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Nothing like it

"Bye, sweetheart...have nice flight out...call me when you get there...love you," she tells her hubby. A few hours later, "Love you guys...be good for grandma and grandpa."

FINALLY, she races to the bedroom, puts on her short shorts, tank-top and sexy heels....her husband bought her for their anniversary to wear for him. A minute passes. She gets a text, "Ready to be my slut for the weekend," it's her bull, "I'm so ready....come and fuck me like the toy that I am."



Gold Member
Hearing her yell.."yes..fuck me...treat me like a fuck toy...slam me..pound me....empty your seed in my fertile pussy...BREED ME!!!" Quite a contrast to the innocent, HOA/PTA mom and wife she is on the week days. Who would ever think she LOVES being a hot wife.
The contrast of good wife and mother and a sexually very liberated woman is very hot indeed. I am glad that my wife is both things.