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I'm in Philadelphia and currently

I am seeking a sub to serve me.. I am kind in my own manner. I am an emotional sadist and am not pleased unless I know, that you crave Sir's touch, that my very voice makes you smile. That my touch inflames your senses. I want your submission with a sprinkling of worship, perhaps the word worship lacks, the subtlety of what I seek.
If you are the type of submissive that understands adoration, or simply devotion and a yearning to please. I want you. I am masculine, very much the bad boy with the smile of a Botticelli cherub. I am mostly sinner but my saintly virtues are evident. I want a real emotional connection. Not just a fuck buddy under the pretense of submission. I want a real sub. Who will fear and yearn in equal measure to be held up, weighed and measured by Sir. Ultimately you want to feel the gratification of knowing, you have pleased Sir. Because you seek the completeness that comes with pleasing me and knowing that your submission while a gift. Should ultimately be what I require from you, in turn you will be secure in your place and position as my sub. I am handsome, not a rarity here on fetlife. Yet here is where the value of the man truly is comprised of the sum of all his parts. I am a college graduate, articulate and fully able to comprise a sonnet. Pick a romantic tongue, I know most of them. I have traveled abroad extensively and believe you can never stop learning. I was and still am a contradiction unto myself. I am every bit the alpha male in my mannerisms, social conduct, and behavior. Yet I find solace in the written word, a self acknowledged bibliophile, and lover of all tomes of knowledge. I understand the basis of kindness something that eludes so many.
As for the physical I know how to leave a sub a quivering pile of sweat, legs akimbo and mumbling like someone with a mental handicap. How can you be a man much less a Dom, if you don't know a woman's body and how to strum it. I am the Dom, who will make your submission mean something. My perfect sub will be between the ages of 18 to 38, moderately in shape, skinny women or curves are appreciated, She must be beautiful, not necessarily in the traditional sense, but somehow have a quality worth admiring. Whether it be merited on personality, wit, humor, knowledge or simple innocence. I want someone to love as much as someone to be in service to me, and their must be some level of attraction.