Older Husband here

We've had great encounters with three black studs thus far and they were never a disappointment :p and 99% of the time the wildest of sex! I usually watch as my taller red headed wife loses it to their charm, technique and stamina and from her reactions:help: and hearing it from here their ample endowment! (all were in that eight to nine inch category and two were very thick also) On more than a few occasions I did participate, usually orally, but have never gone as far as to stray into bi territory although in the heat of the moment it is tempting. We will find another steady--she prefers black married guys for the safety (std wise) as thus far things soon go bareback and deep! Looking for a good chat room and for the rest this site looks to be great. Barb is 5'11", 140 lbs, 36D/26/38, auburn hair, blue eyes, easily aroused by the right guy and goes absolutely wild during sex.:cool: