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Not sure how it happened

I wanted to share that I finally had sex with my first black cock. It was wonderful and very satisfying. But I am still not 100% sure how it all happened.

Saturday night my daughter invited me to go with her and some friends for some drinks. We were at the bar for some time, but I wasn't in much of a drinking mood so I only nursed a single drink all night. Most everyone had had more, but none of us were out of control. A little before midnight much of the group decided to go hit a few more bars. I decided I was a little old for hopping and wanted to head home. My daughter drove us so I needed a ride. Sam was headed towards our house so he offered me a lift before he met up with them at the next bar.

On our way Sam mentioned he needed to stop by his apartment to pick something up real quick. When we arrived he asked if I wanted to wait or if I wanted to come up with him. For some reason I chose to come up. That is when everything changed.

He opened his door and like a gentleman offered me first. I walked in and into his entry way. No sooner than I heard him close the door, I felt him walk up behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and began kissing my neck. Before I could react, he took me and pressed me against the wall hard and pressed his body against mine. He nibbled my neck and began rubbing his hands over my body. I tried to move, but between the excitement and him pressing me against the wall, I couldn't move.

I could feel him against my back and I could feel and hear his breath as he kissed and nibbled his way around my neck. I tried to say something, but when I opened my mouth, he reached over and filled it with his tongue. I still struggled a bit, until it happened. With one hand he slowly pulled my dress up revealing my upper thigh, with the other hand he found my one weak spot. He pinched my nipple through my dress and bra. It was hard and I was then lost to the moment.

He spent some time kissing and fondling me as he removed my cloths. We moved to his bedroom where he threw me to the bed and proceeded to strip off his shirt and pants. When he climbed on top of me, I was shaking like a leaf. He began nibbling at my bra strip pulling it off my shoulder when I told him I was not sure about this. He looked at me and asked if I wanted him to stop. I couldn't speak. He then asked, if I didn't want this, why had I chosen to come into a single mans apartment. His final comment was whispered in my ear as he kissed his way back to my shoulder. You know your ready for this and want this, tell me know and I will stop.

He then kissed his way down and pulled my bra off my shoulder and uncovered my breast. He worked on each nipple slowly and deliberately as he knew he was driving me into a sexual frenzy. Finally, after a good time of stripping my bra and panties off with his teeth and finger tips, he worked his cock out of his boxers and I took it in my hands.

Being so horny all I could do is guide it to my waiting soaking wet lips and let him guide it inside of me. The next hour or so is much a blur of pleasure and excitement. I would instantly sober up when I felt his first surge of cum deep inside me. Suddenly I realized it had finally happened, I had been bedded by a nice BBC. My nipples got rock hard and I could feel him stroking my clit with his cock, but his huge load had softened his shaft and as quickly as he came, it was over.

Still in a bit of shock, we dressed and he dropped me off at my house. I entered our bedroom around 2:30 or so. I undressed and slid into bed next to my husband. I was getting excited again thinking about what had just happened. My nipples were hard and I began wanting a shaft again. That is when my husband rolled over and asked me how it went. I told him it was wonderful.

He looked at me for a moment and looked at my nipples, without a word he knew, without a word, he dove onto my rock hard nipples and sucked it gently. He then worked his way down to my sex scented lips and began licking and sucking them. I was a bit curious because sex had always been very messy, bum always leaked shortly after, but tonight, there wasn't a drop, it was like it had all been absorbed by my body. My husband licked and licked and began focusing on my clit. Finally my orgasm began to build.

Then my shock, I began cumming, as I did, cum began flowing from my lips and down my butt. The shock came when my husband gasp and began licking every drop of it. He licked me from my clit, down my lips, all over and around my bum, clear down my butt crack. He had become a man on a mission. Before he was done, I had cum two more times and he would get his first sloppy seconds.

It was amazing and it was very satisfying. However, I am not 100% sure about it all. I was excited and it was very fun, but I had always assumed BBC meant that black men were much much larger then white men. In this case, Same was not any bigger then my husband. In fact my husband is actually fatter than Sam. So I am not sure if it was that Sam is black, or if it was simply the first new cock I had had in nearly twenty years.

Either way, it was fun, exciting, and very satisfying. For me and my husband.
Would love for my wife to come home with a pussy full of cum for me to clean. I love licking her lips and rimming her anyway, but to know she had just had another mans cock filling her and filling her up, would love it even more. I totally understand your husbands reaction.

Very hot and very exciting story.