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Older Professional Black Man

Would you enjoy sucking my cock

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Hello Ladies & Couples,
I'm an older experienced black man that has an addiction to white women of any age, size or marital status. I am looking for those white ladies that carry themselves like a lady so that I can enjoy there company in public if that is a desire. I am crazy about performing oral on a nice clean shaved or hairy white pussy. I just got introduced to very thin white ladies in which I thought I wouldn't enjoy but I loved being with her and would enjoy that experience again. I've had many experiences with cuckold couples and I like being in the dominate side of that fun. I live in Columbia, SC so if there are any real ladies or couples that are in SC, NC or GA; I would like to communicate (please be real and I'm not big on a lot of email back and forth). Looking for real meeting that can be conducted during the day or evening (own my company so I'm flexible). Hoping to hear from real people.


Thank you Jen; it sounds like I need to make the next trip over there a lot longer than I was planning to do. I've always loved women from the UK. I love the way you girls fuck and love your men. I've had the opportunity to enjoy ladies from England, Scotland, Ireland (derry) and Wales... I would love a lot more so maybe that time is coming soon.