Only men could know it...


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Only men could know the immense relief that cum inside pussies is!
Some women allow black men cum inside, knowing what does it represent for males.
What do men think about this? What does cum inside pussy represent for you?


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I'm not entirely sure what your question is, actually. Are you asking if men get an added satisfaction by being allowed to cum in a pussy, or are you asking if men get an added satisfaction from finding cum inside a pussy? :p

I think most men, once they begin approaching their orgasm, desire to push deeply into the female to release their cum because it is primal urge that is deeply embedded in our DNA to do so when mating. It is similar to the same primal desire to mate as many females as possible to spread our seeds. It certainly enhances the release of cum if the female is orgasming with the man, or squeezing her hot, tight pussy around the man's cock to heighten the orgasmic sensation.

As far as finding cum already in their woman's pussy ... some men find this exciting. The pussy takes on a whole different feeling when its been recently stimulated and fucked to orgasm. The pussy is warmer, wetter, velvety feeling from the cum that is already there; a slick feeling that is very different and unusual from a woman's pussy that has not been recently fucked. Again, we experience that strange, deeply embedded primal desire to mate EVEN if the fact our female has cheated on us and we're mad as hornets ... we find our cocks stiff from the mental stimulation. Our desire to fuck our disloyal female and replace the cum already there with OUR own cum. Strange cuckold reflexes, I guess! :)


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I always cum in a woman's pussy. Stroking to orgasm is the natural way and the orgasm feels best. I am upfront about my desires and if a woman doesn't feel comfortable with me cumming in her pussy then she can go elsewhere.