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ODE to the BDL

Mr R. Smith

Real Person
Gold Member
I see you all the time. You are walking hand in hand with your significant other. I see the shape of your ass as I approach you from behind. You have the perfect shape for me. Small waist, nice hips and a great ass. As I walk by with my 6ft, 220lb frame he pulls you closer to him hoping that he can somehow shield you from me. As I pass by I see that look in your eye. The look is the same whether I am in my basketball shorts or a suit and tie. It's the look that says I love him, but I need more. It's the look that says he opens my door, gives me everything I need and most of what I want...but he doesn't satisfy me. As the scent of my cologne and your perfume mingle in the air. My thoughts turn to how the smell of sex would fill the air if we were together. The look in your eye tells me that you are imagining the same thing. I give you a shy smile and you return one without him ever noticing...it is then that I know you are indeed a Black Dick Lover.


Real Person
Gold Member
Has he seen my Spade tattoo?, does he know I love black cock?
I wonder what he likes, because I will do the lot!
I wonder if hes large, long, slim or thick?
Oh I want to see that new black dick!
I bend down some more so he sees the tattoo on my tit,
The guys whove seen it so far, say its a hit!
Finally he gets the clues and smiles a lovely grin,
And later that night I return the smile, as he goes all the way in!