im slighty embarrassed but im gonna post this anyway . I looked into my wife of 15 years laptop when i shouldnt have . There was pictures of a black man and his huge cock like 20 diffrent pictures . In another folder there was pictures of her in sexy lingerie sucking his big cock and posing on the bed. also pictures of him fucking her . Funny thing is i wasnt mad . We havent had sex in months because i have a hard time keeping an erection. She gets really frustrated and thinks its her . BUT when i seen these pictures i instantly got hard like never before . I even got hard looking a the pictures of just him . I know im not gay but now im just looking at interracial porn and jerking off . Its always on my mind . Im not going to ask her about it .. just hoping to see more pictures or a video . jeez whats wrong with me


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.....Well, something IS wrong, for sure on several fronts. One, your wife is having to secretly seeing other men for sex ... that's not good, as it indicates she's not happy with you, sexually, and infidelity will eventually destroy a marriage. Two, if she's allowing pictures of her infidelity to be taken, then leaving those pics on her laptop for you to see, she's wanting you to find out and confront her and hints the two of you have communication problems. And three, your inability to maintain erections indicates one of several concerns ... mentally, as well as possibly physically.
.....Probably the only thing right is that you're able to get turned on and jerk off (I assume to ejaculation) by viewing her with another man. But its pretty certain, she wanted you to find those pics, otherwise she would have saved them on a jump stick.
.....I always believe that openness in a marriage is the best policy. As she's the one cheating, if you confront her with the discovery (nicely) and simply say "we need to talk about some things" .... she'll probably open up with her unhappiness. I wouldn't encourage you to continue as things are going, as eventually, she's going to lose all interest in you and an attempt in saving the marriage.