our encounter ...


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We have been married over twenty years and off and on through our marriage would joke about her fucking a black man. It was always a fantasy for me and for her. I would tell her I would love to see her with a black man and she would say things every now and then like ... what a shock it would be if I had a black baby and this or that black guy is hot ... I would fuck him. In fact, right before we hooked up she had been to central America and was dancing and drinking with black men on a trip and telling her trip mates that she finds black men hot. We talked about it more and more and then about 1 1/2 years ago we finally decided to go for it.

I did some looking around and found a pretty hot black man that was interested and we arranged a hookup time. Before we met, she would say things like ... probably should leave my black dildo in case it is bigger than his and things like that. Then came the big day.

We met at a restaurant and had a few drinks and talked ... they hit it off very well and actually were in the same career field. We then went to the hotel and checked in. It was even erotic for me to check in with the three of us ... wondering if people noticed that here was a mature sexy white wife and husband with a hot black man.

We went to the room and she undressed except for her favorite outfit and she looked at me and said aren't you getting undressed too? I did immediately and then he came out of the bathroom naked. I went to work on her pussy and he checked it out (it was clean shaven from right before) then sucked her tits and then went to kiss her and I am sure whisper to her. They kissed for a few minutes and then all of a sudden he lifted up and she latched right on to his cock giving him the best blow job I have ever seen her give in over 20 years. She has never been big into blow jobs for me saying that her jaw hurts, etc. Also, an interesting thing is that she to me before that she would use a condom even on a blow job ... but there was no way this was to happen ... she literally latched on to his bare cock like it was the best thing she had ever seen. I had a wave of shock and eroticism hit me like never before. He positioned him self over her and I had a great view of her on her back as they worked together in a great blow job. She sucked it, grabbed his ass to pull it in deeper, sucked his balls and loved his cock for a good 20-30 minutes. In the aftermath, I told her (some what in jealousy) that she gave him a better blow job than she ever gave me ... she said no, I didn't let him cum in my mouth (sure she wanted to though!). She also said that she was gagging on his cock ... which based on her working it so well means he was really getting down deep inside of her throat. It was incredible to watch!!!

After working his cock for a long while (with me watching), he backed off her face and throat and began to work her. He sucked her nipples and then worked to her cunt. He proceeded to give her the best pussy eating she had ever had in her life. I thought I knew how to eat pussy but he definitely put me to shame! He worked her clit with his tongue, fingered her pussy, rimmed her asshole and then proceeded to work all of her like a master. She almost immediately raised her hips to him and orgasmed three or four times. This session went on for about an hour and a half ... she was in heaven I am sure. In fact, I am not sure if she ever raised her hips like that in all of the times I ate her pussy ... and her hips were off the bed and arms were pushing off the headboard so that her pussy would push into his mouth. She would orgasm then collapse and then immediately raise again as he would blow on her pussy and she would thrust herself back to his mouth. Every now and then he would look at me in disbelief and smile ... like I can't believe this hot woman ... WOW! This happened over and over again and he mouth fucked her in a way that had never occurred before. I watched in awe, took some pictures, and masturbated as I watched these two hot lovers in action.

After a long session, that included her squirting her love juice into her mouth, she laid on her back and I came and did a quick lick to her asshole. He then massaged her (which she loves), spanked her ass, and then proceeded to pull her to him in a spoon position. She reached back and gave him a deep passionate kiss and then they held each other, him caressing her breasts and working down to her pussy. She lifted/spread her legs so that he could have full access to her pussy, which he proceeded to finger and work her clit. She reached back and grabbed his ass and his hard cock. I am sure at this point she wanted to feel his love inside of her, but he did not give it to her yet. They stayed in this position for about 20 minutes ... then he lifted up ... and she had a little look of frustration ... wanting his cock so bad.

She then rolled on her back and spread her legs wide as he moved on top of her. As he moved onto her she immediately opened her mouth with tongue out waiting for a deep, passionate kiss. They kissed deeply, whispered lover's talk, and she proceeded to grab his cock and rub it on her clit and pussy. She wanted his big, black cock in her ... she was his woman and wanted him in her! They did this for a few minutes and then he took his cock from her and rubbed it on her very wet pussy. He then looked at me like ... okay ... do I need to use a condom (which she and I and then he and I had agreed to)? I know without a doubt that she would have taken him bareback ... regardless of our earlier agreement for a condom. I hit a moment of uncertainty and gave him a condom. In hind sight, I would have like to see her go bareback and experience having her pussy filled with his cum. Either way, he ended up putting on the condom and then entered her. I have to say, this was an incredible experience, that at that moment my wife of over 20 years was just being entered by a black man ... incredible! They proceeded to fuck, with her pulling her legs over his shoulders so that she could feel all of his love deep inside of her. As a side note, she had been having back problems and said she was concerned about having sex ... at least what she told me. One would never know it as she was as limber as she has ever been for her new lover. They proceeded to make love and she was moaning, screaming, calling out his name and saying oh "baby" to him. She was probably the most vocal I have ever heard her and his extra size (he was about 8-9 inches ... I am 7 or so) triggered a love making response in her I had never seen. She orgasmed twice as they made love and after fucking for a while his ass tightened up as he orgasmed to my wife. This was an incredible experience to watch, masturbate to, etc. I have to say their sexual energy was incredible and they were very hot together in more than one way ... they were very hot lovers!

When he came, he leaned back and motioned to me ... I thought it was to fuck her but maybe it was to just see my wife's freshly fucked pussy. I chose the former and proceeded to fuck my wife as a sloppy second. I could hardly feel her pussy walls as she was stretched out by her new lover. Also, I noticed that she moaned for me ... but not to the level as with him and there was not screaming, calling out "baby" etc. They obviously had experienced a lovemaking energy that was something new for her. As I fucked her he began to dildo her asshole, which after wards she asked whether it was a dildo or him. She is not much into anal sex, but she enjoyed the DP with me and her new lover working the dildo. After a few minutes I came in her and then we all sat up and talked.

She had to get ready for work and so we needed to go, he was hoping for a second (and probably third) round. I am sure he would have had her ass in round two. We ended up getting dressed and left the hotel. I know leaving the room there was a man and his wife who saw us going and I could sense they were like "oh" what were they doing!?!

As we left he hotel my wife and he kissed goodby and he said if you two ever want to play again he would be up for it.


When we got home she was excited, as was I. I told a good friend and I am pretty sure she did too. The first few days were good, I was infatuated with the experience as was she. Then I went through a phase of uncertainty and questioning if what we did was right. She never had a problem with it except when I began to question whether what we did was right. I went through about 6 months of soul searching, at which time I was like "never again", etc .... other than the fact that I still had a strong desire to see my white wife with black men. Over the last year and a half, the desire never left, my wife loves me, and we are beginning to talk about another hookup with her lover. The only thing she is working through is that I went through uncertainty afterwards and she doesn't want me to go through that again. I chalk it up to the first time experience and have always wanted to see my wife making love to another man. We are now talking actively about her having black men ... and my need to be cuckolded by her. She is looking at four or five men and is preferring the man she had before ... they were hot together. As a side note, my wife and I have a good sex life and enjoy each other immensely... I just need to see her satisfied by big black cock and she loves the orgasms she gets by having a dominant stud who makes love and fucks her in ways I cannot.

So, my thoughts today .... it was one of the most erotic experiences ever, caused me to grow as a person, and allowed my wife and I to experience something totally new and erotic. Would I do it again ... absolutely.


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Actually, we are very close ... she has narrowed down to a couple of guys she has the hots for ... now just waiting for her to decide. I am looking foward to her having another encounter ... maybe will lead to a FWB. She needs it and so do I!

Kinda a strange thing, I guess, loving to see my wife making love turns me on to her even more!


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Kinda a strange thing, I guess, loving to see my wife making love turns me on to her even more!
Not really all that strange at all.
We all have a bit of voyeur in us and while we can enjoy looking at the parts of our wives that we can see while we make love to them, we never really get to them completely while they are enjoying themselves sexually, other than to watch them masturbate if they permit. So this becomes a very exciting proposition for many of us. :)

If the man (or woman) that our wife couples with is a very adept lover who is capable of taking her to new heights of pleasure, so much the better! Nothing hotter than watching your favorite porn star giving an award winning performance! ;)
Actually, we are very close ... she has narrowed down to a couple of guys she has the hots for ... now just waiting for her to decide. I am looking foward to her having another encounter ... maybe will lead to a FWB. She needs it and so do I!

Kinda a strange thing, I guess, loving to see my wife making love turns me on to her even more!
Loving hearing about you and your wife! Thanks for sharing!