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    Do other white cuck wannabes like me feel that there's no other place to go to find the ladies that we like (white women who like big black men) other than interracial or interracial cuckold sites?
    Are some of us now almost completely only interested in white females who like big black men because these are the only women that arouse us sexually?
    I love white women but it's only those white women who like big black men that give me that sexual kick!
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    Brit, there's an old saying that goes ... "don't try teaching a pig to sing 'cause you'll only frustrate yourself and irritate the pig!"
    I think a similar saying for here would go ... "don't go chasing after white women to cuckold you 'cause you'll only frustrate yourself and irritate the women."
    Your desire is about as likely as finding a rabbit that likes foxes; it would be rare, at best, to find one that did because it simply isn't a logical arrangement.

    I guess my question to you would be IF they existed, just what kind of relationship could you expect to have with a woman that would desire no intimacy with you because you're white? Would you share a home together ... a bedroom together ... communicate and enjoy family activities together ... and what kind of family would you have? The children of the marriage would not be biological spin-offs of your genes; would you agree to the expense of raising these children regardless of the cost or number of children she had?
    Women cuckold men because they are NOT happy in their relationship with their partner. They're needing something that they're not getting in their spousal partnership. Depending on the monetary dependency, she might or might not remain with you for life ... but very likely not. So, at best, you'd be looking at a woman who has agreed to co-exist with you under one roof. Her sexual affairs, outside your relationship, would very likely not involve you in any way. Very likely your sexual relief would come from your own hands jerking yourself off into her cum-soaked panties IF she allowed you to do that. Finding a female that will enter into a new relationship with YOU for the sole purpose of cheating on you is pure fantasy. She's very likely looking for an extended, mutually monogamous relationship.
    You might wish to do some research on "sugar daddy" relationships ... there are a few websites that specialize in these matchups, and possibly what you desire could be arranged through one of those type of relationships.
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    Thanks for the advice Mac and will do a bit of research on the other websites you have mentioned but I do think you've got a slow learner on your hands here and if not careful it'll be the guy screaming at the idiot trying to teach the pig to sing who gets most frustrated!
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    I think a good strategy is to only date girls who have cheated a lot in the past or girls who have been with a lot of black guys. If I know a girl has cheated a lot I feel really compatible with her, because that means we both want the same thing.