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Gosh, I am new to this, finding all kinds of ways to boss and humiliate husband after fucking. I had a great cyber-cam fuck by a long, thick dick black guy and had husband finger my pussy and read our post so that I could type. Afterwards he jerked off his little 4 1/2 inch dick and came on my leg. I made him lick it off. When he started to kiss me afterward I made him go brush his teeth. He does as he is told immediately and comes back asking if there's anything else he can do. I just learned last night that he loves it as much as I do. I watched a video where a hughe black cock devoured a white pussy and filled it full of cum. She said to her husband you know your place and he got between her legs and drank all of the Man's cum from her full pussy. That's what my husband must do next time I get a full pussy. I know that to most of ya'll this is just normal stuff, but I have just found out about it within the last week and I'm like a kid in a candy store. Thanks for a great site so that I can learn more - AND, that home page collage of pix is great. Gosh, I would like to fuck one of those long-dicked men and have husband clean up afterwards!!!! lol All ideas and suggestions are appreciated.
Leslie, would you be interested in a second cuck to introduce your hubby to male to male and help prep your bull and share his cum?


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I'm so new to this I'm not sre what you mean. However, anything short of lots of physical pain I am interested in. Tell me more about what you have in mind.
Leslie, what state and city are you in? would love to help you humiliate hubby while he helplessly watches me take his wife, and i fill hou with hot sperm, and allows him to slurp it out of your filled slit. You must tell him how much you enjoy your lovers cock as well, especially as you swallow load after load


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If you really, really want to be a tough wife on your hubby, have him clean you out immediately AFTER he's cum, as that's much more difficult to do. Most guys, once they cum, lose any desire to consume or even taste anyone's cum for a short period. Making him clean you immediately after he's cum will be repulsive to him, and let him know who's really in charge. :cold:

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Hey Leslie,
I am so glad to hear you are enjoying your new dominance over Hubby. Especially you being open to suggestions on what you can make him do or how you can make him do it. That is so cool. He is a lucky man to have you is all I can say.

Someone mentioned earlier about the possibility of adding a second cuck in a male to male situation for you. Now that can be fun for you because then you get two cucks obeying you for the price of one. One idea I will lay out here for you actually happened to me a while back. You could get pounding and filled by your black lover and then you could have your boys do cleanup on you. Then while you sit back all sexually content you could make your two cuck boys do each other for your viewing entertainment. Make em fuck each other in the mouth until they both cum in the other ones mouth.

My story about this is in the interracial section of this site. It is titled The Absolute Hottest Thing I Ever Experienced if you want to check it out.