I have been a verified member on this site for some time now and i have yet to have a successful hookup. Can anyone offer advice on what i am doing wrong or how to actually find women on thia site? I am in lower alabama/gulf coast area.
Agreed with you man. The women/couples all seem very fake. I have had a few that claimed ot want to meet up then disappear when the time comes.
I think I'm in a very dry part of Ohio, that just doesn't have enough willing couples. Everyone that's wanted to meet up with me lives way too far out.
Well, while there are many decent white couples out there, I've found there are more that really treat us like a fetish, and make us even more disposable. Or, they hold us to standards that are either ridiculous as hell, improbable, or just plain sexually judgemental of all black men. I don't have a 11" inch cock, but I know I've got one that will still do the job.


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This works both ways as well. We also have good and bad experiences. We have no shows or guys that say they want to but when it comes down to it they can't. At the same time we have some fun and amazing times. Btw. Not everyone on here is a fake cpl. We are 10000 percent real. I guess the good and bad is part of the lifestyle.
Keep searching bro... i had a few possible hook ups but no luck i thought it was poppin down south
Down South no! that is almost finding a unicorn lol. Look take your next vacation in Seattle ,Minneapolis or Vancouver bc, it is real in those cities . they have swinger clubs that let single males in here in Seattle. I will get the name and post. plus you can run into friendly white women of all ages in those cities without relying on sites like this. I have experienced it