on the high seas

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    Looking for something to do i went to a local boat wharf as i was looking at the beautiful boats a man asked if i would like to go for a trip as he was going out alone.
    After some time chatting i agreed , he was Indian not bad looking around 50 and slim .
    As we left the wharf i sat behind him and as it was around 32c he took his shirt of leaving him in shorts only and me in a summer dress that was blowing everywhere exposing all i had , never thought boating could be so blowy , he laughed and told me to come closer out of the wind , he let me steer and was standing behind me helping i felt very relaxed and felt safe in his hands.
    I did feel a lump in my back on several occasions which i was not unhappy about , he asked if i like nude bathing , never been i said , so he headed to a bay where nudes use,
    We anchored he got lunch out and we sat on the boat , he gave me some lotion for my face and neck which he applied as he rubbed i felt my nipples go hard and a strange feeling came over me to the point that i let him undress me till i was nude and he applied lotion all over me then himself loosing his shorts to expose a very nice thick cock , we kissed and i melted into his arms letting him suck and nibble me all over not to be left out i went down on his cock , as i was sucking his cock i noticed someone swimming close to our boat ,he assured me all was ok as it was his friend and was it ok if he came aboard , i was to gone to worry so now there were two very naked men and me.
    i was treated like a queen with them taking turns fucking me in every position then they lay me down and shot cum all over me , i went for a swim then we ate lunch.
    After lunch we headed for the beach and sat on the sand for a couple of hours it was so nice to be treated like a lady we played in the surf and had a walk but i wanted to have these two men again , both were well endowed and slim and one good thing they were black and i love black men.
    They asked if i would like to go back to the boat with both men i just smiled and said lets go, on board they aske if they could double fuck me and thats just what they did i remember sitting on one cock and then feeling the other cock enter my ass i was sandwiched between two lovelly men and enjoying two cocks at once.we have talked about meeting again and there are other men who would like to be there , i am thinking about that at length not sure but tempted.
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