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    I am a married women of 16 years now and are normly quite conservative. We live in a nice country naborhood about a half hour from Columbus. About a year ago me and my hubby started looking at interracial porn. This has been one heck of a ride. I haven’t tried a black one yet but looking at pics and vids sure gets things going in the bed room.
    A week ago I got careless and forgot to lock the computer out when I left for work I came home to find my teen daughter staring at the below images of my saved pics from the net. Ops. At first she did not see me in the door way. I could see she had her hand between her legs. When she notice I was there she qickly got up, red faced and went to the the bathroom.
    After that I unplugged the computer in the dean when ever I leave the house.

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    ur daughter will soon be a bcw
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    So just wanting to know..what if you came home to find a BBC doing her? what would you do? After you tell me i will tell you what happen to me.
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    Not sure whether you want to involve your daughter or not but if you want to indulge in this lifestyle then she will know that anyway so it's in your. Best interests to get her involved as she seems vulnerable for this lifestyle.. If you are comfortable then you can later on share your daughter with bulls