One of My Newsgroup Original Stories

ExWife G.H.Slut.doc (Inter) (Impreg) (SlutWife) by Jeepster

This story happened in the summer of 1978,before fatal diseases got started to what it has become today. My ex and I were traveling over our vacation. While staying in Nashville,we ran into a week of constant rain,so sightseeing was very limited. We decided to kill some time and have some sex fun,so I had my wife dress up in a very revealing,sexy outfit that showed off her luscious 40" DD's to best advantage. She had a stunning amount of cleavage showing,almost to her nipples.

Off we went to some of the seedy bars around town. I always loved to have her "show off" in semi-public places and she really got turned on doing it too,especially when she knew that nobody would recognise her. After awhile,she suggested we go in an adult book store to check out some "sex toys" for her to play with. She always loved to masturbate with various dildos and vibrators, some were realistic shaped, some "huge" toys that I could not believe that she could even take inside her pussy.

While we were in there,she kept noticing the crowd of guys drooling all over themselves while watching her fondle the dildoes and prancing around the store. She must have gotten emboldened by the men's hot stares because she told me that she wanted to go in the backroom to see some of the porno movies in the peepshow booths. After getting a few rolls of quarters we went back inside,much to the delight of these strange men who seemed really interested in the slutty wife's appearance. We browsed for awhile to work up enough courage to proceed,looking at the posters showing which flicks were playing in each booth.

When we finally selected one she liked,we went inside and locked the door. The booth was just large enough for two peolple to fit on the bench style seat. So I dropped about $5 in quarters to get the show rolling. This amateur film showing a white woman sucking off some black guys came on. My ex was really into this film and it was immediately obvious that she was turned on even more while watching the film.

She started rubbing her cunt through her her sheer panties and moaning softly. Then she stood up and took off her short skirt and panties,then sat back down again. About this time I noticed that there was light shining into the booth from the booth next door. There had been someone in there watching a movie,now it was lit up inside revealing a large hole cut out of the common wall. I knew this to be known as a a "glory hole."

We were startled at first,but the ex was far too stimulated for that to get in the way of her having her fun now. We resumed were we left off, with her jacking my cock for me with one hand and fingering her sloppy snatch with the other. Next we heard the door close next door and the booth again went completely dark,except for the light of the movie.I knew that the wife was aware that someone would be watching us,she was anxious to put on a show for the occupant next door too. She brazenly leaned over me to look directly into the next booth through the "glory hole" to see who was in there. She immediately pulled back and whispered to me that a huge blackman was jacking his cock next door. I told her to go for it and have some fun with our stranger next door.

The wife then moved up alongside the glory hole so the blackman could get a good look. Then suddenly the stranger next door thrust his half erected cock thru the hole,where it came to rest along the wife's arm. She immediately looked at me,giving me that wanton stare that I had become used to seeing in her. I nodded my approval for her to proceed. She pulled the growing black weapon up to her mouth,where she proceeded to suck his big cock to full erection. After a few minutes she really got into it,the sounds of her sloppy blow job filling the room. She was beyond caring who knew what was going on in there. Next thing the blackman leaned down to tell the ex he wanted some of that white slut pussy.

With that, my wife needed no further encouragement as she wantonly backed her ass up against the hole in the wall while bending way over me. She reached back to guide our strange friend's black shaft into her yearning hole. With one firm thrust she took it in to the hilt while letting out a loud groan. The stud wasted no time time in plowing into her drooling, overheated cunt. The wall started shaking with the sounds of them fucking,slamming into one another,with only one thing on their minds,to reach their climax as soon as possible. She was moaning louder now,I'm sure everyone insde the peep show room knew what was going on too. Suddenly she froze against the wall as she came,the look of lust on her face was evident,even the darkened booth. The stud next door roared as he too reached his climax. It was then that I realised that he was shooting off inside her unprotected cunt. A sudden thought of terror came across me as I realised that she was not on any birth control,since I had the snip last year,and she was letting this stranger shoot his seed up into her raw pussy. Oh well,I figured,whatever happens,happens. Too late to worry about it now. In fact I always enjoyed reading those stories where the wife gets knocked up by some stranger,so it was also sexually stimulating thinking about that possibility.

The rest of that afternoon was a blur. The ex was inspired by the pure animal lust of this fucking total strangers and she wanted more. After wiping herself off,another cock soon was thrust though the glory hole for her to play with. A hung white guy this time. She immediately again backed her ass up against the wall to allow her new partner access to her dripping hot snatch. Again a few minutes later she was rewarded with another dose of hot seed shot into her opened cervix. After that we went to the movie theater downstairs. After surveying the crowd and finding out that there were about 12-15 anxious guys sitting around watching her,she gleefully went back int her slut mode. She invited some of the more brazen men that were openly stroking there cocks in front of her,to sample her hot pussy.

The first guy was black and again had a big cock. She layed back in the seat as far as she could,spreading her legs wide open for her new stud to check out. She had not put her panties back on so he was looking right at her drooling,hairy,slick pussy. Without any further ado,the black stud looked around one last time,then kneeled down in front of my wanton slut wife,were she again guided his huge cock into her waiting hole. With quick thrusts he slammed it to her,making a lot noise in the process. He was getting ready to come when she wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him in deep.

Telling him "not to hold back,and to shoot it all in deep." He then gave her his full load,right up to her cervix. I was jerking my own cock violently while watching this slut perform. I came again for about the fourth time. My sore cock and my shattered ego gave me pause to think about how pathetic a voyeur I had become.

The rest of the week we had a steady compliment of late night guests of local black studs over to our motel room. There the wife would entertain them one at a time. I would either watch or get lost if the guys needed privacy.Each stud would fuck her hard and fast,shooting her sore,raw cuntfull of sperm. She became so much into this slut wife/interracial sex that as soon as we got home she told me that she would continue seeing other black studs.The big shocker was that she also admitted the thrill of risking impregnation at the hands of these black studs gave her intense orgasms,so much so that she vowed to keep having unprotected sex with them,letting them shoot her full of their seed. I got the drift of her meaning immediately. She eventually became pregnant,to nobody's surprise and moved out.

She now has 6 mixed breed children,had numerous miscarriages and is still trying for more. It boggles my mind how she was so quickly transformed. Is she a true slut or what?