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Nice sequence


Real Person
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Sir the Site has rules which are to be followed. We request that guests make a contribution to an existing thread before they create a thread. There are numerous thematic and topical threads already established addressing the IR lifestyle, you have to just spend the time to review the multitude of threads that are currently available.

You WILL be encouraged to post images of your female partner or examples of what you are requesting in order to post "qualifying" post to then create a thread such as this one. Since you have not made a qualifying post (usually a photo, story, video), within an existing thread prior to creating this one, you have received a warning. In addition, several of the images you posted bare water marks or the websites from which you have taken those images, which are violations of the Site's posting rules. Please do not feel singled out, several members per day receive similar warnings because the Site's Rules are not reviewed prior to posting.

Thank you for reading this message and for your cooperation.

I hope you have an enjoyable experience while visiting our Site!