Offering Realistic Photoshop Fakes of your Wife or GF

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    Professional Photographer and Photoshop expert. I will photoshop your wife or girlfriend into realistic fakes for your erotic pleasure. I can also add story lines to enhance the images and your pleasure!
    I love hot wives, slut wife, interracial wives (duh!) and all things dirty and sexy.
    I'm married to a 'hotwife' and love it when she sluts herself around.

    If you would like more information, please email me at
    Please be sure to reference which blog you are coming from.
    Serious inquiries only. 1st image is free, the rest are dirt cheap. I do this mostly cause I love it and the lifestyle, but pro looking fakes take hard work and time, but they are worth it!!
    Keep it HARD!
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    Ok thx do u photshop