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Why are you showing your cock to "us guys"? Why would you think the guys would even be interested? Are you interested in guys, and not the women? :confused:
There is a "bi-sexual cuckold" section to this forum; just calling your attention to it in case you didn't notice. Probably more guys, there, would respond and appreciate your attributes! ;)
While he did say "guys", in this day and age the term "guys" is used, incorrectly, to lump men and women together. It's irritating to say the least. It's like when people say "I could care less", which is grossly incorrect. By saying you "could care less" you're stating that you care, which is not what people are trying to convey. A persons intention when using this phrase is that they care so little that they "COULDN'T care less". I blame Green Day mostly for this, they say it multiple times in one of their songs. So the correct statement is "I couldn't care less".

At any rate, think about what you are saying, most likely it's wrong and you're only being a sheep following the herd.