Orgasm Control And Denial


My wife has started a new “game” with me. It includes orgasm denial. She has been making me go longer and longer with out cumming but now has started a new twist. She lets me play Jewel on my tablet. She tell me sometimes that when I finish a game I will be allowed to stroke my cock. She doesn’t say I can cum though. What she does is looks at my score and it is usually a 5 digit number. Here is what she has me do. Say the score is 68934 I am to take the first 2 number which is 68 and stroke my cock that many times. Then go to over on and stroke it 89 then 93 then 34 and when I get to the last number I take the last and first number making it 34. On that score I would get to stroke my cock 327 times. That is starting from a completely soft cock so really not enough to make me cum. When I get to the total number allowed by that score I must stop and not touch myself at all. Sometimes she tells me to play another game which by the time I am done I have lost my hard on again and have to start with a soft cock. She sometimes makes me do this several times in a row sometimes only one or two times. And when I stroke it isn’t a fast stroking but a slow with me counting 1, 2, 3 … I sometimes can feel like if I had just a few more strokes I could cum but I never get to. I have had to go sometimes a couple weeks before she actually lets me cum and then it isn’t the long 1, 2, 3 stroking. She may give me 1 or 2 minutes that I have to jack off to cum. If I don’t make it then I have to wait till the next time she feels like letting me cum.
I have gotten pretty good and cumming at those times. When I do she reminds me that me cumming so fast that I would never be able to satisfy a woman. And now I know she is right.
This is something i did with bf a lot. Control over timings, material etc, with punishments if he didnt behave, and anoccasional treat if he was consistently well behaved.

I used to love going out to be with my lover, and constantly text him with instructions that usually required some kind of proof. I loved the control and some of the punishments were great. He wasnt a willing cuckold, especially when i went I/R, he was what id call a reluctant cuckold so it gave me huge turn on to make him do things that he would have considered demeaning.