Orgasm battle challenge

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    -You look so upset and frustrated last days, hubby. What’s happen?

    -You know it.

    - No, honey. no!

    - You caged my cock

    - Stop, honey! You know that we cannot call your teeny-weeny white clitty “cock” or “dick”! It’s too small, too soft and too useless. You know it!!!

    *He is blushing*

    -You put my little white clitty to cage till end of month and ask me what happens?

    - Oh, dear, it’s just a small piece of steel between your legs. And only 16 days left , and your clitty looks so cool and nice in this cage. And seems that your small, useless pee-pee likes it.. just look how it trembles inside the cage.

    - I can’t cum! I’ve spent without cum three long weeks! And you’ve spent whole days just looking at my small white clitty and masturbate all day long. Again and again!

    - But, honey, I just feel it more intensive than you and, to be honest, you don’t need an orgasm, you can live without it!

    - Just try to live without cumming for three weeks! Just try! You can’t imagine how terrible is it! How cage limits you! You can’t imagine how I lived with cumming! I love it!!!

    - No honey i like it more than you. But we can check it! What about small bet? I can call it “orgasm battle challenge” - everyone of us spend next 15 day and try to take so much orgasm as possible! and loser will spend next month in chastity. Deal?

    - Sure deal!

    - Ouch, I forgot one thing. You are in cage now and will be in cage for the next 15 days. But deal - is deal, hubby…. ;)
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    Hahaha! Great challenge!
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    I love this post you guys are living the dream!
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