Once she went black

I dunno if it's just my wife n I but Imma tell ya. I set her up with a bull that she wanted to meet. Did it by surprise while I was at work I sent her on a blind mission.(with the knowledge she may be getting ducked) He knew she was on her way & did exactly as he was asked. She enjoyed it. The vids were hot & sex was great as we watched her take my buddy big black duck hard. Force fed her.. put it in all holes & she sucked his balls til he came on her face & open mouth.....but Imma tell ya she has became a total bitch..What's up with that?


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she has became a total bitch..What's up with that?
If you're implying that she's become hard to get along with ... she's possibly mentally wrestling with what she did or possibly with the feelings she had. Have you had a talk about the incident, yet? Did you ASK her to talk about it or if she enjoyed it? Or how she felt about you setting her up? Doesn't hurt to "talk" about feelings ... women prefer it a lot more than us guys.