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obedient submissive white girl

I am only new to this site but came here looking to find the big black master my young smooth body has always craved. I am still yet to have my first and should probably take it slow but ive always wanted to try the kinky and more extreme side of I.R sex, my fantasies involve things like rough hard sex, would love to be owned completely by a bbc and be his slave and obey every comand even have him mark me as his and fuck me so hard it hurts and tears stream down my face.. I want to feel the pain and will never ever say stop, love a bossy arrogant guy who just tells you how it is. My biggest fantasies are being gang raped by a group of big rough dominant black guys or just being the only girl at a party of black guys and be used as their toy. But the ultimate would have to be being bred, it is a rule of mine to never go back to white guys ever and to never say no to an order from my black master.. I'm only young but I know what I want can anyone help me??
My favorate porn involves cum play, eating cum, black cocks, etc. this video provides the black cock and cum play. I love watching her slowly suck up and play with a big load.

Something like this. Sorry the sperm is from a white cuck. I wish it was black seed too. just imagine its from black cock. still fantastic cum shot. i wish it was me.

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