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  1. IMG_20140204_175945.jpg I am 25, lightskin, thin muscular build looking to meet with someone in my area...I will fuck a guy's wife if wanted and I am open to multiple women that want to share me. I prefer blondes because I've only been with a few and they get me so hard. I live in the PA/NJ area so hit me up if you want to meet up. I am not here for cyber sex or to play games if you plan to message me don't waste my time.
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    Wow...I'm the husband... I just started to share her with others... I really love it because I have a little cock compare you guys... After she has a huge black cock one month ago she now suck my cock a lot better... Let talk and see if I like you... I and her will be more than happy to meet you! The best thing is her in her knees sucking both cocks and let me feel like I have a very small dick and let her be only in that situation your bitch...
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  3. E-mail or inbox me...tell me a little about you two