Real Person
On nights like this children are made
Under star lit skies lovers intimately lay
When the cool wind weaves a magical spell
Fanning flames of excitement ... inhibitions are felled
Mother nature hangs silent among such peers
Her song drowned out by erotic cheers
The grass swaying in tune ... caressing her skin
And to her, he does the same ... outside and within
Oh how the ground envies ... for it can drink but not taste
Her precious musk nectar from lips without face
Moon's luminescence full-on display in their sweat
His Darkness covers her light, hard Black length ... stirs pale wet
Then orgasmic confusion marks and furrows her brows
Added was his in rhythmic measures of thunderous plows
Heed and concern surrender to desire's relentless chase
Till satiation and satisfaction has lain them both to waste
Then crickets sing in factions, lulling them both to sleep
Yet new life has now awakened within her womb ... so deep.

9thWonder - 09/01/12


Real Person
I'm glad you enjoy them. Poetry is not for everyone. I don't expect everyone to either like or even "get" it but it pleases me when someone can appreciate them.

I find it to be a wonderful excercise in expression. It hones the mind, sharpens the tongue. Oft in life I discover that it's not what you say, but HOW you say.