Objectification of black men?

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  1. Objectification of black men, that's something I've reacted to a while ago and something I'm starting to get a little bit irritated on.

    Any thoughts on the subject?
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  2. Mariposa blanca

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    Quite frankly, I don't care how B the BC is if I'm not interested in the guy it's attached to. That's far more important to me!

    If there's no mental connection, no spark, then there's nothing happening. Period.
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    ExceedExpectatio, if black men don't want to be objectified solely for their cocks, pray tell me, why do so many supposedly black males in this forum have pics of large black cocks as their avatars? Besides, don't you think that the white females and white males feel exactly the same way with the comments the black men make? I mean women, in particular, have been objectified for practically centuries, and particularly the late 20th century in porn. And white males on here get ridiculed, made fun of, and constantly discussed disrespectively ALL THE TIME. On THIS site, its ALL ABOUT what is between the person's legs ... white women, white men, and black men. Maybe THAT'S the reason black women are so often portrayed as "pissed off", because they rarely, if ever, get discussed.

    Yes, black men are being objectified, just like cuckolds & their wives. THIS is what this site is all about ... so I'll just break out my violin for all those that want/expect some sympathy ... that word can be found between SHIT & SYPHILIS in the dictionary, by the way ... ;)
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    Well, I think we should rectify that right now!
    I think black women are incredibly attractive- their lovely breasts tipped with suckable nubs, often they have prominent clitoris' just begging to be licked and sucked, the way the hot pink inner cunt meat stands out against their delicious dark chocolate outer labia, their beautifully rounded buttocks, full lips to nibble while kissing and those intoxicating almond shaped eyes .... excuse me, I need to handle a little problem that just popped up. :D

    Ahh! Much better! Now, where was I ....

    Yes, black men are being objectified, just like cuckolds & their wives. THIS is what this site is all about ... [/quote]

    Gee, I really feel bad for the black guys. Being objectified for having the sort of sexual equipment that women of all races desire as well as having the reputation for being excellent lovers who know how to use that endowment.
    Imagine how rough it must be having something that interests a woman right off that gives one an opportunity to meet and possibly find someone that is interested in more than just that, but at least having the option to enjoy just a physical fling if one so desires.

    Glad I don't have to worry about that being I'm a white guy who's objectified as being equipped too small to please a woman and/or not even being knowledgeable about how to go about it anyway.
    Boy, I sure am lucky! :cry:
  5. handsomeNhung

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    Lol pretty much objectified right there bro...

    You definitely do see women who arent interested in the male but rather the good sex, well I think so anyway. I do find it quite annoying to be honest, and I do feel it has slightly pushed me away from the interracial scene. Not in a way that I dont date white women, more in the sense that the hardcore size queens and sex lovers don't really interest me. I like there to be a connection during sex, also to do with the fact that Im quite a sensual person and I dont want to be with someone if its just for my dick, no matter if its just a one night stand or a fling.
  6. willsrvu

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    I understand the thing about "size queens" and those having "jungle fever".

    However, I think you missed the point, being that, until one begins to talk to the other person, the ONLY attraction between them IS a sexual one. It's what the person felt the moment they first saw you.

    No one is attracted to your intelligence, your emotional vulnerability or your humanitarian generosity when you first walk into a bar, church or whatever, because at that point they know nothing about you other than you look HOT! They are attracted to your "animal/sexual magnetism/aura", that thing you project to them before you've even had a chance to speak. (Which is usually the point that the other gets turned off! :bounce:)

    For many women, especially white women, black men have a sexual desirability that gives that man an open door to at least approach them and make an ass of himself, whereas the rest of us have to work at coming up with something to try to intrigue them into giving us an opportunity to make asses of ourselves. :D

    Just saying: don't bitch about having a slight advantage.

    That's like a really beautiful, intelligent woman with a nice, natural pair of tits and a killer ass complaining that men find her sexually attractive.
    Yeah, we all would and, after she opens her mouth and proves she's an airhead, most of us would still fuck her. Unless she showed that she really had a brain, because, if she was really intelligent, most of us would run on account of she would scare the living fuck out of us and we would be afraid of how stupid she'd make us look! :bounce:

    You know there is another point to consider. After a lifetime of being the "sexual object of desire" for men (in general), for a woman to be turning the tables and looking at men sexually is sort of "fair play", and, while a black man may be a prime target because of all the hype about size and prowess, would you really rather not have that little bit of "mystery" working for you? :confused:

    It's ONLY giving you the opportunity to hook up, after that you are on your own just like the rest of us and if you aren't moving beyond the "let's fuck" stage, maybe you need to be looking at why they only want to fuck you, but have no interest in anything beyond.
    Having a big dick and knowing how to use it isn't reason for women to lose interest in a man. :unsure: Is it?

    Note to handsomeNhung: the you I am speaking about isn't necessarily you as an individual, but more a collective "you" of men finding themselves dealing with this issue and feeling the same way.