Older white married male

Hello friends and Masters and Mistresses I am a 61yr old white married male who Loves Interracial sex in all its various ways. I am not gay nor have I ever touched another man nor would I unless he was black then I am afraid he would have total control. I am hopelessly addicted to the thought that the black race is supreme especially the black men whom I have come to consider as gods. I am legitimate, being very real as can be proved by any who really wishes to find out,yet I still wish to be discrete. This is in itself a contradiction since even though I have never done so I have great doubts as to my ability to refuse if a black man told me to suck his cock in public, I would most likely try and get him into a more private even if not completely private area but if this fail I would most likely give him the best BJ I am capable of. The limits of what I would do for black men and women or almost non existent.