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One for the ladies. How was your first time?

Hello everyone!
I'm Jay, live in London, UK, brand new in here but wanted to say that i'm really looking forward to our first time with a black bull. I've talked about this with my white guy for a good while and we've decided we should find a real man who i can have some proper fun with, seeing as his cock is so small and useless. Black guys more than fit the bill for what we want! We talk about this all the time and it's something we are both up for and planning on doing this year!
I've never fucked a guy with a really huge cock before and never had sex with a black guy either and i know it's going to be really exciting to get both of this from one encounter! I also can't wait for my guy to be there to watch it all unfold. He's very happy to be cuckold! He's the sweetest man but i just need more than he has to offer me, sexually. I know you 'get' that here. But having him involved is a real turn on for me too. I know he can't wait to watch me being serviced by a black stud! ;) We've even talked about him being involved too if our stud allows him. I'm good with that also. Why not? I'd love to see him with a cock in his mouth! He'll love it. Be proud to teach him how to suck a dick. :p

Anyway, how was your first time ladies? Were you nervous or just hyped to get started?

Will be glad of any advice for a 'new to this' couple. I cannot WAIT for us to get started. I know it might be our first time but i already know it WONT be our last! ;)

Glad to be here though and to read up on all your posts!

Jay x