not exactly a bull


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Have you ever had any sex experience with "light weight" black men? I often read posts with the term "black bull" but nobody are telling experiences of black men with light bodies.
I'm 1,79 meters tall. My black boyfriend before me husband was shorter and thinner than me. He really didn't look like a bull, he was far from this class.
But it wasn't a problema for us. Even I could say that his shorter stature and light weight were an advantage for him.
Wen we had sex in missionary, I felt so comfortable being under him. He could reach my breast with his head and he used to lick my nipples during the fuck.
Even when we fucked in doggy, he was able to clim over my hips and remain sitting there like ridding a horse.
He was not a bull, but he had not an small dick and his virility was incredible.
What about you?