On facebook as of 26th

Wish some of you would !!!!

Ever so shy for over 50 post viewings !!!!

Its meant to have been ME that was the nervous,shy one. (secretly addicted to the fuss made about ME loving BIG Black Cocks.Just ask admin!) Oh ! won't someone cheer me up that I'm showing my face at long last !

orn bw 013.JPG

IF I get enough enthusiasm about that,I'll be more inclined to post videos from which this pic is taken.

Feel free to petition blacktowhite about re-posting My Dildoing Video [showing my face]. I've set a number in my mind & IF I hear back from them & this numbers reached,I'll GLADLY insist they re-post it. View attachment 137714
oh forget it !

I think most of the Bulls here are actually gay white guys as NO ONES added me.Think maybe because they havn't created a fake facebook profile as well !!!!!

This was supposed to be an attempt for me to get into such a sexual frenzy....I don't care who knows or sees I love what I love & love being on this site !!!!. Instead....I get a lackluster stream of viewings and NO action.
IF you're quick enough you'll see a "face pic" ! Enjoy !

I'm such a prick tease !

Well...after JUST ONE guy added me on facebook...{after all of this} I couldn't be bothered there either !. Do guys know how to keep a Slut "Hot" these days..?