Offspring of Biracial Relationships


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While I realize many members in the forum are apart of the cuckold community and other's just enjoy interracial relationships, I wanted to create a thread highlighting Bi-Racial people. Sorry fellas, this thread isn't necessarily about naked females. I think we have enough of those threads already.

All of the people below are a celebrity of some type.

Alicia Keys - Singer, Half-Black and Half-White

Bi-Racial-AliciaKeys.jpg Black-Celeb-AliciaKeys.jpg

Amerie - Singer, Half Black and Half Korean

Christina Milan - Singer/Actress, Half Black and Half White (Italian)


Cree Summers - Actress/Musician, Part Black, Part White, Part Indian


Halle Berry - Actress, Half Black & Half White


Jordin Sparks - Singer, Half Black & Half White


Lauren London - Actress/Model, Half Black & Half White


Mariah Carey - Singer, Half Black & Half White


Nicole Ari Parker - Actress, Half Black & Half White


Norah Jones - Singer, Half Bengali Indian & Half White


Paula Patton - Actress, Half-Black & Half-White


Persia White - Actress/Musician, Half Black & Half White


Soledad O'Brien - CNN Anchor, Half White (Irish) Half Black (Afro-Cuban)


Tracee Ellis Ross - Actress and daughter of Diana Ross. Half Black & Half White


Lolo Jones - Olympic Track & Field (Hurdles), Half Black & Half White


Mya - Singer Half Black & Half White (Italian)

I think a lot of the paler-skinned girls, like Lolo Jones and Jennifer Beals, are half-white and half-multiracial to begin with, making them much less than half black in the end. In a sociology class recently, I learned that the average African-American is about 1/5 white, with many closer to 1/2 - they are all much lighter-skinned than some of the real African immirants we have at school and around town.
Here are Jennifer Beals' parents, and her - her father died when she was young so there is not a "color" photograph available, but he looks to me to have pretty European features, explaining the looks she turned out with for supposedly being half/half.....


Melyssa Ford Half Black Half White

Traci Bingham Half Black & Half White Italian

Leona Lewis Half Black and Half White

Stacy Dash! Half Back, Mexican and Native America

Jennifer Beals Half Black & Half White

Amber Rose Half black & Half White Italian

Amber Rose? Wiz Khalifa's chick is mix? Dang, I can't even tell. Cool.