NYC Sluts

Some crazy shit happened at my boys Tony's girlfriends Bday party, hes not really my boy but whatever. hes some white club promoter so hes always has girls and bottles. he sent me a text to invite me to his girls Bday party he said theyre was gonna be mad bitches but he didnt know i get off fucking niggas girlfriend so i went.

i get there and there was a table of sexy girls and this kid Tony but he was running around doing club promoter stuff, so i was basically alone with these girls. they asked me how i knew Tony and all that formal shit then i was speaking to Tony's girlfriends best friend her name was Alyssa some spanish girl from staten island. shes a sexy bitch with big lips and a tight body, damn she made my pants short.

we end up bullshitting for awhile she said she has a man some white boy and her girlfriend over heard and was like "who little dick?" the whole table started laughing I was like "oh word, damn" trying to rubb it in and then they asked me "well what about you?" I straight up told them "im blessed, im about 7 inches.....SOFT!!!!" they all gasped oh my god and started giggling then one said "no way we have to see it!!" I was like "what right here!?" they said "yeah well cover you" I was like "ok but Tonys girl has to turn away" just teasing her and she was like "no way its my bithday!!!"

my shit was semi semi hard i unzipped and pulled it through my zipper hole, I just let it hang there looking glorious if i must say so myself with the different color lights from the club flashing over it. They all tryed to contain theyre screaming then out of nowhere Tony walks up so the girl Alyssa jumps in front of me and pretends we were dancing. my cock was still out and she was grinding on me so my dick got super hard. Tony said "I told you that you would have a good time" I told him "he had no idea" then he walked away again Alyssa got off me and they all saw my cock rock solid they all went nuts.

after i put my shit away that girl Alyssa came up and said she was mad wet, I told her "we could handle it" she said she couldn't her man was piking her up i told her "we could be quick" she was like ok fuck it so we went to my car out front. she wiped out my cock and started slurping on it while she pulled off her panties from under her dress she said "damn i was my mans dick was like this" then she hoped on took a while to slide in, this bitch was tight as hell. she was screaming like bloody murder.

I was balls deep in this little freaky slut when a car parks behind us so we stop she looks out and says "oh shit thats my man" she hoped off my dick, thank god he walked passed the car and didn't notice us. i looked down at my dick and it was covered in white creamy juices. we continue watching him walk to the front of the club he was waiting outside and then Alyssa's phone got a text it was him asking her to come out she replied "kk give me a couple minutes" she showed me the text and said "we got some time".

she jumped back on my semi hard dick and rode it reverse cowgirl so she can keep and eye on him in front of the club "i said imagine if he knew you were riding a 11.5 inch black dick right now" she said "oh my god thats gonna make me cum" so i continued like "look at him waitin for you while you get fucked by a black man, he doesnt even know it!!" she screamed "oh fuck that black man dick is so much better then his" I asked her "you gonna give him a big kiss after this?" she was like "yes yes oh fuck im gonna cum" I told her "look at your man and cum on this cock" she started spazzing and shaking and screaming.

after she finished cumming she slowly hoped off and told me it was my turn. she put my dick in her mouth and sucked it hard with her big lips and beat it against her cheeks she said "nut in my mouth and watch me go over there and kiss my man", yo i started nutting so hard immediatly off that freaky shit. she opened her mouth showed me my load and then swished it around and the swallowed it. she quickly got dressed and hopped out the car walked up behind her man tapped him on his shoulder he turned around and she started making out with him. i was dying laughing in my car that bitch is gangsta.