Obsessed with my Black Lover

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Should I have sex exclusively with black men?

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  1. Yes, you should enjoy black men as lovers.

  2. No, you should sleep with your husband only.

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  3. Stay Black Cock Owned Forever!!

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  1. Iloveblack4eva

    Iloveblack4eva New Member

    I am a married white female, and my husband has allowed me to see who I like sexually. DSC_8354e (Large).jpg Thomas is my boyfriend/lover. And he makes me feel so awesome in bed, I just drift away into his arms and he gives me pleasure like no man ever has. I love his big black cock and it's the best feeling when he is inside my pussy and filling me with his black seed.
    DSC_8359 (Large).jpg

    DSC_8418 (Large).jpg

    Jessi queen of spades (Large).jpg

    DSC_4432e (Large).jpg

    I love sucking his cock and tasting his cum on my lips... and he knows he owns my pussy and that I will never deny my body to him. If any part of me pleases him then I freely give it to him for his pleasure.

    DSC_4506e (Large).jpg

    The feeling I get when his cock is going inside me for the first time in an evening is pure bliss...

    DSC_4512e (Large).jpg

    DSC_4514e (Large).jpg

    DSC_4540e caption (Large).jpg

    DSC_4525e (Large).jpg

    DSC_4550e (Large).jpg

    Whenever I am craving a nice cock, I know he will answer my phone call. He always arrives on time and ready to please me. And I always reward him by fucking his cock until he spurts cum deep inside my pussy...

    DSC_4596e (Large).jpg

    DSC_4624e (Large).jpg

    DSC_4626e (Large).jpg

    DSC_4630e (Large).jpg

    DSC_4643e (Large).jpg

    When he is done and has his big orgasm, I am overjoyed at knowing my pussy is full of his cum.
    I always enjoy the feeling and memories as it drips out of me over the weekend. Mmmm

    DSC_8035 (Large).jpg
  2. wanabecucked

    wanabecucked Well-Known Member

    Vey sexy,i wish my wife had a black boyfriend.
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  3. jewel

    jewel Guest

    i wish i my hubby let me have a black boytoy