No Honey You are Cuckold

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  1. samantha

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    Come on baby let me have some pussy, I need it for a change. How long has it been now?

    Oh honey remember it was your idea to find me or was it us a Bull don't you remember honey?

    It was your idea and finally I went along with it remember. Silence.

    Why don't you just go jack off? Jack off in the bathroom so I don't have to watch. Go on, jack off. Go watch your stuff spurt out in the toilet or in your hand. You know Jack thinks I should make you eat all your own cum, did I tell you that? go on, leave me alone.

    But honey we are married. Oh, yes, are we now? Well you wanted me to have as you called it a stud bull to fuck me so you could you get to watch, but Jack says he is going to stop that too.

    But honey.......shut up and go jack your self off. Remember honey you are cuckold now and Jack doesn't want you fucking me any more. That's go on and jack off.

    Jack will be home soon.
  2. aliekwast

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    Now that was very very nice Had a hard my little pistol on reading that LOL
  3. larrysbbc4u

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    Good job

    thats how to treat a cuck sniff ur farts 4treat
  4. andyinchastity

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    I'd love to be treated like that!
  5. cuckyboi23

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    And me. Me next, please?
  6. MWC4BLK

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    I asked my wife for pussy last night and she told me that she'll watch me beat it off but no pussy. She says she saving it for a black guy at work she met. I asked her to help and she said "no, do it yourself". So I jacked off with her laying beside me and all she did was throw me the towell and said get used to it! Have I possibly lost her or is she only into his black cock now?
  7. bisubcucktusc

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    perfectly written. No cuckold should ever get pussy again, he should be shaved and locked up, like me, ready to serve my black master.
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  8. Jackmeoff

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    You have got to train him to eat his spunk after you watch him jerk off.
    You really should watch and make remarks.
    If you have time to finish a whole sentence.
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  9. ILuvWomenwBBC

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    OMG that is so HOT!

  10. Cuck2AsianWife

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    100%! White cucks need to realize their position is to receive a mouth full of sperm either directly from the superior's cock or from his wife.

    The ultimate cuck realizes what he was flipped to and what he became. Sitting there jacking off his dick while his wife is engaged in sex with a man. The cuck thrives for the sperm, the asshole of another man and being used.
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  11. Cuckloversissy

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    Lol yea. We are seperated by distance but sometimes on skype Rachel will roll back on the bed and show me her pussy and ask if I want it. If I say yes she tells me "too bad, maybe you should have kept your cuckold fantasies to yourself".