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Once a sissy.........

I used to swing with my wife & I used to be straight & masculine, but then my wife went black & it all changed. For the first time in my life I saw what a real cock was as well as what a real man looked like. My inferiority rushed to the front of my brain. As I watched him plunge his cock in & out of my wife I knew that I was never had been able to pleasure a woman properly & that I never would. To keep this short, there was something attractive & desirable about his shiny wet black meat. I realized that I was looking at & wanting his black cock for myself. I wasn't looking at my wife's dripping stretched pussy........just his beautiful cock!!

All of this led to my wife encouraging me to become a cocksucker & the natural progression of becoming a sissy fairy faggot bitch for black cock begun. From the first taste of a black cock I knew instantly that I was a faggot. I had always had a fetish for panties & stockings but until then I thought it was for my wife to wear. The first time I slipped on panties I felt instantly feminine & the next thought was I need stockings. My fetish was about me!!! I feel totally natural in them. I now shop at Lane Bryant for my lingerie & the sales girls there are more than happy to help me be the best dressed sissy faggot I can be. Yes, they know I'm a sissy. They help me choose the things that look the sexiest on me. I just love those girls.

Anyway, at this point my wife takes care of her own sexual needs & has dismissed me from any of it. I have been told to find my own black cock to pleasure. My wife has been involved in my faggot conversion (realization actually) One black cock changed us both for life. It made her a real woman & it made me the sissy that I always longed to be :)